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Aaron Amadi-Holloway's Oldham Debut

I see that Aaron came on in the 41st minute of Oldham's game at Wigan in place of a central defender. Possibly a one-off but maybe John Sheridan signed him on loan with a view to playing him in that position. He started his professional career as a defender. Interesting.

If @ticktock is reading this, I can respond to his parting shot about our own match without Garry Thompson and Aaron being "interesting" by saying that we did very well, thank you, and didn't even require a contribution from the steadily improving Gozie Ugwu.



  • Maybe centre back is a better position for Holloway. Certainly easier to react rather than make the pace. I wish him all the best and hope he makes a success of it.
    Oldham is a cold ground to stand around uninterested in.

  • Whilst he came on for a centre back he didn't actually play centre back. They shuffled their team and he played up front - said so on their Twitter page during live commentary when he came on.

  • edited February 2016

    Hi Guys, AAH a foward replaced a Gerrard a defender in the 41st minute. @micra, Sheridan decided to take the injured defender off and substitute for a forward as Oldham needs points big time. AAH did not play as Centre Half as Sheridan switched from a 4/4/2 to a 3/5/2 when Gerrard came off.

    Hope this clears it up.

    Let me know if you want info on Banton's progression at Notts County ?

  • They came, this season they didn't fit the minimum style requirements (100% effort, a style which has taken the club to 4th in the league) they left.

    Wish them both well, hopefully give them a small clap if ever paths should cross again, but they are both history now.

  • AAH isn't history, he's only on loan at Oldham. While I don't expect him to play for Wycombe again we should be due some compensation when he signs for another team in the summer.

  • Even though his contract will have expired?
    Thanks @Brownie and @Ciderk1d.

  • @DevC - thanks for your succinct if unrelated post!

  • Chris
    Given that he was a bit player at a fourth division club, very unlikely that he would attract any material compensation either by club to club negotiation or in a tribunal.
    Possible I suppose we may be able to retain some small sell-on percentage.
    For me time to wish him well and worry about our players. Your choice though.

  • I think it depends on how he gets on at Oldham. If he plays regularly and scores a few we might get a few thousand for him. Hard to say what's material - it might get us a loan player for next season.

  • Aaron was an enigma and I think @DevC that, unlike you (naturally enough given your limited involvement nowadays), a lot of us are genuinely intrigued to see whether Aaron can make a fist of it. Hence our continuing interest.

  • Dead right @micra . I saw alot of good in Aaron Holloway and I'm really intrigued to see how to works in another system with another manager. Not sure any conclusions will be drawn from it but it will be interesting to see.
    Is Wycombe a strikers graveyard?

  • I have no issue with those interested in holloway's future. I , like I presume they, wish him well. I do have an issue if any future success is then used as a stick to beat WWFC or its manager.

    Football and life in general are littered with examples where it is best for all concerned for an employee to move on. If he succeeds in his new environment , good on him, that does not necessarily mean that his previous employer treated him badly. Maybe he just needs to start again somewhere.

    I don't really know what you mean by a strikers graveyard, Righty, looking at recent attacking players who have moved on, Morgan has had his issues everywhere he has been, Banton had attitude issues at Plymouth and was sent home early for the same reason by Hartlepool, Ephraim came to us unsure he wanted to carry on as a pro and now appears to have decided he doesn't want to, McClure hasn't quite made the grade (possibly injury related), Craig went back home and PCH got an injury on his debut. I wouldn't assign blame for any of those on WWFC or its manager, if that was what you are insinuating.

  • And despitevhis penalty miss in the cup match last week Lee Angol has done quite well

  • Not really fussed whether you understand or not @DevC . My guess is you are being as antagonistic as usual but that's the way it is I suppose.

  • Indeed, Righty. @mooneyman "quite well" ? He's done brilliantly, scoring goals in League 1. Can't recall who let him go but I'm fairly sure it wasn't GA. Whoever it was, rest assured @DevC that I'm not planning to beat them with a stick.

  • I refer to Lee Angol, of course. I don't have stats for his goals or his assists but he laid the ball on a plate for Peterborough's goal against WBA last week.

  • I thought it was GA that released Angol.

  • As far as I can see, Angol was signed by Waddock but inherited by Ainsworth a couple of months later when Ainsworth was appointed manager. He didnt really figure in that season and it was something of a surprise when he has offered another year contract that summer. Didn't do much in season two either and unsurprisingly left at the end of that season.

    Every club has a few such players who are unsurprisingly released and then surprise most by popping up again, Anya being the most surprising of all perhaps. Anthony Jeffrey may become another one.

    I think Righty's rather bizarre post above is best ignored.

  • Lee is still only 21; he is now 4 or 5 inches taller (6'2") than when he left here and has developed physically. Unless there were some kind of reservations about his character/attitude I think he qualifies to be regarded as one we missed.

  • A risk heightened by running a lean squad with no developmental system or reserve team.
    Mind you we let a few through the net before the youth set up was dispatched to the bin.

  • Wycombe Wanderers have given alot of players opportunites to progress their careers further. Which is a testiment to the Club and all those involved.

    May not be a big Club with big pokets but have a big heart and treamendous fanbase.

  • Has Angol really grown 5 inches in the last 18 months? Micra. If so rather remarkable.

    Every club has a long list of players formerly on their books who were released and surprisingly went on to do well.

    Would you have offered Lee Angol a contract at the end of 2012/3? Few expected it at the time.
    Would you have offered him a contract at the end of 2013/4? Even fewer were surprised when he left then.
    What about Jeffrey - reasonably likely to be back in the league next season
    Or Anya in 2007 - who would have thought he would go on to play in the premier.

  • @DevC I very much doubt that Anthony Jeffrey will ever be added to the "one that got away" pile. As far as I'm aware he's on loan at Boreham Wood, and has managed to score one goal since we released him 2.5 years ago? If Forest Green were to get promoted I think it'd only become less likely that he'll survive the summer transfer window...

  • Forest Green signed him two weeks ago. They presumably like what they see.

  • I may not have offered Angol a contact but he had way more potential than Morais who did get a new contract, but then Junior did sweat a lot and Gaz just loves that in a player.

  • I have my doubts over whether Anthony Jeffrey is going to be a successful league player. But yes, all clubs will have players that they release who then turn out to be good. It's just life. And if they had stayed then they might not have turned out to be good anyway.

  • I like a player who sweats a lot too. Feels to me the basic minimum any footballer should offer. GA insistence that to get into his team, that is the minimum requirement is a major part of the clubs over-performance over the last two seasons.

  • Deb - 5'10" Wikipedia; 6'2" now. I think I said 4 or 5 inches. More than that I can't be arsed.

  • I note that Oldham have signed another forward today. I wonder if AAH knew he wasn't the only forward coming in when he signed up for the loan? I guess he'll have to fight a bit harder for a place in the starting line-up than he may have first thought. Interesting to see how he gets on if still not automatically first choice.

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