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Things very quiet at AP!

Thinks have been very quiet at AP in regards to incomings...i thought that GA would do what he did last year and bring in quality at the begining of the GA we trust , getting excited and looking forward to seeing who the new faces are going to be...


  • As far as I can see Paul Hayes was first signing last season on 15th May. Gaz has a few days yet before he hits your first deadline Wwfc2015.

  • Hopefully some of the signings will be not-so-new faces similar to Hayes and Pierre.

  • Ive heard a reliable whisper that Sam Saunders and 'Nico the great' are coming back on loan for the season.

  • that would be exceptional

  • Let us hope you are right Chas. At the moment with Craig and Ephraim still to be sorted, we have nine outfield players. So anyone going on the French trip had better take their boots.

    Seriously, I am sure we will be getting some good news soon. GA did a great job at getting people in last year and he probably has people just waiting to finalise deals over the next week or so.

  • The problem with this time of year is that a lot is not happening as people enjoy a well earned break. Therefore a bloke down the pub who met a guy once becomes a very reliable information source.
    Plenty of players, plenty of time.

  • Yes outrageous that there are no new signings. Ainsworth and Howard should be flying out to wherever they are on holiday to secure their signature.

  • Apparently Wycomve are interested in Bagel prospect Dwight Weekes... Can find any recordog him anywhere! Saw this on twitter tweeted by the football league

  • Will he be running a new concession stand?

  • It's still the holidays for these guys - both ours and potential new signings. If we haven't signed anyone the week before the new season then I'd be more concerned. The gaffer had built it and they will come.

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