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Match day thread: Luton

edited December 2015 in Football


A few Games Postponed today, all due to waterlogged pitches

(6th) Accrington V. Carlisle (5th)

(21st) Hartlepool V. Notts Co (15th)

(17th) Morecambe V. Mansfield (8th)

(22nd) York V. Northampton (2nd)



  • Well on top. Should have got a goal. McCarthy and Harriman causing Luton problems on the right.

  • Luton are likely to have us sussed in the 2nd half. If we were to win we should've scored .

  • 2-0, just need Wimbledon to do their bit too!

  • Ainsworth has pretty much said he isn't going anywhere in the post match interview. We didn't dump him when we almost went down and he want's to repay that (not an exact quote but that's what I got out of it). Best Luton quote I've seen so far 'Never mind David James, we need David Blaine!'

  • @StrongestTeam said:
    That is a wonderful result, punching above our weight again, Merry Chrimbo all.

    Now looking forward to the bitter Luton fans telling us how we cheated and how they should really be in the Premier league. Ave another mice pie chaps.

    Mice pie, eh? Yum!

    Luton were dross. I cannot recall Ingram making a save. They threatened once or twice in the final ten minutes but that was about it. We looked up for it from kick off and a 2-0 win was no more than we deserved.

  • @StrongestTeam said:
    That is a wonderful result, punching above our weight again, Merry Chrimbo all.

    Now looking forward to the bitter Luton fans telling us how we cheated and how they should really be in the Premier league. Ave another mice pie chaps.

    I've read a few comments from LTFC fans so far and their general conclusion seems to be more along the lines of them being somewhat gash at the moment.

  • All I can say is Luton we're s.... ! Should of been at least 4.0.

  • Funnily enough some of their fans on twitter seem to think that the fact GA applauded their fans at the end of the game is a hint that he may be heading their way. One simple question, but why on earth would he?

  • Bubble and squeak for me

  • Ainsworth wants to be the next manager of Luton Town FC according to some of their supporters. "Of course he'd take it" one chap says.

  • Looks like a done deal according to half those contributors? I would simply be amazed if he did. Doesn't strike me as a man who would choose that strategy when he has such a good working relationship with his employer. The only situation I can see a change would if we kept cutting his budget until it became an "impossible" task?

  • I can't seem him going to Luton when bigger and better things are bound to come up in the future.

  • That was the worst pile of opposition crap I have ever witness. I have seen a fair few Confe3 rence sides in my time too. We even out sang them in their manor. "Only two of you singing" was bang on.

    Anyway found my car eventually and a great 3 points.

  • There's more chance of us being voted as having the most gorgeous fans than Ainsworth going near Luton! Just why.

    Got it spot on today, right on it from the off.

    Thought he might have made full use of subs, and earlier, with the next game on Monday. McGinn only came on gone 90mins.

    Harriman and McCarthy very good. It it was a normal week, Jombati might sweat on getting back in for a while, but with a game 48hours away I'd imagine we'll make a couple of changes, probably Holloway starting too.

    Certainly in a better position squad wise than this time last year, as I remember getting to Shrewsbury and seeing no Hayes or Wood and only 3 outfield subs!

  • If we continue to punch above our weight he will get a decent offer to manage or lg 1 or the Championship in the not too distant future. I can't see why he'd want to go to another league two club. He's also unlikely to get the kind of job security he has at Wycombe - I think he still has 4 years on his contract? For a relatively young manager that must have some value.

  • What do you think our "weight" is out of interest ?

  • Actually the rumour mill has David James as the favourite to take over - not that this Murdoch shite should be considered as a credible source but James was apparently there today:

  • Yes he would get a massive wage increase and a huge wage budget for this division. However he would get a shithole of a ground and around 30 crap players he would need to get rid of.

  • Lower mid table? I'd always see Wycombe as higher end of League 2 fare.

    I think we're a little too conditioned to think we have the lowest budget in the league, when clearly there's plenty of teams who probably are a fair chunk lower. Some barely get 1,000 gates for goodness sake.

  • Most of these teams you refer to probably don't have a loan shark taking a large proportion of a gate money each year!

  • I think you are correct Malone , the manager likes to punt around the "small club" "small budget " "punching above out weight" rhetoric which if fine if it takes pressure off the players but no one has a big budget in this division other than 4-5 teams , we have a stadium that would grace the division above and I have visited plenty of clubs this seson that I would regard as being smaller than us . Last season we almost went up and this season it looks like we could be there or there abouts . How many of these top third seasons do we have to have before we are no longer "punching above our weight " ?

  • We need a second season at least, and then as Monneyman says, we could do with Mr Don't Worry About The Money and his chums to have their cut. As for the Luton chat about Ainsworth, doesn't this sort of talk come out around 1st April? What a load of old codswallop.

  • ....and back to the game!

    Sensational team performance I thought today.

    Yes Luton were awful but our midfield bullied their opponents into submission, with our back 4 snuffing out the rare attacks that the Hatters managed to string together.

    And then when it mattered most Thommo and Hayes delivered.

    A fabulous effort all round, we've looked so much better since going to 4-4-1-1 and even hard to see Bean and Jombati (good as they are) displacing anyone at the minute.

  • Great post there oakwood.

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