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Who should be captain?

With the addition of new strikers to the squad mixed with Hayes legs not being what the used to be it seems increasingly likely that Hayes will perhaps take a step back from the starting 11 and take the role of an impact sub. If this is the case I put forward the question to you the good people of Gasroom; who should be captain?



  • Pierre.

  • JJ for me. It's tough to see who you perceive to be a leader and who leads every day behind the scenes. Hence Hayes last year.

  • Does it really matter. Leaders lead regardless of wearing an armband. Non Leaders don't lead even if they have a band on an arm. Hayes fine when playing, when not, most senior pro playing or if there is a lad who GA thinks would benefit from responsibility (onien?) give it to him.

  • JJ is the man I'd go for but I would have loved to have seen us sign Sam Saunders permanently and make him captain

  • I would quite like us to have signed up Ronaldo on lg2 wages. He could be captain if he wants.

  • Imagine getting mocked by Dev for pointless hypothesising

  • There's a difference Dev, Saunders is an ex player that is of a high calibre, who I believed would have been a perfect capatain for us if we'd signed him after his loan with the club.

  • The similarity, DP, is that neither Ronaldo or Saunders wanted to sign for us permanently as they are both capable of playing at a higher level. I am sure GA and the vast majority of supporters would be delighted if either changed their minds.

  • Isn't JJ too "nice"? Now I feel like I'd be implying that AP is not nice if I suggest him! But I'd put him ahead of Luke both on age/experience and position on pitch.

  • Before we go on has anyone actually said Hayesy has been deposed as yet?

  • This is entirely hypothetical, as fans we're all entitled to have an opinion on who we think the captain should be

  • I think Paul Hayes should be captain

  • If not Hayes...I'd go with JJ. He spends most games chatting with the ref anyway.

  • The question from @DevC was based on the hypothesis that Paul Hayes' involvement might significantly reduce this season and it was on that basis that I, for one, made my comment. For as long as his place in the team can be justified, yes of course he should be captain. He is an outstanding captain.

  • It wasn't Dev C asking the initial question but I can understand how it would appear that he was in charge of the thread.

  • Apologies. Apologies also to someone I unforgivably overlooked - a senior pro of considerable versatility and great character. I refer of course to Marcus Bean.

  • we have just given Paul Hayes a 2 year deal, I hope he plays every game at the level he is capable of which means we will be at the top of the league, and he is a fantastic skipper and won't be replaced in that job either.

  • By crikey, the world is going to pot - I wholeheartedly agree with something that @rmjlondon has posted...

  • No chance O'nien, and what an absurd comment saying Saunders to us permanently. Lad was playing week in for Brentford last season.

    Pierre or Bean captain, if Hayes isn't captain anymore.

  • I agree that Bloomfield is a silly vice captain as I feel he will be very down the pecking order this season.

  • I thought Bloomfield was club captain, which is a very different role to team captain or vice-captain, and is not affected in any way whether he plays or not.

  • I think Hayes is far more likely to be playing week in week out than Bean to be honest. Keep Blooms as Club Captain, there is no more worthy candidate.

  • Hayes all day long. JJ or Pierre as vice.

  • Got to be Hayes, best captain i have ever watched

  • I think Gareth was better.

  • GA was a very different type of captain. More emphasis on leading by example; less patrolling the game and organising/cajoling and reprimanding (mainly Sido, bless him!) as practised by Steve Hayes.

  • 'Kinnell! I'm really on the turn (and I can't blame being too quick on the keyboard!
    Thought at the time it didn't sound right.

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