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Exclusive interview with Joe Jacobson

In this podcast we interview Wycombe Wanderers full-back Joe Jacobson on a breathtaking first round Carabao Cup tie against Northampton Town and discuss some of his early footballing memories.


  • Good job, you guys. Well-prepared and introduced and professionally produced. Good job! I'd sign up for more interviews like that.

  • Just gave it a listen - great stuff! JJ always comes off as a decent human being, let alone left-back.

  • Well done, guys. I’ll be honest and say that I thought it might be another half hour podcast (if that’s the right word, I am extremely old !) and that’s a long time when mrs micra is giving me the evil eye because, despite my antiquity, I spend far too long staring at this tiny screen.

    I thought it was an excellent interview. I doubt whether there are many, if any, more relaxed, articulate and friendly interviewees amongst the Wycombe squad. If, in the interests of developing your already very good interviewing skills, you’re looking for more of a challenge, Sido Jombati has a reputation for being, shall we say, an β€œinteresting” person with whom to have a conversation.

  • I've met Sido a few times in leisure centre gym. By all accounts he was / is engaging and thoroughly decent chap.

  • Thoroughly decent; highly opinionated and argumentative (according to erstwhile roommate, Matt Bloomfield, in a matchday programme. Last season, I think.). Nothing whatsoever wrong with that.

    Strangely, I cannot recall a single interview with him on iFollow or the official club website and I couldn’t hear very much of what he was saying when John Taylor interviewed him in the Woodland Lounge last season but I do recall that, when John asked him what was his favoured position, he said No 10 and I don’t think he was referring to Downing Street.

  • @bluntphil interviewed Sido towards the end of last season. Well worth a listen:

  • Well done with the interview guys, may I suggest you pass a microphone around or at least turn the sound up a bit on the recording, I could barely hear it on my laptop!

  • Thanks @floyd. It all comes back to me now. These interviews must be scripted. John Taylor definitely asked the same question about preferred playing position and the rooming topic was also aired. The challenge for Maxim and his mate would be to broach something completely different but still related to the day to day goings on of a tight knit playing squad.

  • A question I would always like to hear is an honest contrast between Wycombe and other clubs on a player's CV, as to how things are behind the scenes.

  • @Shev Wycombe Wanderers are much better in every way. Obviously.

  • Great get @RealMaxim743 big improvement with every cast. Tick. Tick. VG

  • Quick techie question. Is Soundcloud the only option to listen? I generally retrieve podcasts using some iTunes.

  • Soundcloud is the only platform we've been uploading too at the moment as it's easily accessible to everyone, but we are considering posting them on iTunes swell

  • @Shev , you'll only get the "Honest" answer when they've retired.
    Obviously the current club is always the "best" set of lads, manager, set up etc

  • I agree @Malone - I am more just interested in the different ways clubs do things, and the different personalities of the clubs, without necessarily playing them off against each other.

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