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I hate to bang on.....

...(sure) but is no-one else infuriated by the new kit?

Notwithstanding the pin stripes (which are appalling) how could they possibly get the darker shade of blue wrong?

How can you fuck up Navy blue???

It's unforgivable

I'm therefore going against everything I've ever said on the subject. We should be wearing or change kit at every possible opportunity. Even when there's no clash. At home if possible



  • Have I missed something? What's so wrong about the dark blue, it looks fine to me.

    Is it just a slightly different shade?

  • @eric_plant have to agree. New kit is sh1te!

  • I thought the sky blue was wrong,
    it's more of a green

  • Amazed at how wrong they've managed to get it. There's absolutely nothing right about the new kit.

  • It's light and dark blue quarters at least, but I do agree that it's a terrible implementation of those quarters.

  • The badge looks cheap as well.

  • Imagine being infuriated by a football kit!

    Oh but I am infuriated by it, every single bloody time I see it.

    It has been designed and approved by people who have no understanding or appreciation of our history and simply just don't care.

    The fact it has meekly been accepted, in stark contrast to the 1996/97 abomination, shows there aren't many who actually do care anyway.

  • Aren't all football kits rubbish though? The need to change them so often means all the tradition goes out the door and is replaced by little trims and patterns.

    I do enjoy the two different fits of shirt though. I never ever thought I'd live in a world where that was required.

  • @DJTaylor Funny that, I was only thinking a day or two ago, that if it had been 1996, everyone would have been frothing at the mouth!

    Perhaps there aren't as many people around these days who actually care as much about that sort of thing. The likes of, for example, Eddie Monsoon don't seem to frequent this forum now.

    Interesting that at Northampton and Luton last week, we wore the change kit where there was no clash, for the first time in a very long time. No complaints about that on here either.

    As far as I'm concerned, my main issue with the new kit is the shade of light blue. As @bigred87 said above, it's a bit too close to green for my liking. Don't see too much of a problem with the navy.

  • It would be such an easy win for the club/Trust to offer four designs to Trust members every two years and we have a vote on the kit.

    Would get people interested, would offer something for your Trust membership, no-one would get hurt, I can't see any reason why it doesn't happen.

    So before I get a reply, I don't want to be consulted on every issue, as is the stock response.

  • PBoPBo
    edited September 2016

    That is definitely a good idea.

    On the subject of the kit, my personal speculation on the lack of outrage around things like the change kit being worn unnecessarily is more to do with the fact that people are generally more concerned around results at the moment, and whether we're heading into a relegation dogfight.

  • The problem is that not everyone at the club is a traditionalist.

    I lean more towards being a traditionalist; wanting the correct colours of blue, nothing too flashy. It doesn't bother me unduly if they try something a little different, but I certainly respect the opinions of those who would rather not tamper with it.

    However, some people, especially the younger kids, do want something different. They don't want the same designs year on year. They want something a little more flashy, attention-grabbing. They certainly don't want to pester their parents to buy an identical kit each year.

    Selling kits brings in revenue. Attracting young supporters brings in revenue, and is essential for the club. Selling a near identical kit each year, bar the sponsors, doesn't make financial sense and would upset some people.

  • @PBo The kit was revealed in July, long before hope of avoiding a relegation dogfight had been vanquished and leaving plenty of time for outrage.

    I think those that were outraged realised the futility of it all. I bet not one member of the club and trust boards contemplated @peterparrotface's suggestion.

  • edited September 2016

    interesting that the quarters aren't that traditional (only ran from 30s to 60s) assuming this site is right.

    They are now sacrosanct though, don't particularly like this years kit, Dont overly lose sleep over it though.

    If I had to chose, I would go for Vandanel ones apart from sacking their Head Of Shorts Design and replacing him with the prostar (early years) guy.

  • Personally I hate all quarter kits with the Dark blue colour being in the top left on the front of the shirt.

    Getting it wrong is like hanging the Union Flag upside down.

  • We also wore our change kit against Luton, who wear orange, so no clash there either. Didn't we have a supporters charter or something that said we'd only wear our change kits if there was a clash ?
    The pin stripes look like creases to me, when viewed from the stands, and still broadly looks like tradtional quarters from afar. Makes you wonder what they'll try next time though. Some sort of hooped design perhaps.

  • Regarding the use of the change kit at Northampton and Luton -
    Section 5 of the "WWFC Customer Charter" reads thus:-

    "5 Kit Wear
    WWFC commit to the first team wearing the first-choice kit at all opportunities where the kit does not clash with that of the opposition. The ultimate decision on which kit to wear will remain with the football team manager."

    So perhaps Gaz also thinks the new home kit is rubbish.

    I hate the cheap looking transfer printed badge and those ghastly horizontal stripes; and the pea-green light blue is an offence to my eye.

  • We wore a hybrid kit at Northampton: Home shorts and socks; Away tops. Whether that was by choice or as a result of the referee objecting to what he perceived to be too much similarity with Northampton's kit, I don't know.

  • Not overly keen on the pinstripes, but I don;t think the kit looks too bad. As has already been mentioned more worried about results at the moment.

  • @Uncle_T said:
    We wore a hybrid kit at Northampton: Home shorts and socks; Away tops. Whether that was by choice or as a result of the referee objecting to what he perceived to be too much similarity with Northampton's kit, I don't know.

    Looked good though, maybe we should wear it more often if it is a lucky lot?

  • How hard is it to do a kit like this? The design is simple, the colours not too garish. No bloody stripes anywhere to be seen..


  • Not sure about the hat though.

  • Loved last year's kit, this year's is alright.

    Maybe i'm not quite old enough to moan about such things.

  • Plain and simple light and dark blue quarters light blue shorts and socks and only wear the change kit when we have to simples!

    The "away kit " has been a creeping death ,sadly over the last 20 years especially in the money grabbing Premier League . Wouldn't it be great it was outlawed and teams could only change when there was a clash Come the revolution......

  • Did anyone see Watford v Arsenal at Vicarage Road a few weeks ago? Watford - yellow and black as per usual. Arsenal - black and yellow. Looked ridiculous on TV - a colour clash if ever there was one. Would have been no clash if Arsenal had worn red.

  • Bloody hell, we couldn't half do with Dave Carroll and Steve Thompson now

  • If this is all we can worry about,heaven help us.I'm much more concerned with our shambolic performances

  • @Hughie sure, but some people are capable of holding more than one thought in their heads at the same time.

    @eric_plant said it best somewhere, the shirt looks like it's been designed by three different guys who failed to work with each other.

  • Is it really that important though ? Also you can guarantee that whatever design of shirt there will be a number of supporters who don't like it.

  • The overriding consideration these days has to be sales. I agree with the person who said that the majority of sales are for youngsters. They want a shirt that is distinctively different to the previous version, I expect.

    I don't much care about the design so long as the overall appearance is unmistakably Wycombe Wanderers; like so many, I am more concerned about performances and results. The ongoing debate about the latter (particularly the style of performance) seems to have finally been getting through to management and players. In both the last two games, the style has been much closer to what fans have been calling for but it is much more difficult to adapt to change against potential champions than against a team which may not have been strongly motivated (even though 7 of them had played in the draw at Coventry three days earlier). I think only a couple of the Luton team had played three days earlier. The only way is up??

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