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Match day thread: Colchester



  • Thompson starts again ffs!

  • Looks like he'll be on the right wing in a 4-4-2 rather than up front in a 4-3-3. Interesting that GA goes for that combination rather than slot Wood into left back, keep Freeman ahead of him, then play Harriman ahead of Jombati on the right.

  • Afternoon. Full match commentary will be on Chairboys Player and we will be joined by Scott Brown. Reports and post match will be on BBC3CR

  • Swindon v Rovers abandoned due to heavy rain and thunder and lightning,at least we can't be blamed this time!

  • Thompson one of the better shows so far this afternoon. Woeful match as ever. Poor old Sam Wood is finished, isn't he?

  • 1 down...what a surprise. We really can't score....we must be one of the most boring team in the football league.

  • Absolute snooze fest.

  • We are so shit.....had enough of GA BS excuses

  • 1 win in 12 league games but Ainsworth will no doubt say he was happy with the performance and effort as usual.

  • Don't forget we have a small squad and no money...enough of all these excuses.

  • total crap suppose il be accused of being over dramatic on here .

  • I'm afraid I'm rapidly losing faith in GA. He's turned our cultured players like JJ and Sido into hoofballers, we haven't won two games on the trot for donkeys years, and it's just so, so boring.

  • 19th, so much for our good starts, can't continually rely on our defence, to grab some points, don't score, can't win games.

  • Taxi for Ainsworth and i'll gladly pay the fare wherever he wants to go.

  • Shit again. No real chances. The only time we create any sort of opening is by lumping it to Akinfenwa.

    Combined with the end to last season we are in truly awful form.

    No goal from open play so far this season for crying out loud!!!

    I feel for some of the players as I don't think many are doing much wrong as individuals. Unfortunately, as a team we are far too negative and have almost nil creativity in the squad.

    A special mention for the referee, who was inept beyond measure.

  • Utter shambles. You have to wonder what they plan for during the week. I have no idea what formation was and I reckon I share that view with 8 of the starting line up and 3 subs.

  • edited August 2016

    I can imagine what those young looking Chairboy fans had to say to Hayes, who as Captain did have the balls to speak to the frustrated fans after the final whistle.

    Where is the creativity and basics, such as pass and move. It's looking bad tbfh, wonder what Harriman said as my wife said, he didn't seemed pleased.

  • We have the ability. We probably have the best back line in the division, energy in midfield and intelligence up front.

    What we don't have is any indication of a genuine game plan.

    I'm starting to worry that Ainsworth never really got better after Torquay, he just got really lucky with some loan signings.

  • I think I shall wait 24 hours before I put any thoughts of today's match on the Gasroom.
    6 yellow cards , 11 shots- 1 on target, are facts not thoughts.

  • Hey the good start to games is still intact. We kept it at 0-0 for an entire half. Fact.

  • Woeful performance. No excuses. I can't believe the blame lies with a fairly decent set of players (Sam Wood aside, whose slide resembles that of the once great Chris Vinnicombe).

  • Wood never seemed to recover from his Wembley penalty miss.

  • Awful start to the season, Plan A (ie hoofball) clearly isn't working. Not having a shot on target until 91 minutes is truly shocking.

    Think we have the ability to be a decent side but a real struggle to watch right now.

    Clearly a lot of frustration in the stands after the game and a lack of commitment on the pitch against our old rivals which is simply not good enough. Fear for GA now, time for him to come out and say something other than "we played well" or "we were unlucky".

    Fair play to Hayes & Bayo for speaking with fans at full time.

  • Wood really annoyed me today by giving Sido totally unwarranted abuse in the first half instead of concentrating on his own performance which was woeful.

  • Ainsworth has stated "This is my team", and what a team, GA assembled, it looks awesome on paper, so why can't we string a few passes and play with a swagger and give our forwards quality service, what do they do during the week. No style or substance, it's awful to watch.

  • How many times must we keep saying " play the ball on the floor". What is the point of having a fantastic pitch when all they do is kick it up in the air. Sooooooo annoying

  • First game this season curtesy of a freebie, God how awful,how boring.glad I didn't pay to see That!
    No plan except to hoof it up to the Beast/Hayes.
    For gods sake how much more of this dross before GA gets shown the door!

  • It was beyond woeful today, and sadly reminiscent of the last days of Gary Waddock's tenure.

    We've been poor for the whole of 2016, and we've given Wood and Bloomfield new contracts and signed Akinfenwa. The writing is on the wall

  • I don't know what paper you are looking at if you think a team with bean, wood, Thompson and akinfenwa in looks awesome?
    Get PCH, Weston, O'Nien and Hayes back and then GA should be judged

  • Am I right that Andrew Howard was off today watching his expensive boys toys tearing up the track? He seems to be Ainsworth's main protector, yet seems perfectly happy to avoid many of our matches and most of the well-aimed criticism that rains down on the dull, boring, clueless hoofball we are left to endure.

    Have to say, I cleared out after the second goal today, but watched many of the pretty sparse home crowd head for the exits long before Wycombe went 2-0 down.

    I believe Ainsworth's race is run. A narrow vision for football, played on a narrow pitch - where the opposition still manages to get round us - and the emphasis on getting the ball lumped in to a striker whose movement makes the likes of Craig and Sutton look like Pele. It's also the angles we play the ball in from: 45-60 degrees from the goal line, ensuring that 9 times out of 10 the ball lands squarely on the head of the opposition central defender. I've watched this club for 32 years, and can never rember the product being this insipid; this sterile.

    Something has to change. I wonder if Howard (how has he become leader in 'our' club?) has the balls to change it? Or, like his fast cars, has WWFC become simply an extension of his ego?

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