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Quite possibly the last known pictures of Loakes Park.

As a couple of weeks later, the bulldozers went in and demolished the hospital end and laid
a car park on the old girl.
Taken from the wonderful Wanderers archive site.



  • I loved that slope that caught out a lot of teams(can we not build it into Ap), and standing at the back of the metal covered stand and banging the back wall,all that back in 1956! where has the time gone.

  • As much as we have a great stadium at AP, LP will always IMO be the spiritual home of WWFC even now its covered with flats and tarmac. Wouldnt it be a great idea for WDC to go a little way of redeeming itself by erecting a blue plaque to let future generations know of what once stood here and the significance in High Wycombe's history.

  • Agreed plaque needed to remind the town that the team have been at the heart of the community for over 120 years. Used to love changing ends at half time (still possible in the Beachdean and family stands)!

  • Actually felt a little choked up seeing some of those photos, particularly the bottom turnstile and club shop - always remember that buzz of real excitement walking in there and up to the gas end terrace. Panda Pops at half time and a walk behind the stand to change ends.

  • Perhaps a campaign or petition is in order to have a blue plaque put up? I long ago left the town so would have no idea who to approach

  • Mrs W was a nurse at the General back in the day. Apparently the ward overlooking Loakes Park was most popular on matchdays.

  • Those photos took me back to happier times in the 70's and 80's, i loved Loakes Park as it had character with the programme shop and tea hut and the famous slope.

  • Yes, there was always a row of faces watching the football through the windows Being a patient in men's surgical had to have some compensations..

  • No chance that WDC will fund any sort of plaque, except one at Adams Park in Yellow and Black.

  • @wingnut I'll never forget standing down the side and looking up to my left and seeing my dad, in a wheelchair in the hospital watching the game

  • Back to the point in hand, I'd be appalled if WDC claimed any reflected glory from a club in whose way they stood time and time again.

    One of the all time sickening sights was various council luminaries at the Town Hall trying to join in the FA Trophy celebrations. Thankfully the thousands of Wycombe fans gathered let then know exactly what they thought of them

  • They did stand in the way of the Booker plans though

  • Eventually. Don't forget the horror show that was Lesley Clarke, recipient of the famous framed photo of Steve Hayes

  • I was back in town for the weekend & couldn't help but wander up the lane to the main entrance on Saturday morning. At least the old green iron fence is still there.

  • M3GM3G
    edited April 2016

    Possibly the best pictures I have seen of the vacant & disused Loakes Park, I cant help but feel massive waves of nostalgia and like others the memories flood back like it was yesterday, so many happy times from friendships to great games to players to big crowds to snow covered pitches & hot dogs smells and great characters.

  • A story of my life from 1954 through to the day they closed the gates for good. Oh those lovely loo's at the back of the gasworks terrace, mmm, the wonderful fragrant bouquet as you approached.
    Not forgetting the tea/snack bar with the extensive range of crusty rolls, cheese or ham.
    All served by big Alan sporting finger nails with enough dirt to plant spuds. Aye, different and nostalgic days indeed.

  • Yes I remember the crusty rolls, with the thinest ham in the known universe.

  • i was to young to remember loakes park i was 5 when it shut in 89 90 apart from the fence what else is left anything

  • I remember the warm up/training pitch at the top and my amazement at seeing Colchester United warming up on the pitch before the famous cup match. Today I have no idea if I was just always arriving at the ground right on kick off or if this was as unique as it felt at the time.

  • @trevor Apart from that fence, the Loakes Park gates at AP, and some memorabilia in the club in and around the boardroom, sadly practically nothing.

  • I have a sign that says 'All Pay' - its wooden on a green background with yellow/gold writing. Also a couple of turnstile plaques and turnstile counters

  • That site is the gift that keeps on giving. Almost endless reminiscing material for those who were there, and a great opportunity to learn about our club's proud history. The dedicated band of supporters who put it together can't be thanked enough.

  • ReadingMarginalista i didn't know that fence was the same one from back then

  • I think the sign up the lane on the left through the fence still has No Barking. It still makes me chuckle.

  • Oh, yes - a semi-circle of black paint added to the P. Didn't know that had survived!

  • What about the tune played when coming on to the pitch.allways a good start to a game.

  • I have an original poster from the last game at loakes park, vs Martin on wild international community and the shirt worn by Martin blacker. Does anyone know where I can get a programme form the last game?

  • O'Neill ** not on wild, bloody phone.

  • brittanywanderer. I remember Fool on the hill when John Delaney was captain and I will never forget Spizz Energy - Where,s Captain Kirk.

  • Reading Marginalista. Spot on chap. The patience required in gathering and scanning all the cuttings is an immense piece of work. A large amount was done by a teenage Wycombe fan. Bloody youth of today eh!

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