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Match day thread: Northampton Town



  • load of old bollocks.

  • This competition will be ignored by my wallet that's for sure. If enough fans do it, it should wither and die like a weed starved of water.

  • Surely no match day thread would be a better boycott. More people will read this than go to the game.

  • @Right_in_the_Middle I'm strongly against this whole thing as well. I just didn't want to penalise other Wyc fans, that might want one based on my personal views of the situation.

  • I reckon our resident Archbishop of Banterbury will be going just because he doesn't like being told what to do.

  • @drcongo said:
    I reckon our resident Archbishop of Banterbury will be going just because he doesn't like being told what to do.

    He's the Rage Against The Machine of the gasroom, but with added gaiety.

  • Evening all.
    Full match commentary of tonight's game will be on BBC3CR DAB and on Chairboys Player. Given the circumstances, I fully understand if you do not want to listen in.

  • I couldn't give a **** about this shit competition but my worry is we get more injuries. If anyone pays to watch this game they need help.

  • @bluntphil I will listen in mate, but only because my funds for the service are already paid and won't make a dip of added value to this pointless trophy. I may have gone but for the introduction of the Premiership development squads.

  • Can confirm I won't be in attendance at the game tonight ( first game I've missed this season )

  • Don't speak too soon. At this rate you're going to be on the bench.

  • Which makes me wonder what the **** Ainsworth does in training to leave so many of our players injured. I'm on crutches but i will still look better than Wood.

  • You can fly though Robin, Wood can't

  • If you would like to air your views on this cup, then please tweet @BBC3CR

  • @bbc3cr @bluntphil I will personally calculate the sum of matches we play in this competition and invest it in the club/Trust in other ways. I do not support this competition but equally while I could just save the money I don't want to harm the club in doing so. Main priority for me tonight is to avoid any more injuries.

  • Looks like we're playing well tonight - sad that there hasn't been a single post about the football on here.

    Perhaps the players are responding to presumably feeling the pressure less, with an away crowd of only around 50 in attendance.

  • 74 apparently.
    Wonder how many we'd have taken in this cup for a fairly close away other seasons?
    Maybe 200?

  • Surprised we took as many as that to be honest. Not going to knock the people that chose to go - each to their own and at least they're getting to see a decent performance.

  • 74 total crowd? Or just Wycombe?

  • @drcongo Total is 1,408.

  • Although not interested in this daft contest, I understand we HAVE SCORED A GOAL FROM OPEN PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Why can't we play like this in the league very frustrating......we looked good against bristol city and the two friendlys at home

  • Probably helped by the fact that Thompson and Wood are on the bench!

  • pierre is also on the bench

  • I'm not sure I believe it. "Hayes raced through..." They may just be making it up. No-one will notice

  • If we see it out for a win it should give the players some confidence.

    Seems like the two best performances so far will be the two cup matches.

    @Malone Possibly around 200. Swindon away three years ago was 221, but that was in the area quarter-final. Pompey away in 2012 was 480 (first ever visit though). Aldershot in 2004 was only 139.

  • Suspect Northampton want out of the noddy competition ASAP

  • Good stuff, keep it up and even better a clean sheet confidence to take into the next game.

  • nice one @NewburyWanderer . and @Ciderk1d . it may be a shoddy cup, but you can't put a price on any confidence gained at the moment.

  • On the commentary it sounds like Freeman is having a good game.

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