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Thoughts on your trip to Plymouth


A Plymouth Argyle fan here. I come in peace.

A good point for you today, I can see why you are on such a good run although I felt we deserved to win.

Would you be kind enough to give your thoughts on the questions below based on your experience of Home Park on Boxing Day?
It would be fantastic to get an opinion of Home Park from opposition supporters; I would then post your answers on our Argyle fans forum where those matter at PAFC regularly read and would take on board your criticism or praise plus it would be interesting for Argyle fans to read your views.

1: How easy was the stadium to get to (from the station, by car etc)?

2: If applicable – how was car parking near the ground?

3: If applicable – how are the pubs and local attractions in Plymouth?

4: What did you think of Home Park stadium and the view you had?

5: How was the atmosphere at the stadium from both sets of supporters?

6: How were the stewards on the day?

7: If you ate or drank at the stadium, how would you rate the food and drink?

8: Would you recommend any improvements?

9: What did you think of the Argyle team, style of play etc?

10: Finally, an overall score out of 10.

Many thanks.



  • I live in Plymouth, so know the area well. I'll leave most comments to others.

    I am afraid the shambolic organisation outside the ground left Plymouth argyle in a very poor light.

    An hour queue to collect pre-booked tickets , only one ticket booth open. I only missed 90 secs or so, but there were long queues behind me. Senior management on show organising the chaos, apologising, putting customer service recovery first? No of course not, nowhere to be seen.

    Piss poor I am afraid, the only person with the balls to apologise was a sixteen year old programme seller. He put your club management to shame.

  • Unfortunately you have the most odious and repulsive manager in the football league. You will never be a well respected club until you get an honest manager in charge.

    1. Easy as was on coach.
    2. N/a
    3. N/a
    4. This was my 3rd visit to home park nice ground with excellent view.
    5. The atmosphere was pretty good from both fans.
    6. Not the best stewards one in particular i felt was abit of a twat.
    7. Just had a fanta
    8. Yes as stated above the collection of tickets was a complete joke.
    9. Plymouth were decent going forward and gave us problems at times.I must say the 26 was very annoying with his constant diving and moaning at the ref. Id say a draw was a fair result.
    10. Id give plymouth a 5 nice ground but a complete farce with tickets bad stewards and not very friendly fans looses u marks.
  • Derek Adams is an odious little man

  • @pl23dq Perhaps you might see if "those (who) matter at PAFC" could explain why there was NO cash turnstile open for away fans (until our chairman intervened forcefully with your own chairman, in order to resolve) when, as I was advised by one of your stewards, that you have managed to arrange such a facility at every other home game this season.

    Marks out of 10? Well, considering the antics of your repulsive manager; No.26 diving all over the place during the whole game in his fruitless efforts to win penalties/have opposing players sent off; the disgraceful attitude of your so called supporters booing an honest player being stretchered off for a potentially serious injury. None at all.

    When you visit Adams Park on 14th March you will be accorded a much more civilized welcome, by most of us at least. Whether you will deserve it, or not, is a moot point.

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    Thank you for your comments. Argyle fans are just as frustrated about the ticket situation as you guys. The local media have also picked up on it.
    The issue with selling tickets for our game with Liverpool and Wycombe has been a farce since last Friday.

    Our number 26, Garita, is an inexperienced and unpredictable player, I don't believe he was instructed to fall down at every opportunity and I didn't see him doing that too much.

    There was some unsavoury chanting aimed at our keeper but we've seen that from nearly all opposition fans this season.

    The booing of your injured player was uncalled for and not nice but he did jump up and down and carried out some squats before falling down again. The booing might have been a legacy from previous games where Wycombe players feign injuries, especially "head injuries", to stop our momentum and force the ref to stop the game.

    We all view our own team and manager through green or blue tints so it's good to get another view. Thanks.

  • @pl23dq our player would jump up and down before going down again. I suspect it was a "short & easy fitness test". To see how serious his injury was, he would have sat/laid down again when the pain levels experienced would have been too much, I make this observation as someone who deals with sports injuries for a living. The post match comments from Adams were staggeringly in bad taste, as was the booing of the player whilst being stretchered off by sections of your support. Not forgetting the similarities of last season when our goalkeeper went off so early in the game. Hardly cynical "gamesmanship" given how early in the game it was. I appreciate that we all see a game through time test specs but thsee were pretty low points in what has been in general a cordial relationship in the past. Don't forget Adams also threw his toys out of the pram a few weeks ago wit Westley. Perhaps time for Adams to be a bit more gracious when summarising games against us low insignificant clubs and a not be so precious?

  • Personally I've no problem with Plymouth fans having a moan about time wasting etc. It's hypocritical of course (Plymouth employed exactly the same tactics when they beat us 1-2 at AP last season), but hey, all fans are guilty of that and we're certainly no different!

    What is more disturbing however is the abuse of injured players by the fans and this comes directly as a result of the attitude of Adams. His behaviour and comments towards players who are clearly injured is unacceptable. It's worth mentioning that our young keeper who was stretchered off at Home Park last season, missed most of the rest of that season due to the extent of his injury, never played for us again and was subsequently released at the end of the season, his chances of making it in the proffesional game gone. Yesterday we lost another player to what looks to be a long term injury and yet again Adams seems to have questioned the validity of this in his post match comments. It's a real shame, as we've had some really good matches with Plymouth down the years without any of the rivalry and aggravation of say matches against Oxford or Bristol Rovers.

  • @pl23dq your manager suggested that Harriman was taken off because he couldn't deal with the player he was marking, whereas in fact he may have suffered a very serious injury. What colour glasses do you have to wear for that to be ok?

  • In any case he could just have been substituted had it been considered neccessary

  • Unsavoury chanting at our gk? Fully deserves it i would think!
    Can't see too many fans happy for him to be back in the game after what he did.

  • Sorry, but I agree with the Plymouth fan on that. I really don't think such a terrible tragedy should be used as 'terrace banter'.

  • Spot on, Mr Wycombe. I am afraid that was pathetic and those behaving in that fashion let down Wycombe Wanderers on a day when we very much held the moral high ground.

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    Yes I'm afraid any unsavory chanting from Plymouth fans directed at Alex Lynch or Michael Harriman as they lay injured has to be seen through the context of the disgraceful chants all opposition fans, not least ours, let loose at Luke McCormick. Perhaps if visitors to Home Park were a little more mature and didn't attempt to exploit an obviously sensitive situation and rile someone who has served his time and has every right to be rehabilitated and earn a living, their fans might not try to hit back with their own crass chants.

  • Would be interesting to know what these idiots thought they were achieving with such chants? Solidarity with the family of the victims? Not sure the drone army is going to ease their pain. Making life uncomfortable for the keeper? Wouldn't have thought so. They're hardly the headhunters are they? Besides, I'm sure what he has encountered as he processes what he has done far outweighs anything this dreary bunch can throw at him.

    What would perhaps be even more interesting is to know how many of this hapless gang have ever driven whilst over the limit, or too fast, or used their phone whilst driving

  • Very well said @eric_plant .

  • Doubt most have the common sense to be able to pass their driving test!

  • Spot on Eric.

  • Blame can also be put at the managers feet his attitude and comments will make many fans think this is the norm and act accordingly.

  • Have you all read the details of what McCormick did?! I have no sympathy at all for that man. There's no way Plymouth should have re-signed him after he committed such a terrible crime. I really hope Wycombe never sign a player with a similar past, I'm not sure I could attend matches if they did.

  • So @Salisbury_Blue - you don't think that any offenders should have the opportunity to earn a living after their crime? McCormick served the sentence as set by the judge and as such should be able to continue to have the opportunity to earn a living using the skills he has.

  • @Salisbury_Blue said:
    Have you all read the details of what McCormick did?! I have no sympathy at all for that man. There's no way Plymouth should have re-signed him after he committed such a terrible crime. I really hope Wycombe never sign a player with a similar past, I'm not sure I could attend matches if they did.

    By that reckoning you'd prefer him mouldering away on benefits then? As mentioned countless times before, he's done his time and now earns to support himself and pays his taxes to support the rest of society. That's how the system works. Any better ideas?

  • He doesn't have to do a job where thousands come to watch him and children look up to him to earn a living. My opinion is that if you commit a crime where someone dies or is seriously injured then you have to accept that everything isn't just fine after you've done a few years in prison.

  • @Salisbury_Blue said:
    He doesn't have to do a job where thousands come to watch him and children look up to him to earn a living. My opinion is that if you commit a crime where someone dies or is seriously injured then you have to accept that everything isn't just fine after you've done a few years in prison.

    So you'd be comfortable with him emptying your bins or washing pots in a restaurant you're dining in but definitely not ok with him playing sport for money?

    Did you stop watching Wycombe when Tony Adams was the manager? Or was it ok because in his pissed driving state he was fortunate enough not to kill anyone?

  • George Best being another example of a convicted drunk driver.

  • I would imagine that's game, set and match Arnos Grove

    We probably don't even need to bring up when the players paraded around Adams park after the league cup semi final draw against Chelsea with a "RIP Mark Philo" banner. Amazed Salisbury Blue's moral high ground allowed him to continue spring us after that

  • @eric_plant did the players know the circumstances of Mark Philos death at that time. If my aged memory serves me right was it not a few months after the incident that the inquest revealed the reality?

  • The Chelsea semi final was a year after Philo's death.

    The abuse of Luke McCormick has past its sell by date in my view.

  • I dislike people who kill other people - that's a pretty normal reaction. If McCormick has the gall to put himself in front of thousands of people he should have to put up with whatever abuse people decide to throw at him.

  • Yes they did.

    The inquest was held in May 2006. We played Chelsea in January 2007, a year after the accident.

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