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Jamal Blackman to be released by Chelsea?



  • Surely there is no chance?

  • That'll be really interesting where he ends up. The major issue with big clubs stockpiling talent on large contracts, is when they are ultimately released are they head strong enough to realise they will need to take a large pay cut to get back involved in the game. I'm sure some players, not referring to Jamal, might feel too 'big time' to do that and then fall away completely

  • I'd imagine he will find a championship club paying far more than we can. But you never know.

    Although he has made some mistakes and his kicking can improve, he clearly has huge ability. If he can eradicate some weaknesses then he I think he could play in the top flight.

    If we could somehow get him to sign it could be a great investment. If he develops to his potential he could command a significant transfer fee in 2-3 years time. Surely other clubs will offer him a better financial package but we can give him a guaranteed number 1 jersey, a decent shot at promotion, a platform to develop his game, and (I assume) teammates and colleagues he knows & a club close to home.

  • Ross Barkley not signing his new contract either...if he's not in the quarters next season we have every right to ask what is Andrew Howard doing?

  • That twitter account is hardly a trusted source is it? They make up any old nonsense.

  • No idea where this came from, but

  • N> @HCblue said:

    No idea where this came from, but

    Absolute no chance he will be playing league 2 football. Like messi signing for stoke - will never happen

  • That was rather what I felt, but thought I'd throw it out there in case anyone knew where the story had come from.

  • @HCblue said:
    No idea where this came from, but

    All I get from this link is an outline of the continent of Africa. Hope I'm not getting anything more sinister!

  • @Wwfc2015_ , obviously the very small difference in the 2 scenarios you mention, is that Blackman HAS just been playing league 2 football for a year!

  • Hasn't done him any harm either.

  • @Malone said:
    Wwfc2015_ , obviously the very small difference in the 2 scenarios you mention, is that Blackman HAS just been playing league 2 football for a year!

    Yep get that ..becuase we gave him a chance...ots obvious he is far far to good for league 2 football.

  • If reports are correct, blackman signed a five year contract in 2014 on £650k per year, suggesting that it doesn't expire for another two years yet.

    If that report is true, they presumably have to keep on paying him until 2019 OR pay him a very significant amount now to terminate the contract.

    He should also be a very wealthy young man having already earned £2m even excluding any termination fee.

    Which means IF he is intelligent and IF his agent has his best interests at heart, he may well conclude that money isn't the most important thing in where he goes next season. For example he may be better off being paid £60k by a Lg2 side and playing every week than being paid say £200k to warm a Championship bench for a season (ask Matt Ingram) and if he has just received a large six figure payoff from Chelsea he can afford to do so.

    Still all feels a bit unlikely, but you never know I suppose.

  • If he has an agent telling him he's not going to be a starter for a team any higher than League Two next season, he should fire that agent. If he's being let go by Chelsea he should pocket the coming multimillion pay off and at the very least aim for a League One team likely to be challenging for promotion.

  • Maybe or maybe he should listen to him. A club local to where he lives, close to his family and able to offer good coaching and a virtually guaranteed start may be just what he needs for another season or two. he is only 23 after all.

    He will not be getting a "multimillion payoff" from Chelsea although a tidy sum no doubt IF they decide to terminate his contract.

  • @micra Should be a handful of boxes on the right of screen each containing a transfer rumour...

  • It'd clearly be a very strange career move to have another season on loan in league 2, but who knows!

    Scott Brown could do a decent job if not, although the hyperbole that followed him around for a couple of months was incredible.

  • How is richie calling it?

  • When are you going on holiday Richie?

  • @HCblue said:
    micra Should be a handful of boxes on the right of screen each containing a transfer rumour...


  • Aah - I don't remember posts more than a couple of hours ago! But still can't get any boxes. Not to worry. I can't get too excited about rumours. Or very much else nowadays!

  • Might be that your "device" is not a good one to view that page on.

  • Fine, not multimillion precisely but £1.4m for the next two years of his contract still puts him in the category that Jeremy Corbyn has his beady eye on. And let's not get too blue-tinted about our goalkeeping coaching. Barry Richardson may be a character but where's your evidence he's better than League Two level as a coach? It's his predecessor who developed Ingram and got poached by West Ham. As for being close to London - hmm. Jamal has earned enough to buy himself a decent pad anywhere in the county and has a posh motor he may like to drive a bit further for the occasional visit home.

  • He's got quite a few posh motors.

  • Obviously IF he is released by Chelsea after contract is torn up for an agreed sum, it would be Jamal Blackman's decision what to do next.

    If he rates the coachng and first team opportunity at WWFC , that may make him more likely to select our club. If not he won't.

    If he would prefer to continue to live in the area where his family and friends are rather than relocating elsewhere, that may encourage him too. He can almost certainly afford to relocate if he wants too, but there are downsides to a young man in a goldfish bowl alone in a strange town too.

    Money may not be a driving factor giving possibility of a substantial (probably high six figure) settlement of his Chelsea contract if those reports are true.

    Is it likely , probably no. Is it just about possible in the circumstances - yes. Time will tell.

  • Like most players, he will probably do what his Agent says.

  • Which will most likely be for the largest sum of money.

  • Unlike Stewart's agent, who seemed like a buffoon of a man who very nearly ruined his career, Blackman's seems to have worked wonders for him.

    Rumoured 13k a week for a guy who'll never get near the Chelsea first team? Incredible contract!

  • You're missing the part where he didn't play for half a season during a key time in his career. It could have gone a lot worse for him.

  • edited May 2017

    "Vastly overstated" what an incredible comment.

    He may get a 10 year career, and he chose to waste half a season in absolute no man's land. Ended up at the bottom of the division above, the other end of the country to the only area he'd known, barely getting a kick for the next half of the season. So in effect wasted a season.

    If Ainsworth wasn't quite so willing to forgive and forget who is to say he wouldn't have ended up deep in non league, with it all to prove?

    The fickle nature of footy fans is very well shown up with Stewart. Harriman got absolute dog's abuse for suggesting our fans weren't "worth it". A throwaway emotional comment in a sea of abuse.
    Stewart's behaviour was hardly better, yet he was instantly forgiven due to his performances!

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