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Match day thread: Barnet


apologies for the lateness of the thread courteous of my internet connect.



  • TEAM NEWS: two changes as Saunders and Hayes replace Bloomfield and Thompson. #BARvWYC

    — Wycombe Wanderers (@wwfcofficial) 17 April 2017


    — Wycombe Wanderers (@wwfcofficial) 17 April 2017
  • And even without celebrity Stokes plenty of morons among the travelling contingent.

  • Wonderful goal from Saunders.

    We look a bit stretched at times but have been the better side. Kashket may have picked up an injury near the end of the half though.

    Certainly a few absolute pellets in the contingent today. Chants of "where are you Gasroom?" (as if we identify as a homogenous group!?) and some booing of Pierre (drowned out by pro-Pierre singing).

  • "At home with your mum" came the homogeneous reply

  • @onlooker, he was there. Perhaps unwisely being picture boozing by one of his pals trying to wind It up on the FB group.

  • Only two points off the play-offs. Upsetting for some Gasroomers I know, but it's been a decent season - if not pretty.

  • Impressed with @bluntphil's handling of the hot potato in the post match interview.

  • Indeed. Perhaps some other aspiring local journalists should take note of @bluntphil approach to dealing with professional sportsmen?

  • saunders goal!!!!!!!

  • Barnet looked a handy team and were unlucky not to have taken a point. Their wingers in particular gave us a difficult time. Although for all the possession, territory and good work on the ball, they didn't create all that many chances and when they did we were normally able to get a body in the way.

    I thought we lacked pace up front and struggled to get out first half. A higher press in the second allowed us to take the game to Barnet a little more.

    Overall it was a well-contested and fairly even game.

    But where we really excelled was when it came to workrate. Even 'flair' players like Kaskett, Saunders & Freeman put in a real shift. The tracking back and persistency in the tackle was very encouraging, particularly as I think we've been a bit off the pace lately. That graft and willingness to press has been a feature of our play when we've succeeded under Ainsworth and it paid off again today.

    Special mention for Sido Jombati, who was MOM again to my mind. Assuming Pierre and/or Stewart leave in the summer, I'd be perfectly happy to see him named in the 11 at centre back next season.

  • Agree 100% about MOM for Sido. Is he the strong ball-playing centre back we crave?

  • Sido was outstanding today. Only got turned once by Akinde and committed the inevitable shirt pull/climb over the guys back, for which he got the "take one for the team", yellow card. Alongside Sido, Pierre was a colosuss, blocking everything that got past the 1st 2 lines of defence leaving Jamal to pull off a couple of remarkable saves.
    Overall I would feel miffed if I was a Barnet fan, thought they were worthy of at least a draw.

  • How long has stewert got left on his contract a year?

  • About 2 months @bigred87 hopefully he will sign a new contract based on his move to Crewe being a disaster.

  • How long a contract has Sido got left? If he is out of contract in the summer he may decide to move on, as he really hasn't been given much game time this season. He is light years ahead of WDH and Muller.

  • Sido signed a 2 year extension the same time as JJ didn't he? So has at least 1 year left.

    It's good to see him in the team. Always feels a bit of a waste seeing him benched

  • Yes he's far better than Muller and WDH. Would love to see him stay and become a regular starter at centre half.

  • Absolutely agree. Sido MOTM today for me. He does some daft things sometimes, which are hugely frustrating (late 1st half throw in to 'keeper home to Crawley, and late penalty conceded away to Crewe, for example), but he is way too good IMO to be left languishing on the bench for match after match. Today he was superb in dealing with Akinde. I just wonder if his famous argumentative streak gets him into a bit of hot water with the boss on occasions.

  • It's a measure of how good he's been these last two games that I feel able to describe him as an upgrade on Muller and WDH without meaning to disparage those two.

  • Barnet F.C. 0 v Wycombe Wanderers F.C. 2 | Two Nil to the Ref | (17/04/17) Matchday Vlog

  • "Worst ref I've ever seen in 40 years of watching football". Bet he says that about five times a season.

  • I wasn't able to go, judging by the comments (and the lack of them from chronic moaners) we seemed to have played comparatively speaking reasonably well. Any more cause for optimism that we might scrape into the play-offs?

  • Beat Doncaster and we've as good a chance as any. We're even catching up on goal difference with most of the competitors.

    We didn't play particularly well today, mind. Not really any better than Friday, nor any worse. Just a different result. Had the rub of the green today, perhaps. Even Bayo got a couple of free kicks from the ref.

  • @ReadingMarginalista IMHO we did try and play a bit more ball on the ground, (which I thought Barnet were better at), Sam Saunders playing in the middle helped. As for play off chances, very limited, feel the draw at home against 10 man Cheltenham was the killer. The goal difference might be the dagger in the heart of our ambitions.

  • @EwanHoosaami said:
    ReadingMarginalista IMHO we did try and play a bit more ball on the ground, (which I thought Barnet were better at), Sam Saunders playing in the middle helped. As for play off chances, very limited, feel the draw at home against 10 man Cheltenham was the killer. The goal difference might be the dagger in the heart of our ambitions.

    Pretty good summary, that and the sheer number of teams we need to all drop points. Blackpool have a simple looking run in and some decent form too.

  • @StrongestTeam Agreed, Thommo has become a summer re-sign enigma for me. As you state very useful off the bench with his short burst pace and energy. Can we afford another bench player, along with Wood & Freeman? As @Username has suggested, we probably have too many teams to overcome to squeeze in, however a good go at it to see where we finish will not go amiss.

  • Quite astonishing that at 36 Thommo is one of the faster players in the squad. I think he's had a bit of an upturn in form but all things considered he shouldn't be given an extension.

  • I think not beating County and Cheltenham when all the other teams slipped up might have done for us...and with Plymouth closing the gap Donny will want to be it's going to be uphill. But we're still in it!

  • Almost reminds me a bit of the Craig scenario. A couple of fairly average seasons, but then a good turn of form near the end of the second season.

    A bit of a disservice to Thommo who has contributed more overall, but surely not enough for an extension!

  • Don't rule out Ainsworth giving him another years contract,will we be known as the retirement home for players who aren't up to League 2 football? Thompson has done bugger all this season except for a few games,he has one good game then shite for months,no way should he get another contract as if he starts that means we leave either Akinfenwa or Kashket on the bench and Thompson will. be replaced within an hour as he's contributed fuck all,one goal at Spurs does not deserve a new contract. We need to start younger players if we are to improve next season.

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