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Steve Evans leaves Rotherham



  • Why does it matter to us?

  • That's a big tracksuit for someone to fill...

  • I'm more interested in what's happening at Brentford. Dijkhuizen out, Lee Carsley in. Let's hope - for our sake - he's not a big fan of Sam Saunders!

  • More worrying is QPR looking to get rid of Ramsy and lining up ainsworth. In an unofficial online poll ainsworth was a popular choice with 68% of the vote

  • Think the 5 year contract given to GA less than a year ago will put most teams off paying that compo

  • @WestLondonWanderer. Not when you'e got the sort of money that QPRs owners have. Mind you, Tony Fernandes has realised that under Mark Hughes and Harry Redknapp he has urinated huge sums of money away needlessly and perhaps would be unwilling to gamble any more?

  • f they think he is the right man, it is relatively loose change. Obviously we dont know the precise terms of his contract. Bet compo wouldnt be more than £100k but even if it was to quote an inflated £500k, it pales into insignicance compared to premiership parachute payment annually of £16m. Sadly there is a real possibility of this at some stage in the next 24 months or so.

  • I imagine a man as smart as Ainsworth would take one look at the on-going car crash that is QPR and steer well clear. I imagine he feels he has a mission here at Wycombe - to get us up and keep us up, and only after he's done that will he want to move on, by which point his worth to a new employer will have gone up significantly.

  • Maybe you are right but money talks and it is his old club.

  • Ainsworth seems a different beast to the general mill of League managers. If and when he gets us promoted maybe untill then I have every faith GA wants to achieve history with us.

  • Better to make your mistakes and learn your trade out of the media glare unless you want to retire early with a huge bung.

  • The same as if a player had the opportunity to join a bigger club, I wouldn't begrudge Ainsworth a move up the leagues. But it would be a massive blow.

  • I honestly don't think QPR would go for him as of yet, if ever. Maybe when/If he has actually achieved something. Still a lot of players at QPR with big Egos. A lot has changed at that club from his time as a player.

  • @M3G I believe he actually has achieved something with us. Last season, on the budget he had, was a remarkable effort. Those efforts have not gone unnoticed by the football world, which is a very small world indeed!

  • LX1LX1
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    Very philiosophical @mooneyman

  • I reckon he would like a promotion on his CV and to see if his small squad plans can be made to work effectively over a long period of time and in a division above. Having said that if they offered him (and us) a life-changing sum of money I would not begrudge Gaz the move...

  • Let's not forget Ainsworth has already been there and done that as regards to QPR. His caretaker time in charge was part of the TV documentary a while back and it didn't look a happy time for him. I'm not sure he'd go back but as a man who has carefully cultivated a 'legend' status at a number of clubs he's going to be in demand. I'm guessing Wimbledon, Lincoln and Preston fans amongst others would like him.

  • He'd be lucky to find a chairman as interested in his professional development as he has in AH, I think; but at some point he will surely feel he's outgrown us (and at some point he will be right, given the speed of his development since Torquay). He may also feel that the financial constraints which he has to operate under begin to frustrate his ambitions. I just hope he sees this season out with us.

  • You are of course right Righty.

    Plainly Ainsworth would turn down a chance to manage a Championship club with premiership aspirations massively increasing his salary possibly greatly furthering his career without even having to move house, all because of a difficult couple of months in the past under a different chairman. But if that plum job at a mid-table conference club came up, well plainly wouldnt expect to see him for dust..............

  • You can add Port Vale to the list of potential suitors one day. There is a video somewhere of their fans chanting his name after their promotion and pitch invasion at AP a few years ago.

  • If Ainsworth is doing well at Wycombe, he is I would have thought extremely unlikely to leave us to go to Port Vale, Wimbledon or Lincoln. Frankly why would he. He may well be tempted to go to QPR or Preston if offered a job there, or frankly any of a number of championship or upper League 1 clubs (I understand it is not compulsory for a manager to have been a previous player) - with the probable eception of Sheff utd.

    If we continue to do well, there is every chance the phone will start ringing soon, if it hasnt done already. I am sure he is sensible enough to evaluate any such offer carefully.

  • I'm sure he'll only leave if the deal financially suits WWFC as i can't see him leaving us in a bad position because of the faith shown in him by the club in difficult times when most clubs would have sacked him with1 win in 17 games at one point 2 seasons ago.

  • If he went to QPR, whilst being a big loss to us, he might be happy to loan some of his new club's better youngsters which would soften the blow!

  • Sorry Robin that is naive.

    If an offer comes in that he is interested in, I am sure he will discuss the matter with Andrew Howard. If Howard is half the man I think he is, i am sure he would shake Ainsworth by the hand, thank him for what he has done and wish him well for the future. He would then seek to get as much in compensation as possible but would not seek to stand in GA way.

  • Do you know what @DevC . As you appear to know our manager so well and seem to have in the normal mercenary category of people in the game there really is nowhere more to go in this debate.
    As my original 'I'm not sure but...' opinion has turned in to something much firmer I just need to say I still very much believe that the loyalty and integrity of people can work. I think a five year contract, the support of the board and the fans and a plan to work to would create some loyalty.
    You clearly don't and that is your opinion. Good job neither opinion really matters.

  • @mooneyman - it matters not a jot or tittle to us unless GA suddenly takes a notion to uproot to deepest Yorkshire (which I guess is exactly what you had at the back of your mind). I think this thread needs a new heading to reflect the pointless speculation about GA's immediate future. Let's just bask in the glory of our current success.

    GA is a special person - a rarity among football managers in this day and age - and he may well be content to settle for a relatively modest income at a club he loves and in an environment and with a group of people that he seems to be very happy with. I think it is highly unlikely that he will be lured away before the '17/'18 season.

    Meanwhile, could tonight be the night for the "thumbing" which @Ciderk1d is anticipating? Maybe tonight's the night!!

  • No Righty you expressed doubt that he would want to go back to QPR (fair enough, although as i said there would be lots of reasons why he might) and then raised the possibility that instead he might be tempted to leave us for Preston (fair enough, good shout), Wimbledon (really?) or Lincoln (dont be so silly). With respect your post was ridiculous (as is your attempt now to wriggle out of it).

    I on the other hand have not said he would accept an offer from QPR or anywhere else. I have simply said he might be tempted for both financial and career reasons and if he does choose to leave is obviously far more likely to go to a Championship or high Div 1 team than to a conference team.

    If that makes him or anyone else mercenary, than mercenary I suppose he is.

  • Without wishing to step in between DevC and Right in the Middle, RITM's actual quote was "I'm guessing Wimbledon, Lincoln and Preston fans amongst others would like him." Which is entirely correct, they probably would. At no point did he say Gaz might be tempted by any of them.

  • So the point of the post was? Sure tavistock town fans wouldnt mind him managing their club either. Cant see him going there though!

  • I heard a rumour that Cheshsm would be very interested in a manager like Gaz.

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