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Match day thread: Northampton Town



  • Quite apart from the nature of the competition, it can only have done us good to have won a game so comprehensively. I hope GA blew some cobwebs out with his cameo too.

  • Just seen the highlights from last night (2 minutes) we looked a hell of lot better the ball was on the floor playing one twos..........I really hope this is the turning point for ainsworth hopefully he can bring one or two in today on loan as well things looking up

  • Mooneyman. I will not attend any fixture in this trophy regardless of venue. I have done most of the 92 but will not visit MK. I do not watch SKY TV nor buy the Sun (hatred of Mr Murdoch) There you have my complete boycott list to date.

  • Based purely on watching the highlights, Freeman looks very good. Involved in the majority of our attacks and very comfortable on the ball. Hope he starts on Saturday.
    Also, how much time did McGinn have to bring the ball down and pick a pass in the build up to Southwell's miss in the first half? If I was the NT manager I would be livid with that.
    Nice to see Ainsworth getting a run out and I hope he makes cameos in our other two group games. Looked to be a good performance - Southwell and Bloomfield both unlucky not to score a couple.

    More of this please Gaz!

  • @Uncle_T - The whole exercise has been justified by lies, lies and more lies. That there should be yet more sugar coating and turd polishing when faced with the unpalatable reality of B teams being shoehorned into first-team competition is no surprise at all. Just be prepared for yet more of the same.

  • Judging by the highlights, it was good to see the team playing with some confidence and belief. The only worry is that this wasn't a league game, and the opposition may not have been 100% on it themselves. The real test will be a trip to an in-form Luton Town side at Kenilworth Road - if we can come back with a creditable performance, if not a good result, then hopefully that'll give us a bit more self-belief to turn the situation around after Saturday's sobering reality check.

  • @Fit2drop Any chance of adding Soda Stream and other products produced by nasty warmongering states to your boycott list? Be careful your avocados aren't blood stained!

  • Blood Orange - An orange mined in a war zone and sold to finance an insurgency, an invading army's war efforts, or a warlord's activity.

  • NorsQuarters. Can of worms opened up. Back on to the Football, specifically WWFC I believe the Premier League have no interest in any other teams beyond themselves. They pay lip service to England, lower leagues and grass roots. I am very sceptical that the Check a trade cup, league 3 or winter break will benefit anyone except PL teams (even they have an inner circle of 8 to 10 clubs that the rest follow).

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