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New kit

edited July 2016 in Football

Not wanting to spoil anyone's fun but if you want to see what the new home, change and goalies' kits look like - and, as an added bonus, the very bright shorts of the goalies' change kit - a little earlier than tomorrow, O'Neill's put up some images on their website on Wednesday by mistake. They've been taken down now but Google still has them in the cache.

If you want to see them do a Google image search for: "wycombe"

Or, if you've more self-restraint than me, you could wait 24 hrs and see them on display properly.



  • Looks as though it may have light blue horizontal pin stripes running through the Navy blue sections

    Best for me not to comment I think

  • Aye, those stripes could be awful. Away shirt looks alright tho.

  • New kit now on Twitter. Horizontal stripes . Verdict?

  • Wellllll the change strip looks good.

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    The official reveal pics, think it would have been better if the stripes got fatter, kind of like the 'slow down' stripes at some junctions. Actually, maybe they do, think the perspective of the shot hides it.

  • "Brilliant - a tight-fitting shirt" - said No Wycombe Wanderers fan, ever.

  • This stripes will really accentuate the beer belly on any Wycombe fan who wears it. And possibly Woody if he has a close season like last.

  • Hopefully the fit will be a bit more forgiving in larger sizes.

    Hopefully someone who knows marketing will be able to help me though. What is the rational and logic in organising a live kit launch and then launch both kits before the kit launch? There must be a reason for it but I can't think of it.

  • I've been wondering about that too. I'm hoping they were rushing to get the Akinfenwaless pictures out there to alleviate fears that we were about to sign an oil tanker.

  • No photos of the goalkeeper kit yet then... because we haven't got anyone to wear it, or because we're announcing a keeper today?

  • They're up now Chris. The second choice is...eye-catching...

  • The goalkeeper kits have just been posted on Twitter. The home goalkeeper kit is a very nice looking kit, the away goalkeeper kit however is a bit of a strange one, pink and lime green...

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    Apparently you cat get the shirt in 'regular' fit or 'elite' fit. A nice touch.

    Not sure this will be flying off the shelves.

  • Think the home shirt is going to really divide opinion. The colours look good and will please traditionalists and I think I'll get used to the pinstripes. The good news is that the shirt will be available in 'regular fit' for the minority of WW fans who aren't professional athletes. Change strip looks smart, as does the first choice GK strip. The change GK kit gives me epilepsy.

  • The grizzled look

  • @Right_in_the_Middle I'm guessing because people doing the half marathon or going to watch are going to be seeing all the advertising at the ground with the new kit, see that guy wearing the new shirt doing the half marathon, and see the shirts in the shop window. They probably want to get the official photos out before other people start taking photos and uploading them online.

  • @Right_in_the_Middle I think it's because they've already decked it the club shop with the new kits as part of the window display, and there are going to be hundreds, if not thousands of people up at the ground today for the finish of the marathon

  • Apart from that horrorshow GK kit, I like it. When you've got a two-tone kit it's always difficult to refresh it and this looks decent.

    And for once with the quartered shirt, the sponsor logo looks like it was designed in rather than just plonked over the top (hello Loans and Bucks Big New Better & Best University).

    And I'm looking forward to seeing the odd deluded person sporting the elite version!

  • I don't like any of them personally. Stripes on the home kit. They didn't learn from the universal dislike of the Smith Effort. And that Green/Pink keeper shirt. Will we find a keeper happy to wear it?

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    I'm neither under nor overwhelmed. Just whelmed.

  • Change strip and keeper's home shirt are really nice.

    Striped home kit is an abomination, and keeper's change strip is horrible.

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    I quite like the change keeper's kit (and we'll be seeing a quite a lot of it given many of the League Two teams play in white). It's got the feel of our tequila sunrise outfit - everyone hates it at first but within a year it's a cult classic.

    I don't hate the home kit though I do wonder whether it wouldn't have looked a little nicer with thinner pin stripes, potentially going vertical rather than horizontal. I'm mildly annoyed by the O'Neills logo being in white rather than navy blue, which affects the symmetry. Quite like the collar and the sponsor's logo. And particularly like the purity of the light blue quarters given the monstrosity of last season's multiple-square design.

    Change kit and goalies' first kit are very classy. Just need someone to model the latter now...

  • Why on earth do we/kit companies feel the need to dick around with the quarters? The pin stripes are entirely unnecessary and detract from what should be a good kit (assuming that the colours are in the traditional varsity blues as promised).
    I can see myself having to bring a sick bag (or glasses to filter out colour) to games in case that nausea-inducing 2nd keeper's kit is worn.

  • That goalkeeper shirt was surely modeled on a 1970s' ice lolly? Can't remember what it was called. Have vague recollections of "rocket"?

  • Does that mean when worn we can sing Fat Larry's 'Zoom' ?

  • I have a Spurs-supporting goalie mate who loves hideous goalie kits - he was a big fan of our pink battenburg effort - and he actually wants to buy the new change keeper kit. Well at least that's one sold, I guess. Like someone else already said though, I worry about our ability to attract new keepers if that's what we make them wear...

  • Yet another shit looking kit. ffs why do they piss about with the home kit like that.

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