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New Signing - Max Müller

I don't know too much about him.....

Taken from Wiki (and translated from German):

Müller began his career at Karlsruher SC . 2012 he moved to SV Sandhausen , where he first was 2013 in the first team, but was never used. 2015 he moved to Austria for SV Austria Salzburg . His professional debut came on Matchday 1 2015/16 against SKN St. Pölten . After Salzburg was relegated to the Regionalliga, he left the club in the summer 2016



  • Another centre back. Not looking good on the keeping Pierre front.

  • Looks like a big fella.

  • Just a shame he is injured and will not play for a while, from what I have read he pulled a hamstring in the game in France!

  • With the new loan rules we have to go in to the season with four centre backs. Sounds like an interesting option with a great footballer name.

    I don't see any link between this signing and Pierre moving on. It would be a serious set back if this was the replacement.

  • GA is allegedly 5ft 10 but always looks tiny on these photos. Big tall lad, lets hope he is a decent player. Fear this is going to be embarrassing when someone points out an obvious precedent, but while definitely not the first German employee, is he the first German player?

  • Otto Decker and Kai Sudheimer off the top of my head?!

  • Go on then, lets have a list of all the different nationalities, must be 15 or more (counting England, Scotland, wales etc as separate)

  • Canada, Grenada, Antigua, Seychelles, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, America, Mexico, Belgium, Australia - that's 12

  • off the top of my head....

  • Angelo Balanta - Columbia

  • TomTom
    edited August 2016

    Sergio - Argentina, Magno Vieria - Brazil, Sido - Portugal

  • Sido - Portugual

  • Mo Harkin - Northern Irish

  • edited August 2016

    Top of my head............... (with one example player)

    England - take your pick
    Wales - Jacobson
    Scotland - Mcginn
    Ireland - Harriman
    N Ireland - essandoh
    Portugal - Jombati
    Grenada - Pierre
    Jamaica - Bean
    Antigua - Weston
    Germany - Muller
    Argentina - Torres
    Canada - Rogers
    USA - Kerr
    Seychelles - Betsy
    Trinidad - Glanville
    Holland - Uhlenbeek
    Italy - Trotta
    Belgium - Moussa
    Australia - Talia
    Turkey - Heyrattin
    brazil - Viera
    Colombia - Balanta (thanks Tom)

    cant remember the name of the Mexican and his short career.

    Pretty sure there was an Austrian and must be a French guy or two. Think someone played for St kitts too? Spain? Poland?

  • Carlos Lopez would be Mexico

  • (I had to google this one for the country) Janoi Donacien - St Lucia

  • Gibraltar - Reece Styche
    Montserrat - Dean Morgan

  • Switzerland - Siegrist

  • DevC sends another thread off on another massive tangent.

    Welcome Max Muller. Some seems to be focusing on your nationality but I'm sure most will see you as a footballer

  • Poland - Przemysław Kazimierczak (and someone called 'The Flying Pole' post WWII, I remember seeing an article in the Wycombe Museum)
    Czech - Marek Štěch

  • Interesting question though, are we talking about nationals (ie passport holders), or persons qualified to play for foreign sides? I think @DevC 's list conflates the two, I doubt very much Pierre has rescinded his UK passport and become Grenadan, for example.

    Am I taking this too seriously...

  • Dullsland - RITM?

    Probably yes to your question Wig, but I'm talking qualified to play, I suppose.

    Vague memory that there was a player beginning with a Q in the mid70s who might have been Iraqi?? Anyone remember his name.

  • RITM hasn't played for Wycombe so doesnt qualify.

  • edited August 2016

    Shame about Righty.

    Cyprus - Yennaris

    30 now - my initial estimate of 15 looking a bit sick.

  • Will Antwi played three times for Ghana.

  • Chuck Moussadik was 'in contention' for being called up to the Morocco squad at USA '94 wasn't he? Did he every actually play for the country?

  • @Chris You clearly don't know your 1980's Wycombe history.

    I have no problem with yet another quiz @DevC . Just start a thread on it rather than derailing this one. If I'm honest though I do find a 'What Nationality?' quiz a little uneasy in light of all the post Brexit bullying going on in the London region with people seen to be non English but I can conceed that's not a reason to not ask the question. I'll eave you to your fun.

  • I think there is a clear distinction between footballing nationality and 'real' nationality. We all know Matt Phillips isn't Scottish, but in footballing terms he is. Yes, I'd be uncomfortable if people were saying Marcus Bean wasn't British, but that's a long way from what's happening here.

  • And do tell?

  • @niebieski Kazimierczak was on loan with us in the 2000s, though the trio of Poles in the 50s you were thinking of were Mikrut, Krupa and Wegryzk.

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