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The Opposition View - Accrington



  • Is there crowd so small that you are calling them by name?

  • It's a fair point. How on earth can they run a professional football club on home gates of 1,000?

  • Coleman always comes across as a rather bitter man. Apparently Bayo's first goal was a fluke that came off his shoulder, whilst his second was a handball. Didn't see much evidence of either being true from the highlights, they both looked like very fine finishes.

  • I must admit I do share to some extent Choirboy's perplexion about GA. I don't think he's anywhere near as anti-football as some seem to make out but I do find his disinclination for wingers and his fondness for a narrow pitch puzzling given his background

  • George Graham was a cultured, ball playing midfielder.

    Peter Taylor was a winger

  • Ainsworth wasn't a clever footballer. He was incredibly hard working and physically gifted.

    He must have hated life as a wide player though. He's launched a one man crusade to rid the game of them. Sign as many as he can and then make them play up the middle.

  • He's big on stats, so I dare say he's looked at the percentage of goals scored from set pieces, so makes sure we're super strong in the middle, and sees traditional wingers as an unnecessary luxury.


  • Coleman is an absolute mug . No class about him at all #senile

  • Having also viewed the footage - perfect header from Bayo for the first goal and couldn't see any Accy players appealing for hand ball for the second goal.

  • Coleman wouldn't resort to 'just balls flung into the box' ... conveniently forgetting both Stanley goals arrived that way.
    Also, pity the highlights don't show their keeper dropping the final corner right at the death... I was sure it was over the line. Mind you, I'm probably as deluded as Coleman.

  • @Weegie I was thinking the exact same thing about Coleman. Also he has made the comments about our style of play before,
    I think I've got your point Mr Coleman, no need to repeat yourself. It's a shame, I quite like the Accy way of football, but I'd rather be in our position than theirs.

  • Accrington Fans in fact seemed to think the second goal was there you go.

  • Surely all football manager press conferences are best ignored. They are all pointless.

  • 'we go again' pointless @Right_in_the_Middle ? Surely not?

  • In an ideal world any player or manager using the phrase `we go again' would be executed in the centre circle before the following game.

  • Ainsworth the worst manager we have ever had for giving drivel and lies to the press. His secretive cliche driven nonsense infuriates me.

    I have to assume he is a much better communicator within the dressing room than he is to the press.

  • Lies? Care to give examples?

  • Not sure I agree with you there @Right_in_the_Middle that sounds a bit Trumpian. I listen to all the managers as I drive home through my tears from Adams Park...they all sound the same as they 'go again'...and again...and again....

  • you do realise all posts are visible to all, Righty?

    I think we have to assume that that comment was just bollox.

    Well done on actually expressing an opinion though, albeit one you don't seem to be able to back up.

  • Sorry. In terms of drivel to the press - and everyone else - no-one, as in NO-ONE comes close to the crap that Alan Smith used to come out with

  • @DevC I'm fully aware how the forum works and what I am saying. If you can't cope with me not bothering with answering your questions maybe you should be a little less abusive and patronising. Just a thought.

  • During the playoff push of 14/15, we played with joyous width. I recall Paris and Wood gallivanting down the sides, not sure why he's fallen out of love with it to such a degree.

  • Whatever, Righty. I'll just note that you accused the manager of lies and then failed to provide a single example. And then move on.

  • @Right_in_the_Middle I kind of concur (except for the 'lying'). The majority of post match-interviews are standard reactions strung together around templated cliche-ridden responses designed to justify the team's performance and the manager's approach, selection, etc. They also usually include carefully scripted, veiled criticisms of the ref, with the stopping short of line-crossing nearly always judged to perfection. As such, they can largely be predicted (I have often completed a full Ainsworth bingo card during the 5 minutes of a 3CR interview). However... every now and then, a manager is so incensed that it all boils over and becomes great viewing, but these days the "I'd love it" type interviews are few and far between. There are, of course, some managers who do better, more open, more honest interviews than others, and some interviewers that offer more than "so, XXX, a tough game today..." openers, that allow the manager to get away with just trotting out the pre-rehearsed stuff. And then there's Derek Adams...

  • Oh well @DevC . I quite simply don't care what you say or think.

    @LeedsBlue How would you describe all Ainsworth's small budget talk? I think he is using a decision to scrap reserves and youths and comparing our budget with clubs with all that. I think using that week in week out with no context is a lie. Not a giant impeachable lie like those we are getting too used to in the news but a strategic lie none the less.

  • Tony Adams came out with far more rubbish than anyone didn't he?

  • I don't think it's a lie saying we have a small budget when we have a small budget.

  • I don;t think Gaz scappped the reserves and youth set-up, did he? Do you think we have a big budget then @Right_in_the_Middle and he's decided not to use it to buy more players and have success at the club? Not a good career move I would suggest...

  • I think our first team squad budget is on a par with most in League Two. The players we have is my proof behind that. Our overall budget can be called low because we have no youth squad or reserves.

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