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And so on to Exeter

As others have said, strong risk with Portsmouth on Saturday and a cup semifinal Tuesday week, possible this may be a game too far. Having said that not sure GA teams know how to lie down.

hard to predict a team, although you would have thought that Harriman, Bean, Saunders and Weston could well all start. Last evening of the transfer window, will Pierre be available i wonder.

Weather forecast not encouraging. for anyone tempted to venture down who hasnt visited Exeter before, the away terrace is very exposed. Maybe a good evening to seek sanctuary in the stand.



  • Going to be an interesting 48 hours or so with the transfer window closing and a key match against a play off rival.

    A tough fixture schedule and a few injuries are going to test our promotion credentials. So will be interesting to see if Gareth does any transfer business before Tuesday night and whether any will be available for selection for the Exeter game.

    We'll see what happens with the PCH situation. Ideally he'll be coming in but if not we may need someone for one of the wide striking roles. I see Dave Tarpey scored another brace yesterday to make it an extraordinary 32 for the season at Maidenhead as well as numerous assists. We could do worse.

    I think we could also use another big centre forward who can provide cover for Bayo. Hayes and Thommo can both play that role but are better in the wide roles too. We need someone who can win headers and hold the ball up with his back to goal so that we don't have to change our playing style if we lose Bayo to injury or fatigue.

    Not easy to find but not impossible. It was the kind of thing Martin would do in bringing in players like Tony Cunningham or Trevor Aylott to act as cover for Scotty. Neither were any great shakes but they enabled us to carry on playing 'our way'.

    Midfield and defence are pretty well covered although the loss of both Rowe and McGinn, along with Blooms injury might just tempt Gareth to get another player in as cover. We'll see.

  • I wonder if we'll bring Rowe back from his loan (if we can?). I wonder if GA envisaged losing McGinn when he agreed the move - it does seem strange to be one central midfielder down from the beginning of the window, especially given Saunders, Bean and Bloomfield are all injury prone and Saunders may also need to deputise in the front three if Akinfenwa / PCH are both out for a while.

  • beyond words

  • you are suggesting we "do a martin" and bring in players of the quality of Cunningham and Aylott? Really?

  • Not suggesting we bring in Atlott or Cunningham no as both are in their fifties!!

    Appreciate that both will hardly go down as WW legends but the principle of what Martin was trying to achieve by getting them in was right.

    In short a big powerful centre forward on a short term deal who can lead the line if our first choice player is not available during the run in.

    That's what I'm advocating. Hopefully they'd be much better than Aylott or Cunningham ever were!

  • Yes that's the other unresolved question isn't it, will someone come in for Pierre.

    I think we'll just have to cross our fingers that no-one does.

    Tough one for the club if they get a good offer, may just be the case that there's more value in keeping him given there's still plenty to play for.

  • Bit of squad rotation on Tuesday. Harriman, Thomo, Saunders, Weston and Bean I would expect to start.

  • Think the surprise was that you would use Aylott and cunningham as an example for your cunning plan. Aylott in particular was a reasonably strong candidate for worst player ever to play for the Blues, certainly the least mobile.

    Think we will have to rely on GA to make the right signings if any. How bad is PCH injury, how bad is AA injury. Is it likely that pierre will go in Jan (I would have thought they would have a reasonable idea by now). apart from PCH, if his injury is not too bad, not sure i am really expecting any incomings.

  • More than happy to rely on GA to do the transfer business, his track record has been excellent.

    Just feel we're a bit exposed if we suddenly lose Bayo and while a like for like replacement would be impossible given he's a one-off it would be good to have another big man to put up top as it's absolutely key to the way we've been playing of late.

  • Wonder if we could utilise Muller up there in the Bayo role as emergency cover?

  • Nearest to Bayo must be Rhead of Lincoln

  • Not a suggested target though

  • I was thinking maybe someone like Jake Hyde who it looks like Stevenage want to move on.

    He's had a disappointing 18 months but prior to that scored 10 plus goals in each of the 3 previous seasons and has impressed playing against us when leading the line for both Hayes and Barnet - although not so much when playing for York last time out at AP.

    Maybe he's just had the wrong managers of late and needs a fresh start.

  • I can't imagine Bayo or Hayes starting on Tuesday, or even making the trip down there. Hopefully Harriman, Bloomfield and PCH are all close to being back or we'll be worryingly short of bodies.

    Might be worth risking letting AP go for free in the summer rather than selling him before the end of the month, the unbudgetted Cup money must go some way to making up the difference.

  • From Pierre's point of view I can't see any benefit in him going this month. If he stays he has a chance of a Wembley appearance (or two) and then he is a free agent. As a free agent he can then basically invite offers and accept the biggest signing on fee and/or wages.

  • Akinfenwa has a minor hamstring injury and was taken off as a precaution. He could still be fit for Exeter.

  • So maybe we'll line up:





    De Havilland

  • Where's Sam Wood?

  • Wouldn't be surprised if Southwell plays.

  • edited January 2017

    Wood was remarkable yesterday, but does he have another game in him in two days? Of course it depends on Bloomfield and Harriman being available.

    I'd forgotten about Kashket, unforgivably!

  • No goal yesterday: he's obviously a busted flush

  • I would give Muller a start if he is as good as Hayes suggested at the start of the season.

  • @mooneyman ahead of Pierre or Stewart?

  • I think we'll see a front 3 of Hayes, Kashket & Weston. Saunders in for Wood, Bean for O'Nien & Harriman for Jombati. Guesswork of course, but that would seem a decent side against an Exeter team who aren't as physical as many in our division.

  • Tommo and Scott up front worked well against orient

  • Am I the only one who is concerned that it may be an "after the Lord Mayors Show" performance/result

  • @floyd - Probably Pierre, just to give him a rest, although you could push Stewart to full back.

  • Hoping for an Fa cup disappointment bounce at Exeter and a thrashing of Pompey

  • We can but dream @Wendoverman!

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