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January signings/rumours



  • I think Thompson was a bit of a no brainer. No berth anywhere else, getting games in a winning team - who would not sign until the end of the season whatever the offer on the table?

  • @Wendoverman said:
    Morris has demanded he stay at Adams Park to progress his career apparently. (Or so someone overheard someone saying in the checkout queue in Waitrose in Marlow. Possibly. )

    You sure it wasn't Morrisons? ;-)

  • edited December 2018

    My crystal ball gazing has us losing Gape (to Peterborough?) but gaining Fred on the same day on a two and a half year contract, with a three and a half year contract for Thompson being announced shortly afterwards. Yves retires from playing and we sign Henderson until the end of the season on loan, but announce the same day that Morris is sadly returning to Shrewsbury. A new box to box midfielder comes in on loan for the rest of the season, while the only other signing is a raw, young left back. At least one of those two comes from QPR. Freeman is loaned out to a League Two club for the rest of the season, Saunders has his contact cancelled 'by mutual consent'.

  • All of that, @aloysius, sounds eminently more feasible than anything we are likely to hear from seasonal soothsayer @rmjlondon. Dominic Gape’s departure would be very sad and, given that his contract expires in the summer, unlikely to be financially beneficial. I’d say it’s 50-50 whether he moves on or not. He is enjoying his football and is young. He may not be at all averse to a contract extension with the usual guarantee that he would be released if an offer came in that was acceptable to both him and the club.

  • @micra Yes, whilst some fans on other forums complain about our policy of not standing in a players way, I think it actually stands us in good stead both in attracting new players and retaining the ones we already have.

    Gape has an attractive option of being offered the security of a long contract here, knowing that he won't be forced to stick to it if the right offer comes in from a bigger club. That could make the difference between him signing on or not.

  • @micra - It would be unusual if a contract contained a provision guaranteeing a players release (excepting a clause on the club receiving an offer of a specified sum). If you are referring to a "gentlemen's agreement" I have doubts whether ruthless American owners would honour such a verbal agreement!

  • As a club I don’t think we have ever stood in a player’s way and it hadn’t even crossed my mind that a change of ownership might change that. You may be right @mooneyman.

  • According to fb, Harriman good be on his way out

  • I personally think Morris will return and Fred will stay as millwall are not interested in him returning.Yes follow the Twitter account that announced that Thompson has signed a new deal.Maybe it will be announced in Jan.

  • @bigred87 said:
    According to fb, Harriman good be on his way out

    Not a great fan of FB rumours tbh.

  • Hope it is just crap off fb

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