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Match day thread: Notts County



  • anyone know if this will be on 3cr?

  • Anyone know if it's on (this photo from about 1230)

    Ground staff working hard on the pitch #notts

  • BBC Nottingham say the water is draining away so it's looking better.

  • Max & Gosie in for Woody & Luke.

  • From the Chairboys twitter, liking the team selection. 3points please and 2 or more goals than them, then you can play keepies @ the corner flag ok. It's the law.

  • A bit worried about losing Luke's energy and pace in midfield. Time to step up to the plate, Max!

  • County fans in the pub make some misery posters on here seem positively giddy. General consensus is praying for a 0-0.

  • Neil Mellor in soccer Saturday - Wycombe have absolutely nothing up front

  • @TheAndyGrahamFanClub said:
    Neil Mellor in soccer Saturday - Wycombe have absolutely nothing up front

    He's not wrong. 1st half awful. 2nd a good deal better but no threat.

  • Blame strikers or blame lack of creation? Strange not to see Sellers start as his cameo was a highlight in Friday.

  • Well there was nothing in the first half. Midfield trio utterly anonymous. But second half, they got on the ball a bit more and things started to happen. Sadly Ugwu was on the end of most of it so they may as well not have bothered.

    By the time Liburd & Sellers got on, County had picked up a bit and they only had hoofed punts to feed on.

    I suspect the 2nd half was pretty shite but compared with the 1st, it seemed quite exciting.

  • Allsop man of the match? And Anthony, if the keeper don't call, its your ball! Still, we are unbeaten in five, well positioned with seven to go and can only improve in the scoring department. Strikers on consignment for next season perhaps. Nice quote from GA post Stevenage,
    "The lads executed the plan well and I am really pleased to get a win. We just want to convert a few more chances for the fans if anyone, because three points is three points to me.”

    Unfortunately, without scoring, three points are impossible. Although it sounds like their keeper almost gave us one to prove me wrong.

    Maybe we could start putting half our winnings from the 'less than two goals' section in a pot for the first player/s to score two in a match!

    Then again, mission 61 accomplished, were still in it at the sharp end and any playoff party is just for shits and giggles. And a chance at promotion and extra income.

    Life is good for the barmy army. Waiting for the floodgates that will give us four nil v York. Small matter of the real Dons first. Roll on Saturday.

    Happy Easter all.

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    Ugwu absolute donkey, ran around for 60 mins and did absolutely nothing, anybody who calls his name really doesn't have a scooby doo.

  • have to agree with @arnos_grove

  • Listening on the commentary, it got to half time and I had to look up who three of our players were as I couldn't remember hearing them mentioned. Turned out Hayes, Ugwu and Kretschmar were on the pitch. Honourable mention to Sellars in the second whose name only came up when the ball hit him and went out.

  • Always enjoy hearing the comments of those who listen in to games on the radio. 606 and Talksport wouldn't exist without them.

    Personally I enjoyed the Twitter feed from yesterday where they decribed one player trying to kick the ball out for an injured player and failing. Hope that came over well on the radio.

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    When you consider the standard of entertainment on offer (especially in that first half), you do question spending the equivalent of at least 7 pints in a nice pub.

  • I hope Ugwu is released at the end of the season, Liburd is huge but has no idea how to use his body which is a shame as he looks to have a nice touch and certainly can get about the pitch well.

  • School holidays. Baton down the hatches.

  • @Right_in_the_Middle Occasionally there are passages of play that can beautifully sum up an entire game. Loach kicking for touch and missing was a great example of this.

    Yesterday was never going to be a game for the purist. Heavy pitch, very windy and WW light in midfield. Definitely a point gained.

  • Follows on nicely from the Mansfield left back trying to chip it down the line on Friday and kicking it it of the stadium

  • "out" of the stadium

  • @bluntphil When was the last Wycombe game for the purist? The current formula being used to grind out results looks pretty good on the league table but is incredibly hard work to watch at times. I don't envy you having to comment live on matches at the moment. It would be a very different story if they ever invented Wycombe Wanderers Gogglebox from the stands.

  • I agree it was a point gained yesterday with O Nien missing which had he played would have been enough for us to get all 3. I must say thought McGinn was excellent in the holding role and didn't wast possession too many times.

  • Agreed, McGinn looked good.

  • Good comments @rmjlondon.
    I always enjoy @bluntphil's commentaries and like @arnos_grove I did wonder if Stephen McGinn was playing during the first half so it is good to hear from several people that, in the second half at least, he played well.

    I wasn't sure who the co-commentator was but I thought he was excellent.

    Amongst other highlights I particularly enjoyed Phil's remark about Jerrel Sellar's shirt being made for a larger man and the risk that he might take off in the strong wind.

    A fair result on the face of it and a valuable point. Quite an achievement with 6 midfielders unavailable (if we include Paris and Danny). I still cling to the outrageous hope that our wonderful medical team may get Paris fit in time for the playoffs!!

  • Agreed again. McGin had a really good 2nd half. Got stuck in too (for a cultured player).

  • I didn't think the pitch was even that bad, I think the problem was it was very hard on top and the water wouldn't go through it not that it was waterlogged. It didn't cut up at all apart from the goalmouths.

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