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Gareth Ainsworth - 5th longest serving manager

With both Karl Robinson and Paul Hurst leaving their jobs in recent days, Ainsworth is now the 5th longest serving manager in the top 4 divisions. A remarkable achievement!



  • @Bledlow_Blue said:
    With both Karl Robinson and Paul Hurst leaving their jobs in recent days, Ainsworth is now the 5th longest serving manager in the top 4 divisions. A remarkable achievement!

    It feels like a life sentence at the moment.

  • Without the possibility of getting parole.

  • A remarkable and admirable show of loyality from the club board. It makes me feel quote proud to support a club who aren't firing managers left, right and centre.

    Just out of interest who's ahead of Ainsworth apart from the obvious Wenger hanging on for dear life in North London. Tisdale and who else?

  • Jim Bentley at Morecambe and Steve Davis at Crewe

  • So only the fourth longest serving League Two manager. Just shows the maelstrom going on above us. I think Gareth might well go higher on that list before the season is out.

  • But do you believe he will get Wycombe higher in the league before the season is out?

  • May go higher any day now.

    Exeter supporters trust passed a motion to their AGM (by 60 votes to 45 approx.) to instruct the Football club chairman to serve notice on Mr Tisdale. I suspect it will be ignored (or watered down) but cant help longevity.

    Welcome to the crazy world of supporter ownership!

  • I don't honestly know but if I had to answer I would say yes. As things feel at the moment fourth from bottom would be a right result come May so not going any lower than today is the bare minimum. I think we'll pick up enough points but it won't be pretty and it won't be relaxing or even enjoyable.

    It's surely a pretty fair bet that the manager elect is already in the building isn't it?

  • One place lower than today is presumably the real bare minimum.

    Bookmakers have Stevenage, Exeter, Hartlepool and Morecambe more likely to join Newport in the Conference.

  • Would be interesting to know what the outcome would be if our Trust members had a similar vote to the one Exeter have had.

  • And what vote was that @mooneyman ? Not that up on my Exeter knowledge.

  • I wouldnt vote for Gareth out, I would vote to get a coach in. From where I stand (behind the goal) I cannot see any structure, plan A, let alone plan B. Free kicks and corners seem aimless and un rehearsed. I do think the squad is fine, not outstanding. We dont seem to know our strengths let alone how to play to them.

  • I think we will finish higher but not by a lot. At the moment I can only see us finishing lower than last season.

  • At the moment I can only see us going down, but a week is long time in football and next Saturday will be the perfect time to get our first away win of the season.

  • You would like to think Mooney, that more than 100 would bother to vote.

    You would also like to think that our Trust members were bright enough to realise that this was not Ebbsfleet and decisions on employment are not put to a vote.

  • I like the idea that Wenger is "hanging on". His team are second in the Premiership on goal difference which seems pretty good to me. Let's have some of that I say!

  • We've done fairly decently at home this season, that alone will keep us up.

    Remember the season we almost went down, we won about 1 game in 20+.
    Not to mention having a damm awful squad.

    Just can't see anywhere near the same issues, however awkward 4th bottom looks right now.

  • Re longevity in football managers - as of today 11 (12%) have been in post less than a month. 57 (62%) in post less than a year. The average length of service for the FTSE 100 chief execs is 5.25 years. Only three of 92 football managers have lasted that long.

  • I cannot see us going down (not yet anyway). There is still plenty of time and enough poor teams in the League for us to salvage a top half of the table finish...but not much more I fear.

  • @DevC Ebbsfleet have a multi millionaire owner now, struggling to pay their way out of National League South each year

  • I cant say I follow Ebbsfleet closely Peter!

    Odd that even a club at that level can find a multi millionaire owner when you are always quick to tell me it would be impossible to find one for WWFC were we to wish to abandon the fan ownership model.

  • @DevC it is shocking how the chief exec merry go round is allowed to happen given the level of failure.

  • In the 5year plan next season we are aiming for promotion ain't we?

  • 5th doesn't say much for wycombe(5th longest no wonder we are in the dodo).

  • @DevC I've never said it would be impossible.

    You should follow them closer, it's an interesting story.

  • @bigred87 said:
    In the 5year plan next season we are aiming for promotion ain't we?

    I thought the much maligned 5 year plan is more to do with finances than on field football, what Division we're in type targets.
    The club bean counters have a plan to reduce and ultimately pay off debts. I think that is a good thing.

  • nothing is impossible I suppose Peter. Do you think it is likely that a backer could be found if we looked for one?

  • @DevC When will you accept that the vast Majority of Fans are happy supporting a Fan owned club. Millionaires can't even keep Premier sides up, ask any Aston Villa fan. As @Gerry47 remarks getting the Club sustainable and staying in the (E)FL is our current very important objective.

  • I don't know where the vast majority of fans is. Some on each side with the majority not fussed either way would be my guess, but I might be wrong.

    It is very arguable whether the club being sustainable (and by extension having a bottom six at best budget) is consistent with staying in the FL in the medium term.

  • I don't doubt AFC Wimbledon are actively seeking a multi-millionaire.

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