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Ingram appeal

If we appeal and are unsuccessful is the penalty increased?



  • From looking at the Channel 5 coverage it is difficult to come to a clear-cut conclusion from only one camera angle.However after looking at it several times I would raise several points for discussion.Firsly,was the Morcambe player held back by the chasing outfield player,can't see who it was.? If so on appeal could that player get a red as well as or instead of Ingram? The Morecambe player certainly seems to be stumbling before he got to Ingram .Secondly did Ingram make contact.? Not clear but I would say probably.Thirdly was a goal,scoring opertunity? I would say definitely.

  • if Andy Davies had seen O'Nien pull his shirt he would certainly have showed him a second yellow card and it would probably be him who is out of the game with no way of appealing.

  • Spot on @richmayes999 and some might argue that that would be a greater loss. As I've said elsewhere I have complete confidence in Alex Lynch.

  • yes I would agree, the way he performed against Leeds was excellent yes only a friendly but he made some super saves. I can only imagine a midfield of McGinn and Bloomfield against Premier League opposition however poor they would be mullered

  • Thought you were championing Udumaga. He's a central midfielder.

  • It would appear that the appeal goes ahead.
    I hope it is successful. When I saw it in real time it was a straight red and I thought the Ref got it right. Oh how I would love to be proved wrong.

  • He would be more likely to play in the number 9 role than in centre mid, not sure if GA trusts him enough.

  • Udumaga may not be allowed to play by Brentford?

  • @richmayes999 - he says he sees himself as an 8 or 10 (once called inside forwards) which nowadays is "attacking midfielder".

  • He has permission to play.

  • Hope the league don't extend the suspension on the basis of a frivolous appeal

  • Just seen on twitter that we find out the outcome of the appeal this afternoon,not that hopeful as most appeals in the lower leagues are rejected even with firm evidence the sending off was wrong,one rule for the premier league and another for everybody else.

  • @robin : Interesting view, but do you have any data to support your view? I would imagine in some cases there are simply more cameras to support an appeal. I'm not personally a fan of the appeals process simply because it isn't available to all. Imagine a non league goalkeeper had been sent off in similar circumstances. He would miss the next match with no chance of appeal, it might even be against a team whose goalkeeper had been reprieved on appeal because he was playing a match with cameras. How is that fair? One improvement would be to restrict suspensions to the competitions where the offence was commited, so all teams in the FA cup would be treated the same.

  • I can see the logic of same system for all but that's not how football or sport in general works. Club athletes don't have the access to the same timing systems as international ones. Club cricketers can't call for DRS. Having the appeal process for the obvious errors is good in my view but I think lots of appeals are much more marginal now (Like crickets DRS and the hockey review system)
    I do wonder sometimes about suspensions though. The team who is fouled against rarely gets the benefit of the suspension. It's the next team up who does and what have they done to deserve it? Not sure how to circle that argument but thought I'd mention it.

  • Its driven in many if not all cases by money. There was a time when the official's decision given in good faith would have been accepted, and by most people regarded as the 'rub of the green' Now with limited evidence that officials are corrupt and/or less competent than historically was the case, there is an unseemly clamour for appeals and increased use of technology. Part of the essence of sport is the universality of the rule/laws, this is in danger of being lost.

  • I don't think it's about corruption, I think it's about increasing the chances of getting the correct decision.

    There's clearly a balance to be found between accepting errors and maintaining the flow of the game. This will be different in different sports, depending on how important individual incidents are to the result of the game (a basket in basketball does not have the same impact as a goal in football) and whether the game naturally has breaks (like the gap between balls in cricket) where replays can be reviewed or whether the game is more naturally free flowing. Checking potential tries in rugby seems like an excellent use of technology to improve the quality of official decision making, as tries are important to the result and the review occurs during a natural break in the game.

  • Agree with most of that, though in rugby in my view it has actually led to excessive use of technology and very few decisions being taken on the field of play. Rather than empower the officials it can have the effect of making them seem uncertain and undermining them. And I think the same may be happening in cricket.

  • I have every confidence in Lynch. He rose to the occasion in plays offs and final. Lynch will be fine.

  • we haven't even had a decision from the FA yet and Lynch is already in goal for some of you.

  • @richmayes999 said:
    we haven't even had a decision from the FA yet and Lynch is already in goal for some of you.

    I sincerely hope so. I prefer Ingram ofc but I have every faith in his understudy.

  • Appeal rejected. 1 match ban

  • I always thought that a red card was a 3 match ban.

  • not for denying a clear goal scoring opportunity its not, 3 matches is for violent conduct

  • OK thanks, richmayes999.

  • So we are going into a big cup game without a keeper on the bench. Let's hope Gareth is wrapping Lynch in cotton wool this week.

  • expect a keeper on loan, we cannot risk that. glad the appeal was heard early to give gareth a chance to bring a keeper in.

  • Has GA not yet nipped into the club shop to tell the shop assistant the initials of the GK he is signing?
    Piss poor communication IMHO given that we are fan owned.............

  • fan owned means nothing, they want your money to help and just run like a normal club please smell the coffee.

  • Can't smell the coffee the BS is overpowering

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