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Football managers.

what is the official. role of a football manager.


  • What a strange post.

    In association football, a manager is responsible for running a football club or a national team. The manager may also serve as the head coach of the team.
    The manager of a professional club is responsible directly to the club chairman.

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    Be nice or it might go all Terminator on us.

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  • Harry Redknapp and Terry Venables roles were a little more complex than that, allegedly !!

  • I wonder how long before it turns racist.

  • edited March 2016

    A manager is not necessarily "directly" responsible to the Chairman. Some clubs have an intermediary Director of Football to whom the manager reports to. Watford for instance have a Head Coach who reports to a Sporting Director who in turn reports to the Chief Executive. I am sure there are other st ructural models within the Leagues.

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  • @bill_stickers
    March 29
    Well it has comprehensively failed the Turing test.

    I would have thought it passed, as no AI attempting to pass itself off as a human would write with such mangled punctuation.

  • Thank you Mooneyman for your reply much better than the rest of the dross from people who would rather take the piss than give intelligent answers!.

  • I don't think anyone quite understands the question, or at least the intent behind the question. That is why the answers have not always been sensible.

    If you want a definition of a word, Google or a dictionary is probably better than this forum.

  • Surely the point is there is no 'official role'. It's varies so much from club to club and manager to manager. I never thought for one minute it was a serious question so sorry brittanywanderer

  • The only thing we can be sure of is if a Director of Football is appointed...the manager is ****ed!

  • Having looked over my question about football managers role in a club I think I could have put it better so I apologise for my rant. I will also let it be known I do enjoy banter and humour,and I am not a miserable old sod.?

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