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  • That makes grim reading!!
    With potentially half a dozen (or more) players unavailable, including three of the regular back four, you would fear for the outcome tomorrow against a fairly free-scoring Barnet side. Let's hope it's a case of "when the going gets tough........"

  • Akinde will be rubbing his hands at this news!

  • Times are bad when we're hoping to escape a home game with Barnet with a point!

  • Home games against Barnet normally turn in to games we are trying to escape from

  • Love him or hate him - this is a very interesting and sometimes amusing interview with Martin Allen ahead of the game...makes some points about us that have been discussed recently...

  • Does anyone love Mad Dog? I'm sure some of his family might do but surely he's one of the most loathsome people in football.
    I have a list of football managers in my head that would stop me watching Wycombe if they joined and he is pretty high up on that list.

  • I'm sure some of those fans of clubs he's managed with relative success might...
    either way he makes some good points about some of our idiotic fanbase,,,

  • Enjoyed the interview. Tells it as it is, don't 'e.

  • Allen says Akinde is doubtful for weekend. He has given his players all week off.

  • Like watching magnolia paint...?! Surely this should get GA and the lads fired up for the game, pass it around, surprise them and take the three points.


  • My impression was that he's saying he's watched some games that are like paint drying, but Wycombe games aren't like that.

  • i really hope that we turn it on tomorrow, if we are missing 3 of the back 4 then we are in serious trouble, something like this.
    Sellars,Steward, Bean, Jombati
    Bean, McGinn, Harriman
    Hayes, Thompson, Sellers

    Ugwu, Liburd, GK, Max

    Woods, ONien, Jacobson, Pierre, McCarthy, PCH, Blooms, Lynch

    what a bare bench!

  • replace Bean with Max in the middle, bean CB

  • Hopefully at least one of those defenders will be fit so we don't have to have Bean in the back four. If we did I'd guess he's slot in at RB with Jombati in the middle but I think we'd be in trouble.

    I'm guessing we won't be playing Steve Arnold in goal :)

  • I agree with Chris. I thought MA was saying most league games are like watching paint dry whereas Wycombe 'get it forward'.

  • Allsop

    Harriman (RB), Stewart (CB), Jombati (CB), Sellers (LB)

    Thompson (RW), McGinn (CM), Bean (CM), Kretzchmar (LW)

    Hayes, Sellars

    Bench: Siegrist, Ugwu, Liburd, Pierre (doubtful), Jacobson (doubtful), O'Nien (doubtful), Wood (doubtful)

  • Bit of a shallow bench Mr Stickers?

  • If we really are short of substitutes, get Ainsworth to put his boots on and give Siegrist a quartered shirt and blue shorts so he come on up front if needed.

  • sorry meant Allsop not Arnold!

  • As long as we have three outfield players available to warm the bench I don't think we will see Gaz in Quarters. I say this with a tinge of regret because with the way things have been recently I'm not so sure he couldn't add something to the team for the last 20 minutes.

  • @cyclops if GA has to play that will be a very very low point and throughly embarrassing for our club, we have already had the Richardson debacle at Plymouth which we got away with. Pierre will play and so will McCarthy.

  • @rmjlondon The most embarrassing thing associated with our club these days is probably your arrogant assumption that you know everything all the time. If Pierre and McCarthy are rated as doubtful, according to the report, how do you know that they WILL both play?

  • @Cyclops ah, that information comes from the same source as last season's play off loan goalkeeper. Gaz always discusses the team, tactics and transfer targets with the bloke who cleans the bogs.

  • I am saying I bet they will play, its gaz as usual all talk in the paper to make people think we are the underdog, it gets on my nerves and I hope he leaves in the summer now

  • sick of poor football and small squad talk all the time, yes were in 8th but if we were not so good defensively we would be bottom 4.

  • @rmjlondon said:
    sick of poor football and small squad talk all the time

    The former is not necessarily how GA wants to play (see last season) the latter is a fact of life.

  • he said the same last year and we were woeful at times then too.

  • @rmjlondon clearly Gaz has not discussed fully with you the budget constraints at a level you can understand. Defenders are a lot cheaper than attackers by a long way. When you have little money, the basics of an equation come in to force. If you don't concede, you don't lose. It is what it is, ignore the facts if you like, but be very careful what you wish for. Gaz is a very unique manager. Can you think of a replacement that will come in during the summer months and paint the buildings, mish mash goalposts together, beg nets from wealthier clubs, study spreadsheets on food sales etc? Gaz managed, part by design and part by accident to cobble together an exceptional squad last season. Unfortunately, by doing so, he made a rod for his own back by raising expectations too high for this season. We would have given the world to be in this position last season, at the beginning, given the experience of the season before.
    You keep threatening it, but I do wonder why you bother if it makes you so unhappy? Please, . Just go up to MK Dons, but I think you will have even more to moan about as they look like relegation candidates.

  • so basically where always going to have one of the lowest playing budgets for the long term i don't understand you trying to tell me clubs like barnet have a bigger budget etc if that is the cast the trust must be being very tight with finances and not getting good sponsership etc

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