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  • Not 100% yet, but I may drive to Yeovil Saturday if anyone wants a lift?

  • I am 100% going on Saturday and I have 3, (including me) in my car. I can take either vehicle 5 or 7 seats if anyone wants a lift?

  • Reviving this thread for the new season.

    I've got transport up to Doncaster on Saturday, but haven't sorted out travel back down to Wycombe yet. Is there anyone with a free seat who would be willing to take me back down? More than happy to pay my share of the petrol money!

  • Anyone have a free seat for Bradford this Saturday?

  • There you go! The good doctor has unstickied the thread (and without anaesthetic).
    I must get on with something useful; even by my standards, having the latest word on eight threads is OTT.

  • Has anyone got 2 spare seats to Bradford tomorrow ? Thanks.

  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • Anyone going to Coventry able to pick me up from just east of Oxford tomorrow? It is pretty much on the way

  • Genuinely hope @WanderingDays gets a lift. Silent on here but perhaps a Direct Message or two?

  • @micra said:
    Genuinely hope @WanderingDays gets a lift. Silent on here but perhaps a Direct Message or two?

    Thanks @micra. It is my own fault because I only decided that I wanted to go yesterday. Was originally planning on going to watch Oxford v Plymouth with a Plymouth supporting mate, but he couldn't guarantee tickets, so thought I'd try to get to this instead!

  • Me again (feel like I'm the only one who uses this thread)!

    I've had the trip to Sunderland planned for weeks, but the guys I was meant to be going with have pulled out which is gutting. I had planned to visit my brother up in Newcastle and everything :(

    Long shot, but is anyone travelling up to Sunderland this weekend with a spare seat? And also staying up there overnight?

    If so, please let me know! Happy to pay my share of petrol, etc

  • Me again. Is anyone driving over to Luton from Oxford way? Long shot, but would be very appreciative of a lift and more than happy to pay for share of the fuel, etc!

  • Anyone going to Shrewsbury next week who would be willing to pick up a student from just outside Oxford (Thornhill P&R)? Its basically on the way, so shouldn't be too much of a detour. Thank you! Would of course contribute to the petrol/parking costs :)

  • I'm thinking about Rochdale for Friday if I can get enough bodies. Anyone interested in a car share? I do have a seven seater so would have 5 spare seats if there are enough takers. Alternatively, if there are two spare in anyone else car, I am happy to contribute towards fuel costs.

  • Ok folks, the @EwanHoosaami tour bus is available for the Pompey away trip on Boxing Day if anyone would like to jump aboard?

  • Any tour buses heading to Sunderland? I'm currently planning to drive up from York on my tod.

  • F1 pit crewman seeks spare seat to MK from town or AP. Any drivers?

  • @NorsQuarters said:
    F1 pit crewman seeks spare seat to MK from town or AP. Any drivers?

    What time @NorsQuarters?

  • You tell me, time enough for a pre match pint I reckon!

  • @NorsQuarters said:
    You tell me, time enough for a pre match pint I reckon!

    My son finishes his match in Little Chalfont 12.45. We can come back straight away, drop off wife in Widmer End and come straight down. Probably not till 13.30 if that's any help?

  • Perfect, let me know where and I'll see you then

  • @NorsQuarters I have sent you a pm earlier today. Still waiting to hear from you. Are you still up for a lift to MK or have you made other plans?

  • Still up for it, just sent you a pm. Didn't get yours for some reason

  • Evening all. If any Oxfordshire based fans are looking for ride shares to future away games (starting with City next week) then let me know. I’m happy to do the driving or share with someone. I go to most away games.

  • Anyone driving from Oxford to the next home game? I need a lift (not able to drive for medical reasons) and am willing to share petrol and parking costs. I can cycle to anywhere in Oxford.

  • Absolute long shot, but if anyone happens to be driving to Shrewsbury tonight from Bristol would be willing to chuck in for precious fuel. Can’t refuel anywhere round here to go, complete nightmare

  • edited October 2021

    Is anyone driving to Hartlepool on the 6th November as there is no coach going? Will contribute to fuel costs.

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