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Doncaster Match Report



  • Not convinced by blsckman and you would play brown?? Are you serious??? Without blsckman this season we would have a lot less points.

  • @Wwfc2015: The first sensible thing you have ever said on here. Blackman is at Chelsea for a reason, he is a superb prospect.

  • Regarding Blackman, let's look at his performance against Portsmouth for example, at fault for 3 of the goals.
    Didn't affect the result but look at the goal we conceded to Crewe, his fault.
    Both goals on Saturday are questionable on his behalf, although not the main problem in this case.

    I'd like to know the examples of when he's won us points, with me giving you his late save at Mansfield.

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    Doesn't look to me from the video that any GK in the world would have stopped either of Donny's two goals.
    No keeper in history has never made a mistake.
    Is this another Ryan Sellers should start or Pierre should be dropped for De Havilland moment.
    Whether he is great, decent or pretty hopeless, never understood how abusing your own young player is likely to make him play better.

  • He is a young keeper with excellent distribution. Whatever problems we have had so far this season, he's not one of them in my opinion!

  • Can someone explain how Blackman was questionable for either goal on Saturday?

  • First goal - not at all.
    Second one - as De Havilland and Harriman had already flung themselves into tackles, and missed (and Harriman baulked Pierre in the process), not really sure that Blackman's
    final lunge was the worst thing I've ever seen. The Doncaster striker's composure was excellent, really.
    All in all - I think he's good.

  • He commands the area very well, his distribution is excellent and he makes some cracking saves. He's young, he'll make mistakes. As does Joe Hart sometimes. If he was perfect he wouldn't be playing for Wycombe on loan. We're very lucky to have him.

  • Couldn't agree more. His command of the area against Barnet was exceptional. I lost count of the number of times his hands appeared out of a bundle of players to snatch the ball from those ridiculous long throws that were sent in from all angles.
    Yes he was pretty appalling in the Portsmouth game but apart from that I'd say he's shown a lot of promise.

  • For such a young guy, he shows great poise and calmness which must be reassuring to the rest of the team. He could be better at communicating with the back four, but that will come with experience.

  • As good, if not better, than Ingram (just not 'one of our own') - what ever that means. As others have said we are lucky to have him at our level.

  • Reading those posts I'm left feeling that, one or two horlicks aside, Jamal Blackman has acquitted himself very well. I did see the dodgy defending/goalkeeping at Fratton Park and that could play on his mind and affect his confidence on Saturday but, equally, it could make him doubly determined to do well. A draw must be on the cards and a replay would be well attended and give us a decent chance of progressing to the second round. No harm dreaming.

  • Do we know whether Chelsea will allow him to be cup tied?

  • And on that subject (and please forgive my ignorance) does anyone know if Gape will be cup-tied for having played for Southampton in the FLT this season, or does that not affect it?

  • You re only cup-tied for that particular cup - so no Jonny.

    Would have to ask Soton permission to play him but don't see why they would refuse.

  • He can play against Portsmouth but (I assume) not against Coventry.

  • Blackman has shown some potential but has a catalogue of errors to his name also.
    In response to the report it was stated that we would have a lot less points without him. Yet when I asked for examples, I'd yet to be provided any.

  • You seem to be very alone in this opinion.

  • You never did answer it what way either of Doncaster's goals were "questionable" from a GK perspective?

  • The Facebook page shows I'm far from alone in this opinion. As does a lot of conversations I've had with fellow fans.

    As for Saturday, yes the 1st goal is a relatively simple finish but he jumps over Tommy Rowe rather than dive towards the ball. Harsh maybe but doesn't look particularly convincing.
    The 2nd is very poor from WDH and Harriman jumping in but then Blackman jumps in as well making it easy for Marquis to skip past him as well. If he stays on his feet Marquis has to shoot and probably doesn't get the ball past both Blackman and Pierre who'd ran back onto the goal line.

    Now there's my answers. How would we have less points without him?

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    How about his last-minute fingertip save at Mansfield to keep the score 1-1? I note the local paper's hack up there described it as both "world-class" and "the best save I've seen since 1975". That was just two weeks ago. Or doesn't the memory of the average Facebook Yoof Crew member go back that far?

  • The average IQ on the Facebook page is lower than that of a cactus.

  • The save at Mansfield was truly stunning.

  • I know we murdered Crewe 5-1 in the end but first half at 1-0 they were all over us and Blackman made 3 or 4 good saves which were key. He's made a number of good stops, dominates his box well and distributes play with class.

    He may not have singlehandedly 'won' many points specifically through these qualities but we are fourth bottom and I think it's barking up the wrong tree to try and pin the blame on a goalkeeper that is way above L2 level.
    We have had all manner of injuries. Matt Bloomfield is our top scorer and we are in November! It's a very congested table in quite an evenly contested league (as Saturday's result showed) - we are 5 points off bottom and 5 points off 8th! If we can put a few results together it will make a big difference to the table and November's fixtures give us a good chance to do that.

  • I mentioned Manfield (see above) but there aren't any other examples.
    I haven't pinpointed any blame on Blackman, just stated I'm far from convinced by him and would be tempted to bring Brown (our actual contracted goalkeeper in).
    Me blaming Blackman for our low league position is an opinion that everyone has assumed on this thread.

  • Useless on the ball as well.

    Last minute of normal time he picked up a back pass and all he had to do was dribble up field beating the 10 opposition players, nutmeg the Donny keeper before falling to his knees on the line to nod it in. Instead of that he just hoofed it upfield. Useless twat.

    No keeper in the world was stopping either of Donny's goals.

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    You mention him on the ball. Care to explain why he took approximately 40 seconds to kick it at one point against Barnet? With the score at 0-0?
    Also, I think I can recall 3 instances where it's taken him so long with it at his feet his clearance was closed down and blocked, thankfully all bouncing wide rather than in the net.

  • Ooh I know.

    Even worse when the ball is up the other end, not once has he quickly nipped over the hoardings with a convenient broom and swept up the accumulated detritus from the crowd. Just means some other poor sod has to do it later probably costing us real money. Just shows he's not a team player either. Selfish twat.

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