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Favourite non Wycombe 3rd round memories

Buzagallo scoring at the Hawthorns is up there for me


  • Sutton doing Coventry at their sandpit

  • @LX1 on a bit of a roll this morning.

  • Bacon & Eggs for me.

  • Come on @DevC you must have some gooduns about Watford

  • Wrexham beating Arsenal. Micky Thomas free kick and all that

  • Hereford beating Newcastle in the early 1970's,Radford's goal was a fantastic hit and the celebration was a joy to behold!

  • Mickey Thomas good shout. I was going to say Hereford but thought that was 4th round?

  • @micra rolling down the M6 to South Bucks now.

    Country roads
    Take me home
    To the place
    Where I belong
    South Buckinghamshire
    Chiltern mama
    Take me home
    Country roads

  • Just a mite concerned about who’s takin’ ya! Safe journey, anyway. Where will you be propped up pre-match?

  • Rhubarb pub if they let me in. Followed by Vere

  • @micra think I may have peaked too early

  • Are you on the special brews again @LX1 ?

  • My Favourite 3rd Round match involved a Club which lost the first game but won the second and went on to play in the Final at Wembley. Charlton v Fulham Jan 1946.

  • Sorry Oxford. I will be a responsisle model fan tomorrow. Maybe

  • Until bayo scores the winner and I'm naked on the pitch BMO!

  • Was it the 3rd round, in that excellent play off final season, where we were at Mansfield, and hearing news that both Man City and Chelsea had lost at home to minnows?
    Think a couple of other shocks happened too.

  • @LX1 BMO = Bulging Manhood Out?

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