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Old Boys X1 v Loanees X1

I have had a long train journey today. After the rather attractive brunette in the seats on the opposite side of the carriage got off at Taunton (she may live there, she may just have tied of me ogling her shapely long legs) I didn't have much to do on the painfully slow crawl through Devon. So I set myself the task of coming up with two teams to play an imaginary match tomorrow - old owned boys X1 against ex-loanees X1 - based on current standard (ignoring injuries) and excluding players currently on WWFC books.

Two teams I came up with are
Owned: Ingram; Martin, Williamson, Hause, Anya; Phillips ,Scowen, Mousinho, Ibe; Beavon Easter Subs: Dunne, Harris, Harrold, Murphy, Grant. Narrow missouts McClure, Craig, Angol
Loanees: Heaton; Herd, Mawson, Taylor, Golbourne: Yennaris, Saunders, Pack, Fred; Trotta Revell Subs Fileding, Akinde, Craig (tony), Knott, Reid (Reuben)

Q1 have I missed anyone
Q2 who would win. Owned possibly slightly stronger although weak upfront.
Q3 Anyone have a phone number for the brunette



  • I think Revell was a (short term) contracted player rather than a loanee, wasn't he?

    Tyson deserves a place in the owned old boys side, or certainly a spot on the bench. As might Morgan.

    Looks pretty close, but owned to edge it.

  • Jesus wept. Those opening two sentences genuinely turned my stomach. How fucking creepy

  • Sean devine has to be in there quality striker.....creep

  • "Ogling her shapely long legs" did you get on this train in 1972

  • Such a creepy horrible post. Unfortunately I've read it now and before breakfast too. Horrible 1970's attitude that must have been close to being removed from this board.
    Took the shine if the rest of the post which might have been interesting in the close season but is so far from my current mood that it must have been written by someone detatched from the last week at the club.

  • gosh what a humourless bunch. Yes there was am attractive girl on the packed train and yes like I suspect every other male I did take a sneaky glance. No I didn't really sit there with my tongue on the floor or in any way invade her space.. That was dramatic license. Jeez.

    Not sure about Revell. Would certainly strengthen the old boys team. Perhaps the most surprising career trajectory post WWFC. Tyson would have been in the team a couple of years previously but must be coming towards the end now. Morgan naah. Devine fails for the same reason as Guppy, Swain, Busby and Dublin.

    I do apologise Righty for the timing. Plainly a period of mourning is appropriate. After all we ran a premiership club close in front of 4000+ travelling chairboys, saw "one of our own" advance hopefully towards great things and shock horror lost a game of football. Hope the Samaritans have drafted in extra staff.

    Should I get on the train in 1972, at times it felt like it.

  • edited January 2016

    DevC, I think you need to see a doctor... you weirdo.

  • The PC brigade are out in full force today. Fuck me.

  • I'm no member of the PC brigade it just struck me as something Leslie Phillips would say in an episode of "oh matron " or some such.

  • Exactly as it was intended I think.

  • Dev's pervy reference was somewhat incongruous and completely unnecessary. Inner thoughts, Dev.

  • I agree that it was a little creepy and could have done without it.

    I've looked into the Revell deal and it was indeed a loan. He was released by Southend and we tried to sign him but he would have played for too many clubs in one season, so Southend re-signed him and loaned him to us instead.

  • I think a lot of you have gone somewhat over the top regarding Dev's fantasies. However, I must admit that personally I would not want to be associated with this type of character.

  • One of the great glories of British culture is that we laugh at stuff - usually in a self-deprecating and exaggerated way. See any group of Brits talking and they will be laughing. Our regular speech patterns are to sandwich serious comments with small jokes on either side. Its quite different speech patterns to most of Europe who will tend to skip the humour and make the same serious points in a more humourless way. I hope we don't lose that as a society.

    There are limits of course - humour should never be threatening or cruel to the "butt" of the jokes - so I don't find Frankie Boyle's jokes about Amy Winehouse's drug addiction or Kerry Katona's depression funny - nor would it be acceptable for a group of men to make loud sexual jokes about a sole female on a train. Buy generally not taking ourselves too seriously is a good thing I feel.

    Take this "event". Bored old fart sitting on a fairly crowded train. Attractive young girl gets on and sits opposite him. Like most men, the old fart admires her looks and briefly tells himself that with a couple of quick one-liners, she would be his. And then he laughs at himself broadly on the basis that
    1) he was happily married and in the unlikely event she was interested, he would run a mile
    2) an attractive young 25year old was fairly unlikely to be interested in a 50 something overweight balding guy chat up lines.
    3) frankly this particular 50 something overwight balding guys chat up lines were so weak that they weren't always that successful when he was a 20 something skinning fullhaired Adonis.

    So he laughed at himself, looked away and that's the end of the story.

    Guys it was clearly intended as a self deprecating joke. You may not have found it funny - that is your right and arguably justifiable - but to take it seriously - I hope that's not what our society becomes.

  • I'm just amazed that the pc brigade haven't got a better cause to stick up for. FFS, some of you need to get a life. What bloke wouldn't admire an attractive blonde with great pins sat opposite him? Unless of course that particular man has preferences towards other men. I'm sure that the girl wasn't offended nor felt threatened in any way as @DevC hasn't penned his thoughts from a cell. I bet every heterosexual bloke on here would have been locked up for life if the "thought police" we're on patrol every time a good looking female was out in public.
    Why can't you just take the original post for what it was, a bit of light humour, instead of spinning it to something it clearly isn't?

  • This thread has brightened up an otherwise dull Sunday! seeing the overbearing pompous twit that is DevC squirming, marvellous scenes.
    Put him on the sex offenders register!

  • And it goes on.

    I've no problem at all with your train journey and your thought process. What has annoyed me is your laddish insistence on posting those thoughts on a public forum. It sounded very creepy indeed. In my experience this type of chat only works in a friends environment where trust is established and context is built on years of friendship.

    Looking forward to the next train journey story and I hole to hear about the strapping young man who sits opposite.

  • Hopefully you are not considering being the strapping young man sitting opposite Dev on his next excursion!

  • @ I suggest you change your name to DevP

    Maybe Drcongo can introduce a fiend button, so we can quickly ignore posters
    who relive there creepy fantasies on here.

  • Anyone bar Dev C, and no one would have done anything more than chuckle at the opening lines!

  • I'm surprised most of you dry lunches have ever managed to stand on a football terrace for the full 90 mins before, if Dev's comment has your stomach churning so much.

  • Holding someone to account for some casual misogyny isn't a matter of political correctness, it's a matter of human decency. I suspect @bill_stickers, that you don't have daughters.

  • Except, as Dev has clearly said too, it was self deprecating... he was clearly trying to display himself as a misogynist for comic effect!!!

  • Ooooh I see, like Bernard Manning?

  • Or in his defence Swiss Tony from the Fast show

  • Like Jim Davidson is only racist for comic effect.

  • 'Ello 'ello 'ello, what's all this then?

  • Bernard Manning and Jim Davidson were sexist/racist comics whereas Swiss Tony and the Pub landlord although they say ostensibly the same things aren't

  • Dev's post displayed all the subtlety of a Chubby Brown stand up routine, and came across very creepily.

    If it genuinely was an attempt at self deprecating humour then I would suggest that it is his last, as it was completely inept

  • @eric_plant said:
    Dev's post displayed all the subtlety of a Chubby Brown stand up routine, and came across very creepily.

    If it genuinely was an attempt at self deprecating humour then I would suggest that it is his last, as it was completely inept

    Agreed humour doesn't always translate well

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