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Not a jackpot' draw

But not a bad tie. Can we sellout against Villa, not so sure, but we should maximise the opportunity to cash in, and it's a game that we could just sneak a win,as Villa are down in the dumps at the moment. I would think Ainsworth and the players are pretty happy and I reckon we'll be on the BBC Sunday slot.



  • I'd be very surprised if this is not televised. Has "giant killing" written all over it.

  • Its a great opportunity against a historically big club that is down in the dumps at the moment.
    A real push from the town to show how much they appreciate the club would be great. Hopefully the club can read out to kids and encourage them to want to come to the game. I believe that children are our future.

  • Read to them in class? Sorry, couldn't resist. Yes I know - reach out.

  • Just went on bbc sport and the villa match was one of the few that was mentioned so a good chance of it being on tv.

  • Villa may be distracted by their carp league position and threat of relegation. We could well have a good chance here.

  • They are swimming with the fishes?

  • It's a very good draw for us, although despite the optimism of some, Villa will still be strong favourites. Has to be a good chance of being a live tv game, I do hope it's not switched to a Monday though. One things for certain, it won't be a Saturday 3pm match, as if it's not live I'm sure it will be switched for the BBC Sunday Final Score programme.

  • I think it's a really good draw for us. The reality is so few ties now will create a real buzz.
    Looking forward to it

  • @TheAndyGrahamFanClub said:
    Its a great opportunity against a historically big club that is down in the dumps at the moment.
    A real push from the town to show how much they appreciate the club would be great. Hopefully the club can read out to kids and encourage them to want to come to the game. I believe that children are our future.

    Teach them well and let them lead the way,

  • Hope it's switched got tickets for Stewart Lee on same night in London.

  • Maybe not the jackpot draw it would have been had Villa been in their pomp, though I reckon a 8,000+ gate (and a decent pay day) is more than possible. Plus we have some unfinished business after the last couple of cup ties against their mob at Adams Park...

  • This is what it's all about isn't it? It's why we go to Bristol on a windy Tuesday night to watch our team get beaten three nil, why we agonise over the fitness of a player at the expense of our health. Aston Villa have won the FA Cup seven times. In January they will begin their attempt to win it an eighth time in High Wycombe. Wycombe Wanderers will be waiting for them.

  • Financially a draw would be a good result going to Villa Park,no reason why we can't win on the day though with the plight Villa are in this season,let's just hope they don't sack the manager before we meet.

  • Anyone know when TV games are announced?

  • A winnable tie which could keep us in the pot for a bit more cash. Really looking forward to it already!

  • TV Games prediction.....Exeter v Liverpool, Arsenal v Sunderland, Spurs v Leicester, Norwich v Man City....with Wycombe in the running too?

  • I think the Exeter match is a shoe in for live coverage and with both teams going well, I'd think Spurs V Leicester is a likely choice. Irrespective of whether we're chosen, I'd be hugely disappointed if either the Arsenal or Norwich games are shown. All prem ties tend to be very dull at this early stage and they're not the type of games people want to watch in the 3rd round (well, not me anyhow!).

  • I'd say Eastleigh vs Bolton and Salford vs Derby (if it happens) will be ahead of us in the pecking order. Villa play awful football, I can't imagine many neutrals wanting to sit through 90 mins of that, even with the potential for an upset.

  • Exeter Liverpool is a definite. if TV is looking for a chance of a shock, not much between us V villa, oxford v swansea, doncaster v stoke. If they go for two southern games plus possibly Norwich, my money would be on Doncaster for the last one

  • I'm not so concerned about whether Wycombe vs. Villa will be on TV as I am about whether we will have snow, frost and ice sufficient to require postponement.

    Does the undersoil heating still work at Adams Park? I do hope that it does and that it gets turned on in time if there is any risk whatsoever.

  • Can't see either the Eastleigh or Salford games being chosen, as they're against non premier league opposition. It would be very rare for a match to be chosen not featuring a team from the top flight. The matches at Oxford & Doncaster are possibles, but I'd think the status of Aston Villa would put us towards the top of the pecking order. Villa (7 times FA Cup winners, former European champions) are a huge club compared to either Swansea or Stoke.

  • Doncaster v Stoke? Not in a million years

    They'll pick Exeter v Liverpool - it's the stand out tie of the round. I don't know if they can delay the choice pending replay result but I'm sure Everton v Whitehawk would be considered (not sure about Everton v Dagenham)

    I imagine Spurs v Leicester will be one (and no, it's not very imaginative).

    And I wouldn't rule out Man Utd v Sheff Utd on the basis that they'll think it will bring most viewers

  • Under the previous ITV regime Man Utd were a shoe in regardless of who they were playing. The BBC have a bit more history so lets see.
    I would agree that Exeter versus Liverpool is the stand out tie and I'd guess the all Premier League ties would be too tempting to turn down. Personally I'd never pick a tie where the top side are at home but the people picking these games are going for ratings ahead of anything else so you never know.
    I'd be really suprised if we were selected even though we are playing the beaten finalists from last year. The fact I had to look that up tells me something too.

  • The BBC are selling the 'live the magic of the F.A cup' line so I guess with our history and opposition we are in with chance that said they are having a bit of a love in with Salford

  • The BBC are obsessed with Salford it seems so if they win their replay will be picked yet again, i thought the money was supposed to be spread around not given to one club so come on Hartlepool and hammer them to piss off The BBC.

  • Salford have the right connections and are consequently currently the media's pet team, as are Bournemouth in the Premier. Hopefully Salford will lose their replay and therefor free up another tv slot.

  • It is very irritating that Salford, who have a lot of money and publicity behind them anyway, are given all this attention.

    Meanwhile, clubs like Chesham were completely ignored.

  • Salford are the beneficiaries of the BBC need to cross promote across al of their platforms above all else. Lucky Salford.
    Wycombe tried to capture the PR machine when they appointed Tony Adams above all reasonable thought. That didn't work so well.

  • BBC has a huge new office in Salford, Not surprising they are engaging with local clubs

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