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Match day thread: Morecambe



  • Safe travels to all those heading up there today. Heroes the lot of you COYB!

  • Live commentary will be on BBC3CR DAB and Chairboys Player.


  • So Hayes Thommo and beast up front back to 433, can't say I'm too pleased by this why change the system that worked so well against the best team in the division. I would have gone with the same line up and system and if kashket is injured bring in thommo

  • I, too, am really surprised.

  • Can anyone at the game give me a brief summary?

  • Yes. Half time in a must win: no shots on target. Getting a bit anxious.

  • Results going our way at the moment so a win would be massive come in Gareth get some players who will make chances a draw isn't good enough

  • @bill_stickers Morecombe doing their best to kick lumps out of our players, sounds like the ref Drysdale is also doing his best to give us nothing. Mullins & Ellison being the usual pantomine villains. We have created next to beggar all so far.

  • edited April 2017

    hmmm...if Kashket is not injured very disappointing not to start with same team that beat Donny

  • Phew! Now get a winner!

  • What a disappointing result.

  • Still a slight chance next week.

  • Played pretty well. Saunders must be shattered effort he put in. Shame we set out so safety first - Hayes / Thompson axis can't cut it (although Thommo himself was decent). Weston shook it up big time - must start next week as we've got to go for it.

    And Kevin Ellison is still an utter c*** (great finish though).

  • Ah well, as @Chris states, we still have an outside chance next week, so got something to turn up at AP for.
    When all is said & done, we still have to look back and look on the season as a success. A good run in 2 of 3 trophies, plenty of revenue from those cup runs. The sale of Ibe clearing the debt to SH. Akinfenwa form a surprise to many of us, myself included. A decent go at getting in the play offs. I for one would have taken that last summer.

  • So we have to beat Cambridge and three out of the four above us must fail to win, including Blackpool at home to Orient.

    I fear we've missed out best chance today.

  • Why the fuck did he start with Hayes and not Weston or Paris

  • Given the performance put in against the best team in the league last week, it's a real shame. In hindsight, surely thommo and Weston would have been a better bet quality wise if Kashket is crocked...with PH as back-up? Heigh ho. Still in there but we need a Torquay style miracle I think.

  • I know I'm utterly frustrated by that team selection Weston or pch should have started instead of Hayes surely or even Bloomfield I fear that's our playoff hopes gone overall The season has been successful for the club as a whole financially however with the players we have if played in the right way I feel we had the quality to get promoted

  • @braywanderer said:
    Why the fuck did he start with Hayes and not Weston or Paris

    That's the question we're all asking.

  • Seems strange to be disappointed when you score in the last minutes, but that was an absolute must win game.

    We only have better goal difference than Carlisle, and you can see them not winning at Exeter, but it's exceptionally hard to see only 1 of the 3 above us (ignoring Cambridge) winning. Playing Orient, Yeovil and Accy at home!

    A tiny chance then, which is better than nothing, but oh for a couple of those wasted points all season to have been claimed. Cheltenham at home being the prime contender.

    No Wood again anywhere near it, wonder what's happening there

  • dropping points against Cheltenham and County when everyone else lost...I know the season is not down to two games, but I think they were the ones that stuffed us at this end of the campaign and gave us it all to do. We were positive last week, but looks like caution took over again when we needed another cracking performance..but imagine if it all falls our way next week. Happy days!

  • Ive heard if Wood plays another game he triggers a contract extension. Ainsworth has cost us today with his team selection even Hayes biggest fan cant justify him starting.

  • @Aok84 , that sounds an interesting way of writing contracts. But definitely sounds something we do, as didn't Bayo make a comment when he broke the news along those lines? And Wood stayed on last year due to hitting a clause?

    Just seems odd when he just about stayed on last year after an underwhelming season, to make another contract on a stat, rather than a managerial decision?

  • @StrongestTeam , just taking it to the last day is a lot better than it looked a few weeks ago. Last season dead rubbers are real tedious fare.

    I don't expect Carlisle to beat Exeter away, meaning a win would get us above them. We just then need 2 of the 3 above us (obviously ignoring Cambridge) not to win.
    Word it like that and it sounds possible. You just have to hope some last day madness happens, with 3 poor teams away at our rivals!

  • It was clearly one of those "games for experience" going through Gaz's head.
    I do wonder how we'll manage him playing next season though. He's just clearly not in the best X1 any more.

    Paris and Kashket missing plenty of games affects things a lot though, yet we'd still have Thompson and Weston who arguably should come in before Hayes anyway.
    Then there's Southwell and Freeman.

    Bit of trimming to do this summer I dare say

  • We played fairly well again and on the balance of chances should have won. It is easy to say the starting line up ought to have been different but no telling how fit Paris and Weaton were.

    Early on Jamal made some decent saves but I felt as the game went on we became the more dominant side.

    Unfortunately the pitch was incredibly bobbly. I know people will say that as a direct side that shouldn't harm us but it made it quite tough simply to work the ball into a crossing position. Took a real effort at times just to get the ball under control.

    Saunders was excellent and despite a slow start seems to have got match sharp and could be a real asset next season.

    I hope Ellison gets home to find his wife in bed with the next door neighbour. Great finish but what a tit.

  • I wonder if that's the last time he annoys us. 38 years old now.

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