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Have we overachieved?

I'm actually just curious what the consensus is.

13th place, have we overachieved?



  • in terms of the squad yes in terms of the club and fan expectation no we should always be pushing for the playoffs in league two .

  • Depends on how you look at it really. You could make several arguments either way

    However, given that at the halfway point of the season we were 5th on 38 points, and since then we've accumulated 26 points from the remaining 23 matches and finished bottom half then I'd say we've under-achieved somewhat

  • It's about where I expected us to be at the start of the season. The problem is we started so well so it's a bit like drawing a game thanks to a last minute opposition goal.

  • When you come 4th the season before, and narrowly lose the play off final, the idea of 13th is a colossal underachievement.

    We spent the vast majority of the season having a real go at the playoffs, and fell away worryingly when we came out with that 61point target has been hit nonsense, as well as O Nien and Paris getting injured.

    Alarming to see how easily it all fell away

  • I'd say it is about par. But it feels quite disappointing as we've struggled for goals and finished the season dreadfully.

  • @Rolo said:
    It's about where I expected us to be at the start of the season. The problem is we started so well so it's a bit like drawing a game thanks to a last minute opposition goal.

    @Glenactico said:
    I'd say it is about par. But it feels quite disappointing as we've struggled for goals and finished the season dreadfully.

    Agree completely.

  • Much of it is down to how we played. Had we made the play-offs playing such boring football, maybe wed have lived with it. It's the fact such football simply hasn't worked and there seems to have been little attempt to change it is what rankles.

  • Lets hope that this is not a rerun of the period 1998/9 - 2004/5 , with a playoff instead of a FA cup semi final in the middle section.

  • I think my feeling at the beginning of the season was that anything above 10th would be a good season. I think we're still punching above our weight in terms of our wage bill - 2 points below Β£uton and finishing above Nott$ County - but as others have said, the late slump was incredibly disappointing and the almost Taylorian style of "football" has made it seem worse.

    I also think that we have seemed less than the sum of our parts at times this season. I look, player for player, and think that there is some quality there, but without doubt the combinations just aren't working, especially up front (duh).

    Over to GA to unearth some rough diamonds, I guess.

  • Before the season I thought sneaking into the play-offs again would constitute a successful season, but expected to fall short. However up to the 61 points I thought we were making a great fist of competing seeing as we had no consistent goalscorers...but the slump after that was very disappointing. I'm still hoping any money we save on dumping players is going to go towards a good proven striker and a creative midfielder. Over to Gaz.

  • First time poster, hello everyone. Before I crack on i'll admit i'm not a primary Wycombe fan but somebody who lives in Wycombe and keeps a keen eye on the team as well as going to home matches most weeks.

    Anyway, my opinion is It's a definite under achievement.

    Seconds away from league 1 twelve months ago. Half way through the season, well on course to make the playoffs at minimum.

    The tide turned when the manager made that ridiculous (and very strange) comment about the target being hit for the season, the rest is a bonus, bla bla. It was an open invitation to 'hit the beach' and they seemed to snap his hand off (even if the odd injury didn't help).

    The Wimbledon home game followed that comment and that was dreadful, 2 sides in a similar position that day - 1 was hungry for more, 1 was happy with what they had for the season. From that game on, it felt like Wycombe were done for this season.

  • I think @PBo @Wendoverman and @Clive have out my thoughts into words perfectly.

  • Very good post Clive and hope you keep contributing. I have had the feeling for some time that the Trust actually would prefer not to get promotion.

  • @mooneyman Cheers mate. Sorry, I must admit i'm not familiar with the comings and goings of the Trust - without derailing the entire thread, in a dumbed down way, can you explain why they wouldn't want promotion?

  • I think one of the Trust directors made a throwaway comment about it being more expensive to be in League 1. But in reality, the Trust (like the rest of us) would love promotion.

  • @Clive : I owe you an apology. I made a comment on the Aaron Pierre thread before seeing your articulate and perceptive post above. I wrote "very strange" and in isolation I think it was a reasonable thing to say but I can see that there is much more to you than that.
    Does the speculation about QPR have any relevance?

  • Clive
    Accrington have had a remarkable season defying a small budget to challenge for automatic promotion just missing out at the last minute. Lets assume for a moment they fail to make it through the playoffs.
    Next season lets us again assume they continue to have a bottom six budget. Two scenarios
    1) They sit in mid table throughout the season. Would you say they have under-achieved.
    2) They again challenge for a playoff spot and have their best cup run in years. Unfortunately again the small squad size catches up with them at the end of the season and they fade to mid-table. Would you say that was an under-achievement.

  • @DevC I'm no Clive but I think my answer to both questions in the context of Wycombe would have to be 'yes', unless this 'best cup run in years' was something a bit more than the 3rd round of the FA Cup, a run of two consecutive wins. In the context of Accrington perhaps it wouldn't be so much of an underachievement, as they have not a bottom 6 budget but apparently THE lowest in the entire football league.

  • edited May 2016

    @DevC - A good point well made, great comparison and you're probably right. I certainly didn't forsee Accrington being in the mix this season, probably in the same way other clubs fans would've seen Wycombe being in the mix last season. Similarly, you can look at Leicester in the premier league - these things do happen in football.

    I think for me, where I was coming from, it's about where the team were as we entered the final straight. It certainly left a bitter taste as they ended the season with a whimper.

    @micra No apology needed mate, I do rate Pierre and think that he could play at a higher level. I don't quite get what you meant about QPR there though?

  • I would say the overall result is far from an underachievement this season; but we do need a marked improvement on our end of season form at the start of next season.

    I have no idea if the start of a new season's results and performances have any correlation with the end of the previous season for teams in general.

  • @Clive who's your real team?

  • I just had a feeling it might be QPR but perhaps it's pure coincidence that Clive opted to join the Gasroom on the day that speculation about AP going there first appeared.

  • Can't be QPR surely? Living in Wycombe he'd easily be able to get to Loftus Rd. My guess is a Premier League side it's difficult to get tickets for. I'm going to guess at Spurs.

    He's quite the enigma old Clive. Comes across as an intelligent bloke but then claims not to really know what cumbersome means despite having used it in a post

    Anyway, come back Clivey-boy and let us know who your "primary team" is

  • Clive could be a Man U supporter. Probably the only team in the country less entertaining than us to watch these last few months. Difficult to understand otherwise how a non-committed (to Wycombe) football fan could pop down every other week (the rest of us SHOULD probably be committed)

  • community service?

  • edited May 2016

    No no no, i'm an Evertonian (and a fed up one at that). Believe it or not, there are a few of us in Wycombe.

    I'm a football fan, I like to do my bit in supporting football in the local area, so happy to do my bit, go along, enjoy a game and put some money through the club. I don't claim to be an expert on any of the Wycombe players or anything Wycombe related, but i'll just say as I see it. If you want to shoot me down, you all know better than me - go ahead!

  • Your comments are appreciated Clive, please keep posting.

  • How long have you been going to Wycombe Clive?

  • You're a welcome breath of fresh air, Clive.

  • I've lived in Wycombe for 18 months, so since then really. I haven't seen anything pre-Ainsworth.

    As a bit of an outsider, with 'fresh' perspective (if you like) I have a couple of bits i've noticed about Wycombe and i'm interested in what you lot think. Of course, I could be absolutely incorrect and talking a load of waffle (but what else are forums for) -

    Firstly, the style of play. Now I don't expect a 'continental' style of football to be the go-to method for league 2 teams, but I notice that Wycombe play a brand of football that in my opinion is quite percentage based; solid at the back, defenders tasked with defending first and foremost, midfielders who scrap for the ball and physical strikers. Wycombe tend to look threatening from dead balls, but quite often (in recent times anyway) seem to lack ideas quite quickly in open play.

    Like I say, I get that it's league 2, quite frantic at times, so I don't expect tikke taka footy, but I do see other teams come to Wycombe and actually play more attractive, possession based game. As Wycombe fans would you prefer something like that? I feel that creative midfielders, whether from wide areas or a 'number 10 playmaker' are lacking.

    Now this is my presumption about the current era, could well be wrong and i'm hoing somebody will set me straight if need be. Anyway, i see it like this - In 13/14, Wycombe were struggling and flirting with the conference, Ainsworth got the gig, decided to go back-to-basics and start playing the percentages - it worked and Wycombe stayed up. The following season, momentum was continued and they nearly made it up. Last season, still well organised, the team began well but lost form at the key moment to wind up in mid-table. So now at this point, we're at a stage where Ainsworth needs to use the summer very wisely to get talent who can take the team to the next level, rather than just play the percentages - is that a fair assessment of GA's reign?

    The last thing I wanted to ask about is the size of the team. I look at a few of the Wycombe lads and they are on the larger side, carrying a bit more timber than i'd expect for professional footballers. Obviously, if you want to play the physical game, it comes with the territory but is that an area of concern with anyone? Up front, I do see a lack of mobility and I've noticed a few of you have discussed a smaller pacey striker to pose a threat in behind.

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