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Twelve Years of Blooms

Saw on twitter that it's Matt Bloomfield's twelfth anniversary today. Does anyone know if there's a list of long serving players about? I'd love to see how many players spend that much time in one club.


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    remember him coming in as a 19 year old, and being a good midfield combo with Burnell in the Gormania days.
    Gets plenty of niggly abuse at times, but played his way back into the team, and I wouldn't be surprised if he gets a year or 2 extension at the end of this season too.

    In terms of long service, Ryan, Carroll, Brown and Cousins all had their 10 year testimonials. I know Crossley was close (maybe 9 years - but still awarded his testimonial year), not sure there's been others?

  • Tony Horseman and John Maskell both did over 15 years + over 600 appearances. Len Worley before my time but similar length service I believe.

  • If your question is long service with a club, and not just WWFC , then names that spring o mind are Billie Wright the other WWFC, Tony Adams, Ryan Gibbs, and one of my favourites Matt Le Tissier.

  • Whoops Ryan Giggs

  • I was thinking of all leagues, think it's a bit of sad statto coming out! I love watching Gareth climb up the manager time served ranks too!

  • Stanley Matthews exceeded 12 years at BOTH Stoke and Blackpool.

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