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  • An image that can’t now be unseen

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  • Not 100% yet, but I may drive to Yeovil Saturday if anyone wants a lift?

  • I am 100% going on Saturday and I have 3, (including me) in my car. I can take either vehicle 5 or 7 seats if anyone wants a lift?

  • Reviving this thread for the new season.

    I've got transport up to Doncaster on Saturday, but haven't sorted out travel back down to Wycombe yet. Is there anyone with a free seat who would be willing to take me back down? More than happy to pay my share of the petrol money!

  • Anyone have a free seat for Bradford this Saturday?

  • There you go! The good doctor has unstickied the thread (and without anaesthetic).
    I must get on with something useful; even by my standards, having the latest word on eight threads is OTT.

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  • Has anyone got 2 spare seats to Bradford tomorrow ? Thanks.

  • Does anyone need lifts to Northampton tonight?

  • Anyone going to Coventry able to pick me up from just east of Oxford tomorrow? It is pretty much on the way

  • Genuinely hope @WanderingDays gets a lift. Silent on here but perhaps a Direct Message or two?

  • @micra said:
    Genuinely hope @WanderingDays gets a lift. Silent on here but perhaps a Direct Message or two?

    Thanks @micra. It is my own fault because I only decided that I wanted to go yesterday. Was originally planning on going to watch Oxford v Plymouth with a Plymouth supporting mate, but he couldn't guarantee tickets, so thought I'd try to get to this instead!

  • Me again (feel like I'm the only one who uses this thread)!

    I've had the trip to Sunderland planned for weeks, but the guys I was meant to be going with have pulled out which is gutting. I had planned to visit my brother up in Newcastle and everything :(

    Long shot, but is anyone travelling up to Sunderland this weekend with a spare seat? And also staying up there overnight?

    If so, please let me know! Happy to pay my share of petrol, etc

  • Me again. Is anyone driving over to Luton from Oxford way? Long shot, but would be very appreciative of a lift and more than happy to pay for share of the fuel, etc!

  • Anyone going to Shrewsbury next week who would be willing to pick up a student from just outside Oxford (Thornhill P&R)? Its basically on the way, so shouldn't be too much of a detour. Thank you! Would of course contribute to the petrol/parking costs :)

  • I'm thinking about Rochdale for Friday if I can get enough bodies. Anyone interested in a car share? I do have a seven seater so would have 5 spare seats if there are enough takers. Alternatively, if there are two spare in anyone else car, I am happy to contribute towards fuel costs.

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  • Ok folks, the @EwanHoosaami tour bus is available for the Pompey away trip on Boxing Day if anyone would like to jump aboard?

  • Any tour buses heading to Sunderland? I'm currently planning to drive up from York on my tod.

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