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Match day thread: Cambridge



  • Greetings

    Commentary of this evenings game will be live on BBC Three Counties DAB & on 104.5FM (DAB the better signal out of the two for those in Wycombe). It will also be on Chairboys Player as normal...


  • Can anyone remember the last time we came from behind to win a game?

  • We certainly haven't this season. So can only presume we did at some stage last season?

  • The club evidently dont want to go up, we have NO goal scorers and GA not bothered about addressing that.

  • Looking at the starting line-ups in tonight's game, Wycombe only had four players who started the reverse fixture this season back in September: Harriman, Jacobson, McGinn, O'Nien. Cambridge only had three of the same starting line up, so maybe this is quite normal. With Wycombe's apparently small squad, however, that seems like a big turnover of personnel.

  • I look forward to hearing the reports from those who went, not least to find out what they thought of Bloomfield. The commentary failed to dwell on much of his performance. I don't understand why he's playing on the right of midfield, losing the attacking threat of Harriman and forcing Jombati onto the bench. Yes, we might be playing a narrower midfield diamond at the moment but if Wood is allowed to play on the left of that, Harriman should be playing on the right.

    Time we brought Rowe back too if half the Barrow matches are being postponed. With the injuries we've got he deserves his chance.

  • Is it futile to hope that when Pierre gets his fitness back we'll play with three centre backs with Harriman and Jacobson pushed further forward to supply the attacking threat?

  • @Wwfc2015_ GA is hardly "not bothered" about addressing our lack of goals.

    He said in the post-Rovers game interview for Chairboys Player that he's still looking in the transfer market, but ultimately it will come down to cost and we can't afford to splash the cash on a big name striker.

    I'm sure GA would love promotion as much as anyone, as a recognition of his achievements and a notch on his CV.

  • No matter how much Bluntphil tried, he couldn't dress that game up. Sounded dire!
    @Wwfc2015_ Are you sure with that post? Do you honestly believe the Ainsworth doesn't care? If you do, then you need to take a good look in the world of reality. The club have NO money for any more loan players. We were forced into a loan for Allsop after the injury to Lynch, hence no back up keeper save for the oap Richardson. GA took a gamble on PCH, sadly it backfired. As I understand it, we are left paying his wages until the end of the season. So thats it, unless of course another club wants to loan us a forward, that we hope will stick 10 in the onion bag, for diddly squat? If that forward was capable of that then that scenario isn't going to happen.
    We as supporters are going to have to be realistic. We are relying on a solid defence and hope that one of the forwards can score once in a while or a midfielder. The rest of the season is going to be very baron on the goals going in either end. I wouldn't mind a friendly bet that we are not going to see more than one goal in 9 of the 13 remaining games. Unless of course Vardy fancies dropping down the league's for the rest of the season for charity?

  • I'm not sure we'd get Vardy but is it beyond the realms of possibility that we could get a Trotta? There must be a keen 18yo somewhere who's had a great season so far in a top team's development squad and is ready to be blooded in a lower league first team, with the costs getting met by the patent club. In McCarthy and Allsop we're showing how much value can be added by sending a promising talent to Wycombe. There must be a few more Marcus Rashfords out there at clubs slightly less injury-hit than Manchester United...

  • Without a Saunders or scowen to get the ball down in midfield, the combined decline in form of Hayes and Wood, loss of Aah and without Mawson bringing the ball out of defence, we look well short of last season in terms of attacking threat. That is saying something as we were never exactly free scoring.

    Judging by our approach to games right now I'd say we are playing to keep a clean sheet and try and pinch wins and draws. If we get 7-8 more wins by the end of the season we will probably sneak play offs and that approach will be justified.

    It would be great if we could find a way to play more expansively but I fear we'd probably lose the majority as we'd simply be out scored.

  • A game best forgotten tonight. Defenders who couldn't bring the ball out, midfielders who didn't show for the ball and strikers who couldn't win a long ball. Not a great combination.

    Added to this Jacobson's usually impeccable delivery from set pieces completely deserted him so pretty much all corners and free kicks failed to beat the first man or floated harmlessly to their keeper.

    Cambridge were also shit. It was a nil-nil game all night long but we rather helpfully scored a goal for them.

  • I went along to the game with three people who don't normally go to games,my other half and my daughter and her partner who now live In Cambridge.I was ashamed and embassed by our inept display.Losing is one thing but the standard of football was appalling.Ninety minutes of mindless hoofball and head tennis.A game on the Rye on a Sunday would have more thought and skill.Terrible.

  • As I work Cambridge and have few frenemies at my work place, we thought the game was dire.

  • Worst game in a long time. Looked clueless

  • Matt Bloomfield's dive as well was pathetic and embarrassing. I wish he'd been booked for it. He deserved to be

  • @eric_plant said:
    Matt Bloomfield's dive as well was pathetic and embarrassing. I wish he'd been booked for it. He deserved to be

    Not good to hear. Is it me or have a few of our players gone to ground recently clutching heads/faces when no such contact at all has been made?

    Clock/game pace management I can live with - not pretty but can be done within the rules. Diving is just cheating and not what I want to see.

  • Embarassing last night. As now even when we get poleaxed the ref didnt give us anything

  • When you look at the table there's only about 3 teams who have conceded less than us but only about 3 who have scored less,all in the bottom third.I take the point about where we were 2 years ago but some of the football this season has been dire.From the keeper onwards long ball most of the time to front players who can't hold the ball.Of course it's about results but people are paying good money to watch and surely deserve better regardless of the result.every week it's now one nil either way .This type of football will drive people away.

  • edited March 2016

    This is very true @Mr67. A priority for the club is obviously reducing/paying off all debts and living within our means, but if the football we play is so unattractive - which it has been for much of the season - crowds will shrink again and so, inevitably, we'll have to cut costs once more - a downward spiral with only one inevitable conclusion.

    The `we haven't got any money' argument holds water for the most part but I can't believe our budget is so much lower than many of clubs in this division, and quite possibly we are over-achieving with what we have to spend, but even with our reduced means we know we can play decent football and not the horrendous style we too often resort to - particularly once we go one down. When you play your most creative player out of position, you're unlikely to score. In the modern age if you hoof the ball long to forwards with little pace, you're not going to score. We haven't come back from being a goal down to win on a single occasion this season and that, surely, is unacceptable - it suggests an inability or unwillingness to play anything other than Plan A. We're being found out time after time (see how many opposition managers mention how they adapt to counter our style and very often succeed). I have to admit I really don't enjoy our now seemingly cemented in stone reputation for being overly physical, game managing and generally falling over whenever physical contact I made. I can maybe live with it if it's working and we're winning, but increasingly we're not.

    I don't want to come across as all pessimistic or even particularly critical of Gaz, who I truly believe has worked something close to a miracle since we nearly went down, but it's increasingly striking me that, with a few exceptions, and often regardless of the result, I'm just not enjoying watching Wycombe this season.

  • Me neither,am seriously considering wether to have a season ticket next time.

  • I just don't see what we are working towards. What is the hope and goal we are working to? We are really risking the downward spiral described above as even I'm struggling to get enthusiasm for the current style despite watching for far too many years.

    On a more micro note has anyone got a decent explanation why Jombatti sits on the bench whilst our best attacking option fills in at right back?

  • edited March 2016

    We seriously need to find a formation/system/loanee that poses more of an attacking threat than we've seen so far in 2016.

    The current style is worse than the days of Peter Taylor and if we go a goal down we're stuffed.

    If our games continue to be as devoid of entertainment as last night's (and a lot of them have been recently) the momentum and goodwill the club gained from Torquay and last season will quickly evaporate.

    At the moment this squad is a ship spoiled for a hap'orth of tar, and the fans know it.

  • I was thinking of Peter Taylor's management as I wrote that - surely the least enjoyable promotion campaign ever.

  • Last year Jombati and to a lesser extent Jacobson were getting forward a lot almost wing backs none of that this year?i Its no good having a five year plan or whatever (didn't the old USSR have those?) if we all die bored half way through!

  • It's bizarre to me that Sido remains on the bench. Also that Rowe has been shipped out to Barrow.

    Sido is a defender who can bring the ball out, and Rowe can play as a midfielder who is composed on the ball. Neither of which we had last night. None of our midfielders even wanted the ball (except McGinn, who at least came short a few times, not that he ever got it).

  • Well well alot of dissatisfied Chairboys, I'm very surprised it's taken this long to finally sink in we are playing a boring brand of football. It's 99% hoofball the fact we are up the top of the table, masks our true short givings. A lot of fans would respond back but it's working, Yes but will friends and family you bring along want to come back?

    We are no way going to be relegated at this stage of season with our points tally so why not try for gods sake something different, hit the wings, get past the last full back and cross it in for a change let JJ and Sido loose and get them running at defenders, anything than hoof and hit the deck for a free kick which seems to be our aims these days.

  • Because we've still got a decent chance of promotion playing the way we are at present.

  • I couldn't go last night due to coaching commitments, Fit2drop offspring drove up to Cambridge. After a long discussion a few key points seem to come up again and again. To many players are desperate to get rid of the ball and avoid receiving the ball.
    And finally what is it with the crowd wanting Ugwu on the pitch at 30 minutes. I have yet to see anything that indicates he is an answer to our goal scoring problem.

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