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I think we should drop Bean... Alfie in his role and put Rowe at the back with Pierre.

Not that Bean has been particularly bad, I think he's good at breaking up the opposition attacks but his distribution afterwards is woeful at times.

Alfie would break up the attacks and he seems more composed on the ball and we saw on Tuesday what he can do when he can get forward.



  • @Rob I say don't change a winning formula.

  • Quite - I've criticised Bean on here but you don't change a winning team.

  • people who suggest this sort of nonsense have no idea, Marcus Bean was absolutely terrific at Luton on Tuesday.

  • I wouldnt say he was "Terrific" he had a better game than usual.

    I hadnt noticed it until someone on here pointed it out but Marcus Bean has no control over his headers.. I dont think one of his headers went to a Wycombe player on tuesday.. He gets his head to a lot but where it lands could be anywhere

  • Bean played well on tuesday, the best game I've seen him have for us by far. Zero chance he'll get dropped for another tough looking away trip tomorrow and nor should he

  • I didn't say Bean had a bad game, just thought that Alfie had a better one and Bean can't play centre half, Rowe can.

  • Bean has played over 300 league games mostly at a higher level than league 2. With all due respect, I would trust the professional judgement of Gazza and Bean's previous managers over Rob's opinion. I don't really understand this great assessment of Rowe's ability. He is a good prospect but that is all at the moment, and at this stage of the season he should only be used as cover. Bean puts in 100% effort and doesn't deserve to be left out at the moment.

  • It would be madness to take Mawson out of our defence in my opinion. I think ideally we'd have an in form Murphy in midfield, or if Sido was fit, then Yennaris. Bean is doing a perfectly good job there at the moment though, so not really anything to worry about.

  • @Rob , Totally agree with Rowe in for Bean. A few players had howlers against Accy, but GA kept faith, as they say "All players are equal, but some players are more equal than others".

  • He breaks play up, first man to the ball more often than not, works hard for the team... all the training staff need is an angle grinder to file down that 50p into a beautifully controllable 10p piece!

  • I thought Bean was our weakest link against Luton - as has been said, he can break up the play but distribution is poor. I also think it's his and Bloom's rampant running all over the place that leaves the defence unprotected, and why we got caught on the break on Tuesday.

    Having said that, you don't change a winning team.

  • Clearly a 'marmite' player, certainly seems to disrupt opposition mid field, trouble is he seems to do the same to ours! Great to have around for the last 20 mins just seems to keep going and going (maybe the game has slowed to his pace as it seems to pass him by for much of the preceding 70). There was a moment vs Luton in the 2nd half that typifies his play, won the ball in the centre circle moved forward with it towards the left, space opened up & he just didn't seem to know what to do next, with men free he taped the ball lamely to a Luton player - just weird for someone with 'over 300 games at a higher level' as we keep being reminded. Hope 'Supa Beano' not 'Has Beano' turns up to day as Gaz will be sure to select him.

  • Lost count of the number of times @bluntphil has said Bean broke up D+R play this afternoon.

  • Thought bean did very well today..broke up play and played the simple ball..has found his feet now.With sido out now and nico covering at right back think bean will be staying in the team.

  • @NorthumberlandBlue Nearly as many times as I said 'Cureton is offside'!

  • he played well today got to the ball well and did his job 3 more points another win nuff said imo

  • Bean did a terrific job at breaking up play today, but he simply cannot pass a ball. It's absolutely amazing at how hard a job he makes of just moving the ball from himself to another!

  • He made a successful header today!

  • Thats an almighty remit, break up play and...... head the ball to a guy in the same colour shirt..

  • I neither love nor hate Bean, but I certainly appreciate the role that he is currently fulfilling. I thought he was dreadful against Shrewsbury but arguably our best player against Luton. I didn't see the Dagenham performance but by the sounds of it he did a similar job to that he did at Kenilworth Road. I find with players like him at this level that they either have a very good game where they win a lot of tackles and break up the play (and distribution is somewhat incidental) or a terrible game where they run around a lot, win very few tackles and give the ball away. The fact is, if you are very good at breaking up the play and have good distribution, you play at a higher level. Quality defensive midfielders are extremely hard to come by at any level, let alone League Two.

  • If you could combine the work rate and dedication of Bean with the skill and natural ability of Morgan you would have one hell of a player!

  • if you could combine the hair style of Beano with the musical ability of Gaz you would have Bob Marley

  • If you could combine the skill of Bean with the workrate of Morgan you'd have a garden snail.

    Bit harsh on Bean I know.

    This is a thread that could run and run...

  • Just you & me Bluebottle: If you combine the surname of Marcus & the given name of Morgan you get Dean Bean (first name on the dream team?).....

  • Played well on Saturday.

  • If he, or anyone for that matter, was perfect in every way, then he wouldn't be playing at this level.

  • dont no why bean is getting so much stick, hes not that bad puts 110 percent into the game if you ask me.

  • We have just replaced Stuart Lewis with Bean, like for like. Limited ability, lots of effort.

  • Comparisons are odious, I know, but now that Josh has gone and is excelling on the verge of the Championship, I think we now appreciate just what an important member of the midfield he was. Marcus is a different kind of player but I agree that support rather than stick would be welcome.

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