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Congratulations to Maidenhead on making the National League

They have had a great season, finishing champions. Devonshire has done a terrific job and I wouldn't be surprised if a league club comes in for him during summer.



  • when I suggested he should be our Manager it was laughed at !!!

  • Alan Devonshire doesn't drive and has to get someone to ferry him around to scout players and the opposition. It's not stopped him being successful though.

  • Congratulations to Maidenhead, a fantastic achievement. Hopefully they will be able to hold their own with the ex-league and sugar daddy-funded clubs that proliferate the Conference these days.

  • I hope Ebbsfleet don't blow it on the play offs. To get 96 points in 42 games with a goal difference of plus 66 and not go up is incredible.

  • the money they have spent they should have been promoted by christmas tbh !!

  • I agree with you mjlondon, Devonshire would make a good manager at Wycombe. He was a class player and as a manager he likes to play passing football but has a good blend in his Maidenhead team.

  • be interesting to see it he can keep Maidenhead up but would hope if GA was to go he would get an interview at least !!

  • Wycombe could learn from how Maidenhead made an effort for a fair ticket allocation for their game with Ebbsfleet, last week too, handing vouchers out at a previous home game so that regular supporters, not just STH's, were given priority to buy tickets. It's amazing how every club at every level at least tries to find a fair way to ensure their regular supporters can get tickets for the big matches, except for ours of course.

  • Are Maidenhead full-time or planning on going full-time next year?

    Good luck to them. What a season they've had.

  • @Doob , did they give these vouchers out at just one game before the big one?

    I could picture some of our fans ranting in that circumstance
    "I've been to 37 games this season, but they're giving priority to people who just went to one particular game" etc

  • 3,337 was the crowd and they need to do some serious work on the ground to get themselves in a position to stay in the league.

  • Amazing how everyone else has used this thread to congratulate Maidenhead, rather than having a dig at our club, except for @Doob of course.

  • I hope @Doob has made constructive suggestions to the football club and pointed out the error of their ways with regard to previous arrangements. I think he would find that it was a case of "you can please some of the people all the time and all of the people some of the time....."

    To suggest that Wycombe alone do not strive to make the arrangements as fair as possible within the constraints of time factors, membership categories, print deadlines etc (as opposed, for example, to the situation at Maidenhead, where it had been known for months that the Ebbsfleet game was likely to attract a couple of thousand extra "fans") strikes me as absurd.

  • @rmjlondon said:
    3,337 was the crowd and they need to do some serious work on the ground to get themselves in a position to stay in the league.

    For the sake of clarity @rmjlondon you do mean National League I assume? Generally speaking when people refer to "the league" they mean the football league.
    I confess to having thought on odd occasions that Maidenhead were already in the National League. But then I am very old!

  • @rmjlondon , yes we know the gate v Ebbsfleet. The chap's point was that vouchers were given at a previous game to allow priority entry to the Ebbsfleet game

  • Do tell us more about that loan keeper though...

  • @Micra I'd just like our club to follow its own charter rather than use a big cup game as an excuse to try and sell more ST's. Are you also going to defend their decision to dump the few 'public sale' tickets to web sales rather than give priority to the hundred and more that had been queuing at the ground?

  • @Malone I think it was just one game that vouchers were handed out but at least they made an effort. Obviously there's always going to be some people that feel hard done by when a ticket allocation system is devised but I don't know how anyone can defend a decision to allow STH's to buy all the tickets for their mates whereas regular attendees have as much chance of getting a ticket as does someone who's not seen us for 10 years or more. Just look at every other club does it, with ample time to spare.

  • @Right_in_the_Middle said:
    Are Maidenhead full-time or planning on going full-time next year?

    Good luck to them. What a season they've had.

    My understanding is they are and will remain part time.

  • @floyd As someone who has been to York Road on a number of occasions I certainly do congratulate the Magpies on going up, and I'm looking forward to seeing more games next season. As for having a dig at our own club, we've had two consecutive farcical ticket allocations (Villa and Spurs) and although I made my opinions known to the Trust I see no harm in continuing to raise them until the club can do the simple things right. As I've said, if no one there is clever enough to work out how to allocate tickets for a big game just take a look at how any other club does it. It really is very simple.

  • Villa? We had tickets left over for that game didn't we?

  • @Doob - I haven't been able to get to away games for some time so missed out on the trip to White Hart Lane but I know there were issues concerning ticket sales. What amazed me was your astonishingly comprehensive knowledge of ticketing arrangements at every club at every level, enabling you to assert that only our club does not strive to be fair.

  • @Doob how many people who genuinely wanted tickets for Spurs, to see us play rather than enjoy a day out, didn't get one?

  • @floyd what about people who wanted to enjoy a day out watching Wycombe play?

  • @floyd quite a lot, I think.

  • I said it at the time. Big games structure it as 1) season ticket holders 2) people with booking history/start a membership scheme 3) extra tickets for season tickets and members 4) general sale

    It's easy.

  • Feels like he is building something special there. Makes me think of our glory years under the Great Martin O'Neill.

  • A new three-year contract for Alan Devonshire at Maidenhead announced this morning. A club very much on the up, which is great for local football.

    What a fantastic chievement by the Magpies this season after a few years of not much more than clinging on at National League South level.

    A few ex-Wycombe connections too. Skipper Alan Massey played every minute of their League season, having never got a single minute of game time as a young professional at AP. He's become a seriously good non-league centre half since.

    I also believe that very talented left sided midfielder Harry Pritchard was a product of our youth team. He's one to keep an eye on as he's still relatively young.

    Also their young coach Sam Lock was a WW youth team player before having to give up playing as a teenager due to injury.

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