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EDL march in Wycombe Road closures between 1.45-5pm



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    @DevC sadly I'm still recovering from the 1st knee replacement. Whilst I don't get the pain I used to in the joint, the soft tissues are still adjusting to the new metal implants. I certainly am not so keen to rush back yet and start again until I have strengthened the operated leg to the max, but more importantly, having hopefully forgotten how painful the first eight weeks are!!! So autumn will come too soon. I will however, keep an eye out in a year or so when I will have two fully functioning, pain free joints that will see this grey haired old git leaping around like a demented lunatic in a shabby venue somewhere trying to find my youth again. Will probably need to notify the local ambulance service to have a defibrillator on hand? Thanks for the heads up anyway.

  • fair enough son. See you some time next year showing up them young'uns.

  • Well Mr Devon C seems you missed the point I was making. Why don't football matches equal edl marches for who pays.

  • Football matches are a commercial, money making thing; whereas an EDL march is some misguided people exercising their right to protest.

  • Might the answer be to simply stick the prices of tickets for certain groups of trouble making away supporters up through the roof so that either:
    (a) they can't afford to come; or
    (b) the funds generated will more than pay for for all the required plod?
    Or would that be contrary to FL rules?

  • @chris thanks,Chris good point.

  • @cyclops Premier League clubs grade their tickets based on visiting team

  • M3GM3G
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    @bill_stickers Bill its OK. It just really winds me that the poor buggers still get the blame through being born and bred in certain areas where there lives were destroyed.
    It was a big thing for me the Miners Strike. One day I think we will all wake up and see what we did to these communities. My Other half's ex Mother in law used to put up striking miners and raise cash for them. It was very humbling to hear some of the stories. Never forget never forgive.

    I urge you to get hold and watch the full two hour documentry the Enemy within.

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