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It's official Akinfenwa has signed...
Love him or hate him I think it's a good deal, proven goal scorer, experienced in league 2 and it will bring a lot of media attention to Wycombe. What do you guys think?



  • Proven goalscorer? Any stats on that? Im only really going on a game against us in the play off run in but he basically just smashed in to our centre halfs over and over again, no idea how he didn't get sent off. Effective maybe, not pretty.

  • It will be a disaster for our disciplinary record

  • Horrible signing imho. Lump it forward to the beast then feed off the scraps. Not the kind of football I want to see especially after the dross that was served up in the second half of last season. Strike force...more Dads Army, and as for media attention, I just don't see it.

  • Okay this is based on his stats in the league over the last 5 years:
    15/16 28 games played 5 goals scored
    14/15 45 games played 13 goals scored
    13/14 34 games played 10 goals scored
    12/13 41 games played 16 goals scored
    11/12 39 games played 18 goals scored

    You can't deny the man has an eye for goals....

  • You also can't deny the downward trend in goals per game. If that trend keeps up, we can expect 3 goals out of 40 appearances this season.

  • 5 in 28 for a team that went up isnt amazing, would be more concerned that he'll injure our defenders in training, also not sure who is going to do his running for him? Thompson?

  • I can't deny that last season stats are no where near as good but the majority of his appearances last season came from the bench. Towards the end of the season when it came to the play offs he was finally given a chance to start again and in turn he hit form and started to score

  • Could be interesting at corners with defenders having to look after Akinfenwa and Pierre.

  • With the pace of Weston and PCH on the wings Ainsworth's plan could be to play fast paced football out wide, with them getting the ball into the box for the big man. Perhaps even with young Southwell playing just behind Akin to offer that pace that our other strikers do not posses

  • Can't see him starting many games to be honest. Looking forward to seeing Southwell in action.

    Anyway, buying a season ticket tomorrow for first time in 7 seasons and I can't wait for season to get started.


  • With the pace of Weston and PCH on the wings Ainsworth's plan could be to play fast paced football out wide, with them getting the ball into the box for the big man.

    You missed out the part where they have to wait fifteen minutes for him to get there.

  • Strange signing, can see him been used from the bench i guess.

  • @drcongo said:
    You missed out the part where they have to wait fifteen minutes for him to get there.

  • Brilliant hahaha. Can i ask how many times you've seen Akinfenwa play? @drcongo

  • Just what we needed, another ageing forward who can't run.

  • Anyone that watched Wimbledon's play off games must be reasonably optimistic about this. He changed all three games quite dramatically in Wimbledon's favour.

    Also, the big reveal at the kit launch looked like good fun.

  • So whoever said divisive was quite correct.

  • Where's my stupid stick.. ladies this is great business

  • As we've seen with signings before it's not just about 3pm on Saturday. Personally, I was impressed with the interview he gave after the playoff semi, came over very well. I'm sure he will integrate well and hopefully benefit the squad in training.
    We know he can be a handful on match days, be interesting to see how he will be utilised. Praying it's not going to be long ball and feed off the scraps.
    Now, if only we can find a keeper.......

  • With our goal threat, none existence, I'm all looking forward to Akinfenwa bully opposition defenders, holding the ball up and with JJ set pieaces we are going to be threatening, so a plus from me, as I can see us scoring more at least.

  • He wouldn't have been my choice necessarily, but it's done and I'm ready to get behind it. Twitter appears to have gone into a minor meltdown and it is possible that this could indeed be a great signing from a commercial perspective. If he gets a few more bums on seats, shifts a few more shirts and gets us a few more column inches or tv minutes then that is no bad thing.

    I'm not sure exactly how he's going to fit into the team. As someone mentioned earlier, his games/goals ratio shows a clear downward trend and I worry that having him in the side will do nothing to get us playing better football. However, our other signings have all been positive, so fingers crossed he is not going to be our 'Plan A'.

    Could be a decent impact sub when we're struggling to break teams down.

  • Is he going to wear the "elite" fit kit?

  • I was expecting the "yoof" on the fb group to be 100% against it, and you lot on here to be more reasoned and see it for the clever signing it is.
    Yet strangely it's the other way round!

    I suspect he won't be on monster wages, he'll be an exceptional option to bring off the bench (think about what we've had to bring on attacking wise the last few seasons!), and now we've brought some proper pacey wingers in, it looks like Gaz has very much seen what we all saw - that we were severely lacking threat last year.

    3 vet strikers, who have been there and done that, 1 rookie with a huge potential, and Paris and Weston who can play up there too.
    Exciting set of options now, and most importantly means we don't have to just run Hayes and Thompson into the ground and expect them to play 40 games each next season

  • Having mulled it over with a thoughtful tooth, I've come around the the signing.

    After the dredge of last season, it's nice to have some excitement in the fans, as shown in the video of the unveiling.

    And also, after especially the end of last season, surely any option up front is better than what we had?

  • I'm not going to give some bollocks about usps but a small club like us needs to get the playstation generation through the turnstiles and the beast has a bit of a cult status

  • I'm definitely softening on my position as the day wears on. Willing to wait and see.

  • At least he is an upgrade on Thompson.

  • That reaction to him being unveiled was glorious.

    True excitement, the type of which I can't imagine any other lower league player creating.

    Cripes, would a roomload of even anorak fans even recognise most l1/2 players?

  • So where does he actually live the if his '3 hour drive' tweet is accurate?

  • London, but he runs to work

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