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Match day thread: Crawley



  • Come on you BLUUUUUES!

  • Ingram, McCarthy, Jombati, Stewart, Pierre, Harriman, O'Nien, McGinn, Wood, Amadi-Holloway, Kretzschmar.
    Subs: Lynch, Rowe, Thompson, Hayes, Udumaga, Sellers, Ugwu.
    Matt Ingram captains the Chairboys for the first time in his career.

  • Where is JJ? Feel the midfield is not creative enough...little bit worried about this game...

  • Kretzschmar scores - 1-0

  • That's the secret! Give Woody man of the match and he scores!

  • I won 42.00 betting on 2-0 win, I cashed out when Sam scored instead of winning ยฃ45.00 with 5 minutes to go.

    Well done lads, Thanks Woody MOTM.

  • About 20metres away from the O'nien challenge I have never seen a worse tackle, how the Lino could not see that he jumped into the tackle at the other chaps thigh level, unbelievable but good luck for us.

  • O'Nien was high but there was no real malice in it. I think a yellow was the right call.

    Not the best performance but we did enough. I'd have given Pierre mom. A superb performance including a couple of blocks that were as good as a goal.

    Their keeper was very uncertain. I doubt he was the first choice. Shame we didn't test him more.

  • And well done Max Kretsch who linked up play well and got a deserved goal.

  • That victory was based on our two centre backs giving them nothing. MOM should have been Pierre and Stewart. I believe Pierre knocked on the Crawley team dressing room door after the match to give Lee Barnard back as he found him in his shorts pocket. :-)

  • I have to say , we have been guilty of hoofing the ball too much this season but Crawley were awful . they are dreadful to watch but we coped well . Sam Wood getting a goal was great and hopefully this will bury any psychological effects from the play off penalty miss . Really pleased for him !

  • The lad from Brentford deserved man of the match. Hope we see a lot more of him before he goes back.

  • @drcongo . The manager hinted as much on three counties radio after the game

  • Fairly average performance but the three points is what counts at the end of the day. Odumanga looked smart when he came on at the end. I say again as a qualified referee O'nien should have seen red.

  • Odumanga had a couple of very nice touches would like to see more. Any news on Hayes?

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    I liked that McGinn, Holloway and Kretch got to start today and was really hoping this was a sign we'd be playing it on the ground. We did... but not until two thirds of the match through, when we really hit our counter-attacking stride. Before then it was mostly poorly-placed long punts forward. I accept it got us our first goal but against better opposition we would surely have been punished for keeping squandering possession.

    I must say McGinn was a failed experiment - once again he simply didn't look motivated enough, kept shying away from tackles and couldn't connect a pass. In fact, he was the polar opposite of O'Nien, who bossed midfield. Perhaps that tackle towards the end was a little high and late but by golly, it was nice to see Luke run for it, commit to it, and prevent a break-away from Crawley. He also should have scored a peach of a goal towards the end.

    I really liked the Holloway and Kretch combination. If the service from the wings for the last 30 mins had been replicated for the first 60, I think we could have gone in with a famous victory rather than just a very good one.

    Finally, spare a thought for the Crawley keeper, who must currently be wondering whether a career as a professional footballer is a sensible choice. Falling over three times in the second half was bad enough; if that spilled ball had trickled in to the back of the net with Harriman bearing down on him, he'd be having nightmares about this day for the rest of his life.

  • Thanks for a great Christmas boys!!!!!

  • @aloysius the keeper really did look nervy.

    I thought Kretch was the best of the 'reserve' players brought in today. Showed some clever touches and looked up for it from minute 1. And got a goal, or course.

    Apparently the Crawley team coach did not arrive until half two. Their lack of defensive organisation in the first twenty minutes suggests they weren't particularly well prepared.

  • Crawley were very poor Imo one of the worst sides I've seen this season their keeper struggled with even the basics, how many goal kicks went straight out of play. I cant recall them posing much of an attacking threat and anything they tried the boys at the back were more than a match for .Sometimes though it's more difficult playing a team so out of form so it was a pleasing if not stunning win.

  • The Crawley defenders all clearly think they have a dodgy keeper too, they kept nicking the ball out of his hands.

  • Am I alone in thinking McGinn did alright? Nothing spectacular but some neat touches

  • @Glenactico, is 'reserve' a polite way of saying the 'benchers' who started today ?

  • did someone earlier say they'd never seen a worse challenge than O Nien's!

    Right up there with some guy on the FB group saying he'd "never seen a worse miss" than Wood's one. Which I saw as a ball flying in at pace, and him doing well to get anything on it!

    Did these people just start watching football today? Or are they heavily relying on hyperbole?

    ps and why doesn't the quote facility work? I'm on Internet Explorer

  • Overall, for all those teams we beat who label us as "average", Crawley ARE what is average in our league.
    Put them away, resting players in a low gear.

  • As an aside, I dropped my WWFC hat on the way to the match. At the end of the game whilst walking back to the town centre I found it on a wall. A big thank you to whoever put it there.

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    You can always use asterisks either side of what you're saying for italics.

    Didn't go to the game but it sounded from Player like a solid win where we didn't create that much but were clearly the better team.

    I'd be very impressed if O'Nien's tackle was worse than Jason Cousins's.

    What a wonderful Christmas we have had. I know it's one game at a time, but at this rate I'm starting to believe we can turn over Villa. They won't be used to coming up against defenders of our quality for one.

  • Great win! Three on the trot with the lads not even up to speed/playing consistently well gives the impression that lady luck is smiling on us after last season's finale. If the lad Jermaine can continue to impress and give the skipper time to recover it will be brilliant.

    @aloysius Our frailties are cause for some concern but it seems like we up our game in proportion to the quality of our opponents, so as long as we stay solid/confident and keep our shape I have no worries about playing anyone in this league, even AV on our day.

    All told, three wins in three, capacity crowd televised fixture with c-upset potential coming up is a great position to be in at new year, I dare to dream of having a promotion,enough players to field a reserve team, (even a youth team!) within this five year plan the gaffer keeps bringing up.

    Anyway, onwards and upwards.


  • @Morris_Ital said:
    Odumanga had a couple of very nice touches would like to see more. Any news on Hayes?

    Jermaine Udumaga looks a very classy attacking midfielder. In the short time he was on the pitch he delivered two perfectly weighted defence-splitting passes into the box, one of which led to Sammy Wood's goal. GA clearly rates him and has extended his loan until 2 February.

    I spoke to James Ferry, the other Brentford loanee, before the Oxford game. A very personable, level-headed lad who I believe has captained the Brentford Under 21s. He told me he picked up a knock whilst on loan but he had really enjoyed his month at Adams Park and was looking forward to coming to the Aston Villa match.

    On a separate issue (but still on the subject of youth players) I think some of the comments about Callum Preston, the Crawley 'keeper, were a little harsh. He only made his league debut a couple of months ago and only turned 20 last month.
    I thought he did well after a slightly shaky start and some misdirected goal kicks.

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