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Contract talks

edited May 2016 in Football

Bloomfield - 1 year
Hayes - 2 years
Bean - 1 year (being considered)
Wood - 1 year (clause triggered based on appearances this season)

Max Kretzschmar, Alex Lynch, Ryan Sellers and Gozie Ugwu all leaving.

Pierre offered a new deal despite his current deal expiring at the end of next season.

Holloway future to be announced in due course.



  • Initial thoughts are 2 years for Hayes doesn't seem justified, although if we change our playing style he can surely have a bigger/better influence next season.

    The thought of another season of long-ball up to Hayes and Thompson up front is scary though.

  • 2 years for Hayes why on what basis? We can only hope another team comes in for Thompson or next season will be worse than this one has been since the new year.

  • Quite surprising.

    At least three of the four retained players had disappointing seasons and didn't look anywhere near as mobile/fit as they were in years gone by.

    It's going to need some excellent recruitment to re-vitalise the existing midfield and strikeforce.

  • All sensible stuff. Max is another player that has never quite managed to push on to a level that was good enough, injury has forced us to seek cover and that cover has been better. However I do see it possible for him to drop down a level and get back up as he has some great qualities. Ugwu and Sellers were never really good enough but I am guessing we will see more make-weight gamble signings like them in the summer.

  • Why oh why keep hayes and bloomfield on

  • I think if Kretzschmar can get a team where he is playing every week he will back at our level pretty quickly.

  • Surely having Hayes for two more years means GA is thinking he might move into coaching at Wycombe.

    It's also smart to slowly move him out of the squad. It would be moronic to just axe our Club Captain. There has to be some transition.

    And as I've said in previous posts, I believe if we can get pace in midfield and out wide around Hayes, the flick-ons and touches which at the moment aren't going anywhere, may find a man.

  • Hayes could do alright in a slightly withdrawn role I think, but how we could do with a pacy target man up front who can score 15-20 goals a season

    Luckily such players are very easy to come across and sign

  • Happy with most of that - I think all the retained players have something to offer IMHO, even if some of them will be squad players next season. A little surprised to see Hayes get two years, but if he can be paired with the right strike partner and gets a bit of actual service next season, I think he will remind us all just how good he is.

    My only real disappointment is seeing Kretch go. Technically very able, but I think a combination of injuries, not fitting in to Ainsworth's physical style and never really cementing himself in one particular position has all conspired against him. I could definitely see him having a good career in the FL, perhaps at a team like Exeter who play a bit more football than we do. My worry is that releasing someone like Max could (COULD) be an indicator that we're going to see more of the same next season, as he was one of the few real attacking players we had.

    As I said before, surprised to see Lynch go, but Ainsworth must have some plans already in place in that department.

    Now I hope we offer Holloway a new deal - even if GA knows he has absolutely no intention of signing it - to get us a few grand if he goes elsewhere.

  • Two surprises there for me, while I expected him to resign, two years for Hayes is surprising. Also surprised to see both Matt Bloomfield and Bean get offered new deals, a little hard to see space for them both in a small squad.

    As I understand it, this is what we have and may go for, assuming Bean signs, Pierre is transferred and Holloway goes

    GK - (will need two of which one seems likely to be Siegrist and one presumably a kid)
    FB - Jombati, (Harriman) Jacobsen (Wood)
    CB - Stewart (Jombati) (Rowe) +1
    W - Wood Harriman +1
    M - Bean, Bloomfield, Onien, Rowe, Mcginn
    F - Hayes Thompson +2

    • a few kids on peanuts.

    Not bad but still lacking creativity for me. I would like to see one more more attacking central midfielder but hard to see a vacancy if all stay plus new forwards.

    Is it possible in view of the squad announcements, I wonder, that one or both of McGinn and Thompson have told GA that actually regardless of contract they would prefer to leave.

  • No one who has an current contract is going to leave for the uncertainty of finding something better, especially if they have had a poor season. Hayes contract will be on greatly reduced terms to reflect age/performance/ available funds. The Bean offer will be similarly reduced, hence why he is considering. Wood would not have got a new contract were it not for the extension clause. Blooms is not on big money and probably reduced even further now, probably worth it given his additional ambassadorial role.
    Sad for the kids but none of them really delivered, freed up funds will be used to take a chance on some others. Given the average age of the retained squad I can't see an experienced striker (which is what we need) coming in, unless, perhaps Jamie Curton on a short term deal?

  • "No one who has an current contract is going to leave for the uncertainty of finding something better, especially if they have had a poor season"
    You don't know that, Mr Albion. Footballers are just human beings and have different motivations. Thompson for example is plainly coming towards the end of his career. Depending on the money he has in the bank and what he wants to do afterwards, he may decide he is not enjoying training and playing any more and would rather go off and do something else especially if for example he was interested in coaching and an opportunity came up. McGinn may not fancy another season away from his roots in Scotland especially if GA has told him he is unlikely to feature much. No evidence that this is the case in either players case but it is a possibility. My hunch is that one or other (or possibly both) will not be at the club in August.

  • Hearts over heads decisions. Sentimentality rules again. The radical changes necessary haven't happened,so more of the same next year,God help us.

  • @eric_plant said:
    Hayes could do alright in a slightly withdrawn role I think, but how we could do with a pacy target man up front who can score 15-20 goals a season

    Luckily such players are very easy to come across and sign

    Paul Hayes has been (and still is) an excellent skipper. I gather he is also a "great guy to have around the place" and, who knows, might be seen as a potential coach or even successor to Gareth Ainsworth. (Whether he would have the same all-important rapport with the chairman is perhaps another matter.)

    Loved your last paragraph Eric! I think that is the single most important aspect of what needs to be rectified during the summer (apart from the excessive hoofball) and it is a case of getting the right man almost at any price. Someone suggested Jamie Cureton on a short-term deal and I have occasionally had similar thoughts but just imagine the outcry - at 41 he makes Thompson and Hayes sound almost youthful.

  • Shocking, disappointing, worrying. As someone else said "Heart over Head", too much sentimentality. The end of a disappointing second half of the season and lots of contracts up, meant the chance to have a good clear-out. We had the chance to get rid of the dead-wood, and Gareth has wasted it. For every contract we have given to players like Wood, Hayes & Bloomfield, that is a contract that we cannot give to another player to take us forward. Please Gareth, don't keep moaning about a small squad next season if you waste contracts on players who have given good service in the past, but can no longer deliver at this level, this will come back and bite you. I was looking forward to a fresh start next season, but it looks like more of the same.

  • Wood, even without the contractural option that has kicked in, feels like a no-brainer to me. Can cover well two positions (LM and LB) and fill in elsewhere. Not easy to find an alternative left sided player.

  • I'm sure Wood would be the first to admit this season hasn't seen him at his best, but does it suddenly make him a bad player? What's to say he can't rectify any outstanding issues (physical or otherwise) and come back as good as he was a year ago. The offer of a new contract to Bean seems far less fathomable.

  • 2 years for Hayes does seem a bit silly unless there is a coaching role built in

  • Personally I'm glad Hayes is staying, he's still a very classy player at this level. We do have to try and play to his strengths more next season though. Too much long ball and he'll struggle to be involved just as he was this season. 2 years is slightly surprising, but there's no reason he can't justify it, providing the style of play is more similar to last season than this.

  • Bloomfield - 1 year - I think this a decent decision but nothing to get excited over. Good back-up and a great loyal character to have round the club. Perhaps we don't have the money for sentimentality if we are keeping Bean though.

    Hayes - 2 years - Providing we are offloading Thompson, or Hayes drops into midfield, I am OK with a 1 year deal, but 2 years seems too long. Is this GA making the same mistake he made with Thompson's 2 year contract all over again?

    Bean - 1 year - Bean is good enough and versatile, but not sure we need Bloomfield and Bean. Both poor first touch and at best average distribution, better at breaking up play than creating.

    Wood - 1 year (clause triggered based on appearances this season) - not really a decision by GA as this was built into his contract. However, I think Wood has to turn it around immediately next season or he should be shipped out in January if at all possible. If he can recapture his form from 14/15 though it will be a great decision.

    Max Kretzschmar - Decent, but there are plenty of technically good, overly-lightweight players out there we could pick up on a free and leave lacking match sharpness on the bench. Shame he is one oft he last youth academy players though.

    Alex Lynch - Perfect back-up keeper with potential to be a 1st choice. Disappointed he is going.

    Ryan Sellers - I've hardly seen him play. I only really remember him being better going forward than defending and his bullet throw. Not sure we will miss him but maybe he could have become a good player.

    Gozie Ugwu - Bit of a donkey. Plenty of those around on free transfers every season.

  • For me a very safe list of retained players. No real complaints on each decision individually but I don't see it freeing up any real money to get players who will make a difference in our goal tally. See very much about rewarding loyalty so lets hope that is repaid.

    Sad to see another of our last batch of youth released. Injuries have probably done for Max but I wish him all the best.

    Hard to see how the squad fills from here, especially with no further news on youth development.

  • Obvious Hayes would get an offer but all in all, very disappointed.

    We still have Wood, Blooms and Hayes, oh my days.

  • Abandon hope all ye who enter here (Adams Park) and welcome to purgatory (more anti-football).

    Who on earth is buying a season ticket next year for reasons other than blind faith, loyalty, non-footballing or a total pig-headed unwillingness to look facts in the face?

  • @DJTaylor You never know, we might make a decent signing or two in the summer?

  • Agree with @PHILIPBALL , apart from maybe coaching i cannot see what Paul Hayes offers at this level, No pace,very little aggression,never wins a header,and about 90% of the time his fancy flicks go to the opposition.
    With what appears a contract trigger extention from Sam Woods side, if he doesnt come back in a fit condition after the summer,then i think he will continue to be the 'boo boy' for some of the Wanderers faithful.

  • "Who on earth is buying a season ticket next year for reasons other than blind faith, loyalty, non-footballing or a total pig-headed unwillingness to look facts in the face?"

    Presumably those who believe that that will be a more enjoyable way to spend 23 Saturday afternoons than any alternative they have in mind.

    That may include those who remember 12months ago preparing to go to Wembley for the first time in 2 years to support a team that was second top scorers that season and/or those who remember waking up 24 months ago on the equivalent day pinching themselves that against all the odds their team had stayed in the league and possibly in existence at all, or those who marvel that until three or four weeks ago their team was in the playoffs for the second year running despite very low budgets.

    Some will no doubt choose to do something else on a Saturday, either through choice or changed circumstances (going to uni, health, work pressures, geography etc etc). That of course is their choice.

  • @DevC what happened at Torquay again?

  • feels longer than 2 years ago doesn't it.

    When you are feeling low about football or life in general, 10 minutes watching the you tube clips from that day have a remarkable rejuvenating effect, I find.

  • @DevC are you going to be buying one?

  • No because geography, in my judgement, makes me think that the overall enjoyment to be gained is not worth the cost and time taken to derive it. As I said in my post, which you plainly failed to understand, it is up to each individual, including you, to decide whether or not he wishes or is able to go to football each week. I was merely pointing out that many will find plenty of reasons from recent times why they would wish to.

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