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Match day thread: Plymouth



  • Come on Wycombe - let's give them something else to whinge and whine about.

  • Seasons Greetings!

    Today's game will be live on BBC3CR DAB and on Chairboys Player.


  • Thanks for all the commentaries this year Phil; makes a big difference to those of us who can't make a lot of away games.

  • Ditto Phil thanks for all your hard work this year look forward to the game today ...

  • Same here. Thanks, Phil.

  • Likewise. Bloody typical that we get two south west fixtures when I'm out the area, so very grateful to you and all the media team.

  • My first away game for quite a while, lets do this

  • edited December 2016

    Fifthhed @bluntphil great service!

  • 15 min delay due to Plymouth buying FA Cup tickets

  • Wish the mk match would go over to Wycombe commentary!

  • And people complain about our ticketing arrangements!

  • what a joke. Surely Plymouth will have some penalty to pay for this delay? Hardly "due to circumstances beyond their control". Close the ticket office and reopen after kick off.

  • We've moved on to 35 points in the meantime.

  • Apparently also some Wycombe fans struggling to get their tickets to get in ahead of revised KO

  • @NorsQuarters According to the WWFC Twitter feed, the commentary will go over to our game after 10 minutes. There's no point them commentating on delays in getting into the ground

  • If the delay wasn't bad enough bloody Francise commentary on Player until our KO

  • Get in, Scotty Kashket again

  • 2-1 down

  • 3-3! Weston! Just blow up now ref!

  • bastad beat me to it, but yessss!!

    Weston has earned his corn at least!

  • Get in Miles!!!!

  • Sounds like a great game on the player so will be interesting to see the opposition view comments.

  • FT 3-3 What a brilliant game to listen to - so must have been incredible for those that went.

  • I'm knackered just listening to that. Great comeback.

  • Superb comeback. congratulations and well played lads

  • lies down

  • Sounds like an entertaining game played the right way and in good spirit. Sadly I suspect that good spirit won't extend as far as the opposition view (which I can't wait to read!). I'd have taken a draw at the start of the day, now we move on to struggling Cheltenham and possibly a few changes so let's hope our fringe players can step up and do a job.

  • the twitter feed said they were booing Harriman, despite him going off injured, so I can imagine the "cheats and timewasters" bit already

  • Most likely. A quick trawl of twitter throws up some less than flattering opinions and some really quite toxic stuff. Booing an injured player is, IMO one of the lowest things you can do as a football fan and of course they did the same thing to Alex Lynch last time we were there. One guy saying he hopes Harriman has ligament damage. Don't know if I'm just getting old, but bugger me there are some people out there that really need to chill out. I love football, but it's still just football.

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