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EDL march in Wycombe Road closures between 1.45-5pm

Taken from From TVP website

"The A404 Amersham Hill will be closed for a very short period of time to allow demonstrators to make their way from the railway station to Frogmoor at around 1.45 pm where they are expected to demonstrate and make speeches. The same road closure will apply when they make their way back to the railway station.

Castle Street, Church Street and Frogmoor will be closed, and access for vehicles going up Corporation Street to Castle Street will be restricted, for the duration of today’s demonstrations between approximately 2pm and 5pm."

And its probably a good idea to stay away from the town centre until afterwards(5pm) as there is a large police presence





  • Hopefully the knuckle-dragging tinpot fascists never come back either. A sad day in our town's history.

  • Anyone else remember the NF march through town back in the early 80s? Seem to remember they got their sad sorry arses handed to them on a plate by the locals that day.

  • I went along to watch an EDL march in Oxford with a journalist friend who was covering it for one of the papers.

    My suspicions were confirmed a hundred times over. They are a bunch of utterly brain-dead cretins who use these very poorly attended rally opportunity as a lads day out to drink Stella, visit somewhere exotic compared to the ex-pit towns they come from, and hurl nonsensical abuse at the (also fairly idiotic) far left.

    They are almost always outnumbers 4 to 1 by the counter demos and they never seem to get the message that nobody cares about their ill educated xenophobic campaign of hate.

  • Rather disgusting comment to infer that these individuals come from pit towns. As anyone who has an iota of knowledge know the vast majority of people from the former mining communities, keep as far away from the far right as possible.
    The visitors banners from the Edl this weekend, were from Colchester,Braintree,Birmingham the and a coach from Wigan.

  • We had one in Aylesbury not so long ago the racist troglodytes shut the town down and scared a lot of people sad to say a lot of the counter demonstrators are there for similar reasons.

  • Not many EDL in Wigan, which is of course a former mining area in any case.

    I saw an EDL march in Sheffield a few years back. It was more sad than anything. Nothing better to do than hate.

  • The EDL's formation and original hard core base originated in Luton, cant remember Thatchers militia attacking too many miners in Bedfordshire !!

  • Firstly it is a great tribute to our country that we allow freedom of speech to all including these guys.
    While a few on both EDL and Anti-Nazi League are motivated by genuine political beliefs, the vast majority on both sides are the same types as were involved in Mods V Rockers in the 60s and Football Hooliganism in the 70s - 80s - sad inadequates who can think of no better way to show off than gather together in a little group, intimidate the average punters and with a bit of luck have a bundle with the other side. If it wasn't the EDL , no doubt they would attach themselves to some other "cause".
    There is some truth that lads in socially deprived areas are overrepresented in extreme politics on one side or the other - a natural human response of trying to find an explanation for their plight wherever they can find it.
    However even then it is a very small minority. As it happens at the weekend I enjoyed myself in the company of a number of ex-miners from Nottingham way at a concert by the excellent band - Ferocious Dog. They have a fanclub of ex-miner folk that follow them around. A thoroughly decent bunch - if not necessarily people you would want to meet down a dark alley. You wont get many better tributes to what happened to those communities than Slow Motion Suicide

  • @ChasHarps said:
    The EDL's formation and original hard core base originated in Luton, cant remember Thatchers militia attacking too many miners in Bedfordshire !!

    Although there were mines in Kent

  • The Snowdon and Tilmanstone pits just inland from Deal are hardly next door to Luton.
    It's the Kent papermills weve had most to fear from in Bucks !!!

  • @bill_stickers probably your dumbest post ever. Lets blame pit villages. I can tell you now the people in these communities are proud to be English and very Anti-Nazi. Staunch Socialism exists.

    I think that NF rally was 70's i was on the flyover in town hurling stones ay them with my west indian neighbours.

    @DevC Ferocious Dog are brilliant. Punk/folk/Celtic rock.

    A fair few EDL are just old British Movement & Nations Front members who prey on peoples fear. BNP party members think the EDL are waste of space. To be honest its had its day already. But I expect another bunch will replace them soon.

  • Are there any BNP members left?

  • What a good band Ferocious dog are, never heard of them before. Reminds me a bit of one of my favourites, The Levellers. I wouldn't mind seeing them, but not sure my knees would keep me upright in their audiences, might have to wait until I've had the other knee replaced later this year? :-)

  • I think the police had a harder job containing our "Yoofs" post Rovers game, then they did containing that pitiful set of malcontents.
    What a sheer waste of police resources.

  • I can't stand racists, fascists, homophobes anarchists, jihadies , the far right, the far left and Liberal Democrats

  • Highly recommended, Mr Ewan.
    Get your knee done before Autumn and then in all likelihood Ferocious will join up with Mad Dog Mccrea

    and possibly the UK's best solo acoustic guy

    for a simply stonking night.
    And at the end of it all they'll adjourn to a local pub, chat to their fans and reveal themselves as thoroughly decent guys too. Go for it.

  • I am just talking from experience - most people at the Oxford rally who we spoke to were northern, and from towns that have been crippled by the collapse of industry.

    Have you ever considered that the political views of such towns may have shifted just slightly since Thatcherism?

  • M3GM3G
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    @bill_stickers I Have seen groups from the Home counties bused into Blackpool for rallies.

    Have you ever considered that the political views of such towns may have shifted just slightly since Thatcherism? - They haven't shifted to anywhere near that extent.

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    I'm not for one minute saying the majority of northerners are racist or EDL supporters. It would be ludicrous for me to say that.

    It was a flippant remark based on my personal experience that the Oxford EDL rally was well attended by northern delinquents. Make of it what you will.

  • @M3G - was it really that long ago? I was too young to be anywhere near it but remember my sister, her boyfriend and some of their local punk scene mates going along to defend the integrity of the town.

  • There's only two things I hate in this world. People who are intolerant of other people's cultures and the Dutch.

  • Just wondering who paid for the police presence in anticipation of civil disorder. We ,for some strange reason, are expected to pay for one when the police deem our visitors to be a potential civil disorder presence.

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    A video of it here, only watched a bit

    Gave up after the complete plank on 11 minutes - firstly you are so excited and bellowing that I can't understand a word. Secondly the same sort of people would have been giving stick to your parents/grandparents back in the day, the stupidity of some people beggars belief

  • Well Mr Woodlands, the cost of ensuring that everybody, even people as unpleasant and in most cases ignorant as these, have the right to free speech is of course met by all of us who are taxpayers.

    History would show the cost of denying people the right to free speech is considerably higher.

    While I understand and sympathise with the motivations behind those who violently opposed the NF march, I would question whether that was the right approach. That is exactly what they want. Far better the apparent approach this time, ignore them for the irrelevance they are and make their day their day thoroughly dull. I doubt they will be back.

  • Would I be right in saying there was trouble in High Wycombe in the early/mid nineties along racial lines?

  • The New years eve battle that took place in the Anchor and the land between the pub and the Mutli Racial club was 1988 or 89. It was major news in the tabloids.

  • I remember some fights kicking off in the old Octagon in the early/mid nineties. Can't really remember much about it apart from nearly getting locked in what was or use to be Our Price

  • @ChasHarps I was talking to the singer of one of the bands who played that night a year back. He said it was terrifying they thought the pub would go up in smoke.

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