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Blooms signs new deal til summer 2018

No real surprise, but Mr Wycombe has signed on for another season.



  • Rewarding mediocrity. Certainly does not enthuse me !! But then neither does Mr Ainsworths brand of football.

  • Sorry but he deserves it yes he might not be 1st choice but good to have around.

  • Good to have around the squad, great for the younger lads, a fans favourite and I'm sure he helps out on the coaching side of things. No brainer really.

  • looks like where staying in league two then

  • Pleased to see this news. Think his performances this season have earned it and it will be great to have him around the club for yet another year!

  • The only issue for me would be his fitness record, in terms of performances his new contract is fully merited. I'm pleased he's staying with us.

  • Hasn't he scored nearly double figures this season? Hardly been mediocre this time round.

  • He has played better this season but offering him a new contract does seem to suggest that we are once again going to accept average. I do like the man, he always tries his hardest and is loyal but with a small squad we cannot afford to be targeting players in the last throws of their career.
    I just cannot see any massive change under the Howard regime. The five year plan is a myth, as Howard and Ainsworth just want to settle for mid-table and hoof ball football.
    We need to get some ambition into our thinking, yes it is important to balance the books but please try and entertain your supporters.

  • Good news for Bloomers. He's made enough difference this season to warrant it and I guess his off the pitch influence is a major factor. As well as talent we do need a few leaders and he fits that bill.
    Ainsworth seems to be a very loyal man. it's going to be interesting how this pans out in the next few weeks. He needs to balance a budget to improve the squad and maybe release some players he feels loyal to.

    It will be good to see Bloomers again next season.

  • Think he has earned this contract in fairness to him and will be handy to have around the dressing room, but we do need to show some ambition in the summer we need a better quality of player if we are serious about getting out of league 2.

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    Loyalty can be a good or a bad thing of course, Righty.

    In reality there is limited scope to release very many players this summer.

    Pierre and Stewart will surely be offered new contracts (although at least one unlikely to accept), and Blackman no doubt would be very welcome next season too.

    Only other contract discussions are Thompson, Wood, Bean and Freeman. Something of a surprise if any of those stayed I would have thought.

    Possible that Rowe, Southwell, Brown and maybe Hayes may agree to tear up their contracts and leave but that is their decision as much as ours. Muller and de havilland conceivably also in that category.

    Midfield three of O'Nien, Gape and Saunders with Bloomfield back up doesn't look too shabby to start with.

  • Blackman here next season ??? I will have some lf what your on please

  • @DevC what about Francis?

  • tough call, chris. Struggled to establish a clear identity for himself this season.;

  • Blackman will probably be loaned out to a L1 club next season. Muller will stay as he has another year & I suspect Pierre will be off. No guarantee that Stewart will stay. Can we afford 2 "club men"? Bloomers & Hayes? We now have no choice in that. Rowe, heaven knows, he looked an exceptional signing from his 1st loan spell, but after being "Wycombised " ? I believe he has another year left on his contract so there is going to have to be some dicuss ions with GA on that one. Surely Thommo & Bean have to find pastures new? Freeman I would keep if we have any plans to play football somewhere near the grass, if not, what's the point? Working from a poor memory aren't Freeman & Rowe similar in style and physique? Brown has another year and a pretty solid L2 keeper but now going to be slagged off every game because he's not as good as Blackman. How long has Sido got left? Surely he is a must keep. As for the rest of those out of contract, (if any), I suppose it depends on who becomes available within our wage structure?

  • @rmjlondon said:
    Blackman here next season ??? I will have some lf what your on please

    No chance...he is far far far to good for league 2....perso ally think he good enough for championship already...think he will play for england in talent

  • I can't see Tommo being kept tbh, he probably deserves another year more than Hayes does right now.
    I would let Bean go as we have enough older players without him adding to it.
    I think Stewart will stay and Im sure talks must be ongoing about that and Pierre will go unless we go up which obviously looks unlikely, similar to Mawson really if we had gone up he would have stayed with us.

  • @Wwfc2015_ I was saying if anybody thinks Jamal will be here next season must be on drugs !!

  • @rmjlondon said:
    Wwfc2015_ I was saying if anybody thinks Jamal will be here next season must be on drugs !!

    Agreed. Dont understand why some fans slagging him off...has kept us in games with his saves nkt forgetting penalty stops!

  • Given that, presumably, along with Bloomfield and Bayo, Hayes and Bean make up four of the top five earners at the club, I'd be amazed if we kept them.

  • Would expect Bean and Thomo to leave. We can't really afford to pay off Hayes so I guess he will be around for another year.

  • I thought it was odds on Bloomfield would get a new contract, and don't think there's even doubt it's deserved this time. I think last time there was some doubt, but in a summer we're very likely to lose some big experience it's a good call.

    I can't see him as being one of our top earners like @floyd though. I'd suggest he'd be mid tier, and that's one of the reasons he's so easy to keep without a worry.

    Thommo and Bean have had late resurgences, but unless they'd stay on much reduced terms need to be moved on. Bean is only 32 though which surprised me, so may yet have a role to play.
    It definitely looks like a goodbye to Mr Wood, especially if he is out of the squad due to a clause for a new contract. He served us well, was a good guy, but there's always a natural time to go, and for him it looks to be now, after postponing it last summer.

  • I'd be sorry to see Wood, Thommo and Bean go - they all seem like good guys who have given their all whenever they've played - but I'm with the others here who see this as the right time to say goodbye.

    If we could get even one of Pierre and Stewart to stay, that would surely count as a result. If we don't, I'd love to see Sido there full time next season based on the last four game. Who would be best alongside him?

    Freeman has impressed me very much on the few occasions I've seen him: seems strong, skilful and intelligent. I much prefer him to Paris as a player. Is Weston out of contract this summer? Again, I've thought he was very good each time I saw him. About the only "winger" of the many in the squad who plays as one.

    Not sure what Southwell's contract is: did he get two years? If not, I think I'd be willing to see him go. He's worked very hard and been played out of position, which has made it difficult for him to show what he can do, but I can't see him finding much playing time next season unless Bayo was injured.

    Be very surprised if Hayes or Brown would tear up their contracts unless they had another offer for somewhere else and not sure that's likely to be the case unless Cheltenham would like Brown to stay. Anyone know how he's gone for them since he went back?

  • We need a keeper for starters, so while it would be unusual to make him first choice after loaning him for such a long time, it could happen. There were plenty of comments about good performances, albeit many of them seeming to be material to beat up Blackman with.

    Weston has shown a few glimpses, like Tottenham and Plymouth away, but has missed too long injured. However, he could do well next year.

    Southwell I struggle to see how he fits us. He's clearly a poacher, and I think he looked pretty ineffectual wide in a 3. He's not going to be played as a targetman with Bayo around either. So his best bet looks to be if we play 2 up front and Kashket is out.

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    I only put Blooms up there because he's signed so many contracts with us. Even if you allow for a minor increase in each contract he'd have to be up there.

    Pretty clear Wood's on his way out for better or worse, he was extraordinary at WHL. Thompson might be good for another year, depending on what happens with Hayes. I can't see us keeping them both.

    I'd imagine Scott Brown will be our first choice keeper.

  • If Stewart stays then I don't see any reason why him and Sido can't be first choice centre backs next season. Ship out WDH if possible and sign a decent back up.

    I agree with the above that Freeman should be given another year. Unlikely that Hayes will leave but him and Thomo would certainly free up some wages.

    There are probably 2 or 3 players contracted until 2018 who aren't good enough but all depends if they can find other clubs as we can't afford to pay off contracts.

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