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A sticky thread for ride sharing. Saving the planet one away match at a time.


  • Not a bad idea to split this into 2 threads - carpooling (home) & carpooling (away). So many fans travel long distances to get to home matches too that it may prove worthwhile. Three of the people I go to every home game with travel down from Derby, Lincoln & Loughborough respectively. My journey from West Herts seems like a stone's throw in comparison.

  • Good point. I can't decide whether I should do that, or just remove the word "away" from the top post.

  • Good idea this. Don't suppose there's anyone who travels up to games from the Devon area? I don't drive but can contribute money and sweets.

  • edited January 7
  • To all those travelling to WHL!

    I'm going to drive from Wycombe to Enfield train station on sat. Only 20 mins from there direct. I'll have 4 spaces free if anyone wants a lift and some pre match banter?

  • could be a plan. We are three, could you accommodate? Also what time are you planning on leaving? My son has a footie match in the morning but should be ready by 11.00-11.30?

  • Yes mate, I've got the 4x4 so can accommodate. Happy to leave when your son is finished football.

    Let me know and I will reserve?

  • OK. Thanks. Will pm you with my phone number & we can liase.
    PS: a brave thing to admit on this forum you own a 4x4 after the Wasps fiasco!!!

  • Dr Congo's initial motivation in the very first post on this thread already cruelly betrayed?

  • @Dev very good!

  • It could be a Tesla model X though?

  • Anyone carpooling for the Stevenage game?

  • @WanderingDays may well do. Need to check work schedule before I commit?

  • @EwanHoosaami said:
    WanderingDays may well do. Need to check work schedule before I commit?

    Thanks if you can! It would be the two of us again if so.

  • I'll join you fellas if there's space on sat

  • @WanderingDays @fame_46 I will find out for sure this evening and confirm one way or the other. I still have high hopes.

  • Good man, keep me posted

  • @WanderingDays @fame_46 Right I'm on for Saturday. Anyone else?

  • Let's do this.....

    3 points would be great to

  • Thanks @EwanHoosaami. Hopefully another win!

  • Anyone up for the away trip to Orient on Saturday?

  • Sadly, have family down for the weekend. Wife may think it a bit rude?

  • Ha ha, fair enough but maybe the wife will let you out

  • Anyone offering any lifts up to Morecambe for 2-4 people? Happy to pay for petrol and other costs.

  • I'd also be interested in a car pool (but have no car to offer!).

  • I can take 4 if needs be, I don't think I can miss this one

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