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  • Hopefully this game will be on. Just asked my mate who lives two miles away from the ground what he thinks: "My thoughts are that it will be fine pal. Back end of last week was bad but today seems brighter"

  • It's looking very doubtful if the Met Office forecast of heavy snow overnight and heavy rain tomorrow afternoon proves accurate. Last Tuesday their match against Cambridge was called off at 17.50!
    The original match had been scheduled for 7 January so Cambridge will be hoping it's third time lucky in the near future.

    If it is played, expect a good deal of mud wrestling. They have had 8 (eight) red cards so far, including one recently for Sean McConville (suspended tomorrow) who scored their goal in the 1-1 draw at AP and who has often been a thorn in our side. At Mansfield a fortnight ago Mark Heywood issued 10 yellow cards, 6 of them to Accrington.

  • .....a thorn in our side for several seasons.

  • This weather forecast from the BBC doesn't look good. Some snow and heavy rain in the hours before KO.. I hope, if there is any doubt at all, that it gets called off early afternoon

  • If you look at the radar only problems seem to be 3pm onwards. Which suggests it won't be called off until very late if it does fall victim to weather.

  • I see Knocker Hayes is still expected to be unavailable due to "a knock". I wonder what this really means. He seems to have been out for quite a while now for something which sounds so trivial. Presumably not an in knock uous knock.

  • No disrespect to anyone whose plans would be affected but i hope this game is called off.

    We're in awful form, have some injuries, and could really do without this game right now.

  • @cyclops, I wonder this every passing week.
    A couple of seasons ago, him missing a game was disastrous, now it's more like, oh yeah, Hayes is still out, where is he.

  • Hayes has a long term Achilles problem which he has to manage.

  • edited February 2017

    @Midlander It is becoming more than a "managing" issue though. It would appear, (though I haven't done any research), as if he is missing/recovering/on his way back, half the current season. Will the bean counters start looking at "minutes played per ยฃs outlaid & begin to look at a lack of VFM?

  • there's only one Bean. No need to count him.

  • @LX1 said:
    there's only one Bean. No need to count him.

    He doesn't really count.

  • It looked a bit of an optimistic move to offer a 2 year deal last year as it was, but now it looks bonkers.
    Unless he truly is in line to be the next manager as some rumoured.

  • @Midlander said:
    If you look at the radar only problems seem to be 3pm onwards. Which suggests it won't be called off until very late if it does fall victim to weather.

    I started my working life in the Met Office and have an ongoing interest in the topic but I never think about radar. It only gives a snapshot of the situation at any single point in time. I prefer to look at the synoptic charts which show surface pressure distribution and frontal systems at 12 hourly intervals for the following few days. The forecast for this week shows a very complex low pressure system with close isobars. Fronts, troughs and smaller centres of low pressure circulating very quickly round the main depression make it a nightmare for forecasters to predict the timing and intensity of precipitation with any degree of accuracy. That is why they advise you to keep an eye out for the latest forecasts. They revise them continuously in these situations. For exampe, as recently as 10 am today, they were predicting several hours of heavy snow for Accrington in the early hours of tomorrow morning. That has now been downplayed to a brief spell of heavy snow and then the odd flurry. But here's the rub. The latest forecast shows heavy rain from midday until mid evening.

    As the OWWSA coach departs Adams Park at 1.30 pm (and there may be other hardy souls leaving around the same time) I think a decision will need to be made rather earlier than @Midlander glibly suggests. The Cambridge fans (both of them) are still fuming.

  • Brief flurry of snow in Stoke earlier

  • So really only think about going from High Wycombe if you're playing. Not even subs are risking the wasted trip.

  • @micra Very interesting, and illuminating, synopsis of the complete bollocks that weather presenters come up with, thank you old chap; however I thought advising me to "keep an eye out for the latest forecasts" was taking the piss somewhat.
    So - just a few questions. Is an isobar anything like a choc-ice? What is an "exampe"?
    Are there only odd flurries? If not - would an even flurry cancel an odd flurry out?
    Most importantly - is there any chance that there might, at some stage tomorrow, be a complete shower in Accrington?

  • I wouldn't presume to advise you on anything @Cyclops !

  • stanley&src=tyah&lang=en

    Well its a bit threadbare but I think it will be ok tomorrow. 10.30am pitch inspection

  • @Cyclops Isn't a flurry something advertised by McDonald's?

  • Morning update from Accrington: "A cold, dull but dry morning here."

  • snow in Manchester and heavy rain to follow.

  • I'd be surprised if it's on

  • Manchester is south of Accrington. Weather coming from north west.

  • Passes the 10.30 inspection.

    Just hope its not like the game the other year when it had zero chance of being on yet the ref waited till the near kick off to call it off.

  • It has that sound about it!

  • Cold and wet Tuesday evening in Accrington.

    I salute those minded to go. Doesn't need a careless whisper to tell you that its hardly going to be club tropicana this evening.

    Just a thought guys, it may have been last Christmas that we last won a game, but if you support rather than barrack our young guns, who knows they may just take you to the edge of heaven.

  • Rain predicted from midday become heavy by teatime,not looking good but i'll be happy if it's called off with our injuries as long as the travelling fans get enough notice.

  • It's damp in Blackpool at the moment, not really raining yet though

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