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Matt McClure

I would like to see GA bring MMc back to the club in the summer, yes he still has injuries but is a natural goalscorer as we saw against us earlier this season.



  • Sorry @rmjlondon not for me i'm afraid, as you said still injury prone, remember Andy Baird, quality player but like McClure was too injury prone.

  • Can't afford to carry players who are constantly injured.

  • bet we chance it with PCH, I would be happy to bet anybody 25 quid that MMc scores 25 goals in the conference next season should he stay at D and R

  • How many has he scored this year? I would be surprised if it's more than 6 or 7. We don't need another 5 goal a season striker at the club (before you even take into account McClures shocking injury record) - would rather see a completely new face come in

  • I also think we'll be re-signing PCH in the summer, but I'll be extremely surprised if McClure scores 25 next year!

  • Dear oh lore, McClure back?! Just as he descends down to the conference.

    It'd be the most nonsensical re-signing since Luke Oliver!

  • Speaking of re-signing Luke Oliver, I wouldn't be at all surprised if we signed Big Dave Winfield as a replacement for Aaron Pierre this summer. Gareth could justify at as a rekindling of his partnership with Stewart (another re-signing of course). It would be a worrying development but one I can imagine happening, not least as Winfield's out of contract this summer, played well against us and will be looking to stay in the league...

  • Ive also had that worrying thought Mr aloysius, Distribution Dave ticks a lot of boxes in the effort and attitude that Gareth requires, but fingers cross weve moved on from his hoofs,and QE2 turns.

  • I wouldn't mind that. He was always a decent if uncultured player for us. Although nothing like the standard of Mawson, Pierre, Stewart or McCarthy.

    And slightly unfair to say Luke Oliver reminded you of him!

  • I would say Winfield was a key part of a solid backbone that won us promotion from this division, although I'm not sure I particularly want us to re-sign him. That said, I'm not sure we can bank on getting in quality loan centre backs indefinitely.

  • I'll take that bet on McClure.

  • I'd bet McClure won't even start 25 games next year!

    Please not Winfield! To go back to Winfield and Stewart when we've had Pierre and Mawson would be horror.

    What next, replace Jacobsen with, I can't even remember some of the names of the crap left backs we've had in recent years, I've expunged them

  • We are in big trouble if hoof it Winfield is even being considered.

  • Crap left backs you say? One last job for Alan Beeton!

  • I liked Andy Reilly.

  • @mooneyman said:
    We are in big trouble if hoof it Winfield is even being considered.

    Agreed and has a disciplinary record that makes Dunne look like a saint

  • @Chris said:
    I liked Andy Reilly.

    Anthony Riley perhaps? Probably before your time Chris. (And probably a right back, come to think of it.). It's late and time for my medication. Nurse!

  • @Chris said:
    I wouldn't mind that. He was always a decent if uncultured player for us. Although nothing like the standard of Mawson, Pierre, Stewart or McCarthy.

    agreed. For some reason I always thought Dave looked like he'd be more comfortable having a go at sports like tug of war or lifting shire horses or some other agricultural test of brute strength. But I rather enjoyed him clattering opposition forwards and leathering it.

  • @micra Andy Reilly - young lad out the youth team circa 2004. Remember his impressive debut against Col U in the FLT. Looked like an absolute gem, got a Scotland U21 call-up and then (as I recall) decided to quit professional football the following season for whatever reason. One of those 'what if' players.

  • I think he got Tony Adams-ed.

  • I think when Dave left after his best season by miles alot of people were very disappointed that we kept Leon.

  • @rmjlondon; we are desperate, I have said for how long, the style of football is boring and does not help our forwarders.

    I'll translate Any Striker in our side will do sh1t as they spend most of the energy defending, tracking back to our six yard box and chasing lost causes, near the opposition's corner flag.

    Nothing will change until Ainsworth playing tactics, other then plan A, of hoof it and get in the oppositions face. I'm afraid we are rather limited in our attacking with fluency. Anyway we have secured our 61 points and a top half finish. Unlikely to make the playoffs now.

  • Thanks @Jonny_King. Don't remember the guy I'm afraid. Sounds like another loss.

  • I still think we just need one creative midfielder (better and more mobile than McGinn) in midfield alongside Bean and O'Nien.

    Sam Saunders Sam Saunders Sam Saunders
  • @rmjlondon - please remind us of a couple of examples of positive comments you've made over the past few months. Did you not think we started to play a bit and looked an attacking force to be reckoned with when, all too briefly, PCH graced us with his presence?

  • if PCH had stayed fit we would have made the Top 7 yes. He didn't we won't. End of

  • I'm hoping Matt McClure can score a few tonight v Wimbledon

  • Matt McClure 25 goals? I think he'd struggle to make that even if by some miracle he manages to stay fit all season.

  • I really liked Matt McClure; great tenacious striker with bags of potential. However, it would be a huge risk given how injury prone he is and I agree we should be looking elsewhere. I appreciate Gaz will have some big players to replace in the Summer but have every confidence we can do this. My major concern is our tactics and style of play; if this doesn't improve I fear for the clubs longevity. We will lose fans and not gain any new ones either. Football Clubs are in the entertainment business and this is something we are failing to do.

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