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violent scenes.....

Does any one know what was happening in the woodlands there was a fight above the box's after second goal also a lot of arguments in the corner of family stand near away end lot of police running around



  • Don't know about that exactly, but there were several Oxford fans in the centre of the upper tier. Kept themselves reasonably quiet until they scored, then one or two jumped up and started to act up. I informed the nearest steward (lady with the dyed pink hair), but nothing really happened. A few Wycombe fans were starting to get annoyed, so I went and asked the steward again if they were going to be ejected. She said she couldn't get any assistance to do this as everyone was fully occupied with the argy-bargy in the away end. Eventually the main protagonist got up and left, gesturing and waving his Oxford scarf as he did so, no doubt realising that a stand full of by now irate Wycombe fans wasn't the best place to be.

    On a related note, is it just me that thinks we're a bit too accommodating towards the away fans. We give them their own 'village' - bar and food outlets, in the process removing one of our own food kiosks. We're always encouraging them to 'enjoy the game'. They then repay us by coming here and acting as if they own the place, running on the pitch, turning up in the home areas despite being warned not to. Perhaps we ought to make it just a bit less pleasant for the likes of Oxford, Bristol Rovers and Luton.

  • Firstly as an Oxford fan I want to say that the behaviour of a good number of our lot in the Dreams stands was a total embarrassment. I sat in the Frank Adams quietly and dispassionately without any bother. But then again I don't feel the need to jump up and down, and shout about. There were several other Oxford fans nearby, and they were less subtle but nonetheless unaggressive. Handshakes all round with the Wycombe fans nearby at the end.That is how it should be, it's game after all, so why all the bleating about getting people chucked? Maybe some of those cretins should take a trip to Fulham and sit in the neutral section of the Putney where fans of both teams are expected to behave like adults, and respond accordingly. I've been there c 20 times over the past 7 tears and only once seen any bother, and even then it was fans from the same team falling slowly out.

    My final point is a bleat.........Wycombe's decision and outright lying about giving Oxford 300 more tickets was petty, mis-judged and short-sighted. Perhaps that may have meant less away fans in home areas?

    Have a great rest of the season (apart from the last game). It would be great if we both went up together

  • Perhaps that may have meant less away fans in home areas?


  • Didn't look like it was sold out anyway - and why would we let more of that mop in than necessary? Just 300 more to cause trouble.

  • I was a couple of rows behind the oxford idiot who after making the choice to sit with the home support in the Frank Adams upper tier decided that when we scored the winner he would launch an unprovoked attack on the nearest group of Wycombe supporters. Fortunately someone using admirable restraint was able to hold on to him until help arrived preventing him doing damage to himself or others. .
    A great day for Wycombe but pity a minority oxford supporters have shown their club in a bad light.

  • It kicked off down the glass before and after the game, lots of marks on the carpark out front from the the police horses.

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    Merry Christmas Oxford United!

  • @wycombeox Thanks for coming on - I agree with a lot of what you said at the beginning. I've sat in with the home fans at games I've attended for various reasons and never had any issues- it's how football should be.

    I'm afraid I disagree with your bleat though. The behaviour of your minority today showed exactly why the club were right to not give the additional allocation, following identical behaviour last season. Many clubs (including Pompey a few weeks ago) bring big away followings to AP and behave impeccably- hence lower policing costs and the club will always give them more tickets.

    See you in May!

  • I had a brief chat recently with Andrew Howard about away fans,policing and who pays for the damage caused by away fans. We have to pay , by the way. He gave quite an insight into the work that goes on pre a match and the involvement of the police in that preparation. Maybe just maybe Thames Valley police, knowing 1st hand how many Oxford fans behave, made the call on the level of their support. I witnessed 1st hand some dodgy behaviour by Oxford fans on the walk away from the ground despite a police presence.

  • It is very likely that Wycombe always intended to release the extra 300 seats to Oxford fans but were instructed not to by TVP. Otherwise I can't see why the present regime, which always tries to capitalize on its assets to the maximum extent would let £6,000 odd go begging.

  • Could also be that the TVP's level of policing costs is dependent on the number of away fans attending. Another 300 may have pushed up the cost to another level making it uneconomic?

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    who cares, we now have loads of damaged seats before our big game that need repair and at <an amount that I don't know> per seat thats not gonna be cheap.

  • Looks like the club was right to limit the allocation its the worst behaviour from the idiotic minority in a away support I've seen in a long time . I checked the oxford forum plenty about how they can't deal with set pieces but nothing about how they can't deal with morons who can't deal with a loss.

  • An oxford fan attempted to threaten me for the audacity of displaying a Wycombe flag down hillbottom road. When I say attempted, it wasn't a very good attempt.

  • I was bought up watching Wycombe in unsegregated grounds. I'd like to think I was pretty tolerant on this now but I've found I do have a line. Yesterday, from my lofty perch, I was sat close to four different groups of Oxford fans. Three of those groups were decent people. Respectful of the situation they were in and friendly or just quiet throughout the game.
    Only one man went over the line. Firstly wearing an Oxford polo shirt for all to see and then celebrating fully when they scored. Even this would have been ok but he was then rude and abusive to those around him. He should have been ejected at this point. It was becoming a problem for him and other in between him and the abusers. Trouble was the stewards left in the stand weren't in any position to do it. I felt for the girls. They shouldn't have been left in this situation.

    On another point I think the club should seriously consider putting a fixed barrier between the walkway and the pitch at the away end. Same structure as at the home end. I think the current situation acts like a magnet to certain morons and doesn't do our hopes of increasing capacity any time soon. The scenes yesterday were really pathetic to watch. Not sure it needed the huge police intervention but it happened. Real shame we end up picking up the cost of that police and the damage caused.

  • Why not just send the bill for new seats etc. to whichever is the visiting club? That should be standard procedure surely?

  • The club certainly needs to invest in a better barrier between the pitch and fans in the away end.

    Every quarter-witted, wannabe hooligan watching the highlights on the football league show probably sees other teams' supporters piling over onto the pitch at Adams Park and fancies doing it themselves.

    We could probably justify lower steward/police numbers in the away end if it was more difficult for them to bundle onto the field.

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    Hampered by the starting height of seats in the tier I think. A fence similar to the home end would restrict views.

  • Interesting that the infiltrating Oxford fans chose not to infiltrate the terrace where they would have likely received a much more volatile response by the home fans . Not very brave of them but also probably a good job they didn't as we would have been drawn into their idiotic ways .

  • Haven't seen a group of morons like that at AP for a long time. Calling people out on Hillbottom Road and generally being the Pox that they are. Middle-aged, red faced, bald, pallid men with nothing better to do than threaten a load of teenagers chanting about Gary Thompson's magic hat. Maybe it's the norm as Wycombe away isn't a big game for them is it...

  • If those Oxford fans whinging about a reduced allocation after their fans played up last season still needed to be convinced why that was necessary, then the moronic actions of their fellow 'supporters' yesterday might give them some additional pointers.

  • Simply compare and contrast the behaviour of so many of the Oxford inbreds yesterday with that of Plymouth's fans in the play-off semis.

  • Also Portsmouth as well on their visits.

  • That fence of cushions isn't see through, so I don't understand why we can't have something a bit more robust. And before @Doob turns up, I'm not suggesting Hillsborough style cages, just a modest barrier that doesn't collapse when pushed.

  • Given that the behaviour of most visiting fans other than Poxford and Brizzle Rovers is fine, there's probably no need to build a barrier. But for the visit of those two, maybe a line of military attack dogs in front of the stand. Let's see how brave their terrace warriors are then.

  • Not really fair on the dogs having to sit in front of those inbreds!

  • At least the dogs would be house trained

  • @Tory_Goon Hasn't the away end capacity been reduced after recent pitch invasions? If it has I'd make these the first row or two and add a proper barrier. I do think our trusting and accommodating approach to away fans is the right one but it does leave plenty of room for abuse. How many other teams would set up a beer tent outside the away end when police advice has already been a factor in ticket numbers and a police presence.
    Putting a barrier in place might help us keep or increase capacity in the future.

    One last point on this from me. I wonder if the clubs safety certificate allowed the reduced stewarding in the Woodlands during the second half? The fact no stewards were available to eject Oxford morons was a shame. It was lucky no Wycombe fan took it in to there own hands. It's pathetic fans can't sit together and I suppose it's largely irrelevant he was an Oxford Dan. He was just a moron who didn't deserve to be out in public.

  • Bearing in mind the away end capacity has been reduced from 2,040 to 1,800 why is it not possible to achieve this by keeping the first two or three rows of seats unoccupied thereby creating a natural barrier anyway?

  • How about removing the front three rows of seats entirely, and using them to replace any ripped up/damaged seats further back.

    Any left over can be used post-Bristol Rovers, as it is a dead cert some of their pond life will feel the need to break plastic seating in order to adequately express themselves.

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