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Wycombe Wanderers FC captaincy

Joe Jacobsen has played valiantly for our club in the past. However there is no reason to give him the greatest honour in club football and make him captain of WWFC. Where Cousins would have put his head on the line Jacobs end flounced around like Julian Clarey running for a bus tonight. Give the greatest honour in club football to someone more deserving please Garreth



  • If you are reading this Joe I don'the mean to offend but you aren'the a captain. Throw the armband to a leader and move on

  • I would give it to O'Nien. If your good enough your old enough afer all Barnsley gave the captaincy to Alfie Mawson.

  • @lx1 If you want to write drivel that's up to you, but lets avoid homophobia in future please.

  • @Chris ridiculous! No homophobia here

  • @LX1 Totally agree. Nothing anywhere to suggest any homophobia.

  • Not to sure how eloquently you have articulated the point, but I do see what you are saying. @LX1.

    JJ is cracking defender and one of the most consistent squad members over the couple of years. Is he captain material though?

    I'm not sure he has the personality required to drive a team on the pitch when needed, in the lowers leagues a captain is far more important in the value they add, than further up the pyramid.

    When the team is having a bad run or in the trenches with 10minutes to go away from home, the team will always look to their leader. JJ is a good back up option when things are going our way for the last 20mins etc.

    Not entirely sure LON is ready yet, in the future without a doubt.

  • @fame_46 I think Bayo is a natural leader. For a start he is an excellent footballer. Secondly he is respected. Thirdly he doesn'the surrender during a mild night in Crewe

  • @NewburyWanderer you will have to spell it out son

  • edited February 2017

    And people question what Hayes brings to the team........DOFL

    I know he is injured at moment.

  • Many brothers still lament what another Hayes brings to the table

  • Jacobsen is one of if not our best player IMHO.

    Never convinced the "captain" role is much more significant than tossing the coin.

    Teams need leaders sometimes, leaders lead whether or not they have an armband.

  • @Chris , honestly are you such a fanny in real life, or just on here?

    Of all the things to pick out on @LX1's post, that wasn't the one!

    I like a centre mid or centre back as captain personally. But then ideally they'll be well respected senior pros.
    Pierre and Stewart are contenders, but probably still a bit young for it.
    Bayo would have everyone's respect, but not the best position to captain from arguably?

    Hayes can't be relied on to be on the pitch that often these days, so should definitely be changed permanently.
    That 2 year deal is looking pretty questionable, whatever the well talked about "off pitch effect" he has is.

  • Oh in real life too.

    Was Jacobson actually flouncing around like Julian Clarey running for a bus? Obviously not. So the implication is that he was acting in an effeminate manner and that to do so is a negative thing.

    I'm sure @lx1 was not intending to be homophobic, and indeed he doesn't believe that he was. I'm not saying it's the worst example of homophobia ever. But this kind of casual denigration of difference leads to people feeling unwelcome in football (and more widely) and should be challenged. Perhaps his meaning could have been better expressed in another way.

  • I would imagine Julian Clary would never run for a bus anyway and definately not in football boots. I think JJ is an excellent stand in as captain...he gets on very well with the officials most of the time...though admittedly he does not clap his hands and shout 'come on' after the opposition score as much as Hayesy does. Of all the things that need to be addressed (I believe @bigred87 regularly points them out in his lengthy posts on tactics and personnel) I'm not sure the role of stand-in skipper is one of them.

  • Any Wycombe captain needs to synchronise the "tie the laces up after scoring to delay things" duties.

  • I saw Julian Clary getting out of a taxi in Edinburgh once. He wasn't using the bus on that occasion at least.

  • @JohnnyAllAlone said:
    And people question what Hayes brings to the team........DOFL

    I know he is injured at moment.

    Apart from a great performance at Spurs I have doubted Hayes contribution this season, that said we seem to win when he plays (in the league) and don't when he doesn't, which suggests it is important we get him back out on the pars asap .

  • @chris I am having my doubts about you! Lighten up and don't take things of of all context.

  • 1) Hayes clearly brings a lot to the team as captain. Wouldn't have Bayo as one, if we could get him to stick around I'd give it to Pierre.

    2) Saying Julian Clary flounces isn't homophobic.

  • Was making a mistake by 'flouncing' like a well known gay celebrity not meant to be insulting to jj then @prufrock_91 ? Maybe not homophobic but a bit of a throwback to 'simpler times' eh?

  • edited February 2017

    I would suggest that Chris looks up the meaning of the word "flounce" in the dictionary.

    He is clearly a high ranking officer in the Thought Police!

  • Flounce

    When a member of an online community announces they are leaving, usually after a protracted disagreement with other members of the community.

    It would have been better if he'd said flounced off like @bourne70

  • You say some real strange things Chris and seem to always look for reasons to attack other people's posts. Sad!

  • Haha thanks Donald.

  • Well, by himself anyway.

  • I was carrying on the Trump reference @Blue_since_1990 I trust you were too. I have no problem with @Chris - he has not blocked me y

  • Most players who get the captains armband do very little with it Paul Hayes is an exception you could see him as a direct link to GA directing the game encouraging his teammates and ahem assisting the officials. Hopefully his dip in form and injury niggles are temporary.

  • edited February 2017

    Temporary? He's been a shadow for the last 18months!

    We have so many better options now, his absences have changed from a disaster to people barely noticing. It's almost an afterthough that he's barely been seen since the Tottenham game.
    A real shame, and a bit awkward with 18months left on the contract

  • I could be mean and ask you to qualify the 18 month statement but that would entail you putting a lot of effort into checking it and me not bothering to read it.
    From my point of view Hayes is getting the same sort of stick Sammy Wood was a few months ago, it's as if the boo boys need someone to direct their frustrations at. The WHL game showed the ability is still there so it's upto GA to get him performing consistently in the league . After all is said and done the underlying fact is we can't afford to bin players willy nilly.

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