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Will De Hav

loan with Aldershot has ended and he has returned to Wycombe



  • So we can have a seven man bench?

  • So some idiots on here can say he is the worse player to ever put on a Wycombe shirt!

  • Hope he got a few games and some confidence.
    He may well get a run out tomorrow!

  • Possibly he will tomorrow but it is a good opportunity for Stewart and El Abd to get another run out together.

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    I'd favour resting at least one of them. It's a long haul. Maybe Danny Rowe will have resolved whatever have been the issues and be available for selection this time...

  • What, 3 days or so on from Gareth deciding such a comment needed to be made!?

  • Well I confess I was talking slightly tongue in cheek. But, given I know nothing at all about his circumstances, I suppose it's possible he's back up and running. Hope for the best and all that.

  • @Malone said:
    Hope he got a few games and some confidence.
    He may well get a run out tomorrow!

    Not only did he play in all six matches while he was there, he was MoM in at least two of them. Picked up two yellows in the process.

  • I'd guess the team tomorrow will be:


    Jombati WDH Stewart Jacobson

    Bean Gape Freeman

    Southwell Hayes Williams

  • Good to hear, @micra. I must say, I'm a fan of the loan deals for him and Muller for exactly this reason.

  • Perhaps we should wait for official confirmation on this, given that Richie's track record isn't exactly 100%...

  • He didn't play today for Aldershot as we have not extended the loan even though Garry Waddock was desperate to keep him, also expect two players to leave on loan before window closes.

  • I wonder if GA will use tomorrow's game to repeat the pre-season Friendly experiment of 3-5-2? Seems to be fashionable and would enable Stewart and El-Abd to continue the gelling process. Jack Williams, who is very pacey, would need to cover for E-A as the left-sided midfielder in the five. Harriman would have the same role covering De Havilland on the right. Middle three? Any three from Freeman, Gape, O'Nien, Bloomfield, Bean and, if fit, Saunders. Still no Jombati. Front two, anybody?

  • CMS to start tomorrow for some match fitness I would think. I wonder if we will see one or two come in on loan this week.

  • I think were more likely to see Hayes leave on loan and Rowe aswell.

  • @SEWanderer , is there still a rule that you have to play 6 of the players who started the last game/were involved last game? That selection would leave us short on either variation.

  • How about Mackail-Smith and Paris, or Freeman if the latter needs not be risked injury-wise? Might be a fun counter-attacking team.

  • I believe it's been reduced to 5; but not sure I've still covered that

  • Regarding the idea of Hayes going on loan:

    The New York Yankees have a player, called Jacoby Ellsbury, who has three seasons left after this one on a $22 million a year contract signed four years ago. It was obviously a big risk when they gave it him and they'd now love to be able to persuade another club to take him on but they can't because he's not remotely worth that amount now, being a slightly below league average player these days. So they are stuck with him unless they pretty much give him away by not only trading him but also agreeing to pay the large majority of his future salary.

    Are we not in a similar position with Hayes?

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    I can't see a single scenario where Hayes moves on. The club have invested too much in the next manager to let him go now.

    Welcome back WDH. Looking forward to seeing you back in the squad.

  • I really hope your wrong about Hayes being the next manager.

  • For some reason I missed @SEWanderer's post of 7.37. The suggested eleven does seem to be one short of players who played on Saturday but I'm not sure if the 5 includes substitutes.
    My 3-5-2 machinations seem a bit far-fetched on reflection but I think @HCblue's suggestion of CMS and PCH as the front two in that formation is an attractive proposition. In the more likely 4-3-3 line-up, those two plus Nick Freeman could be very potent.

  • I'd actually be surprised if CMS plays. He took a rather nasty knock on Saturday that he couldn't really shake off. Re: Hayes. If the reports of him coaching at Charlton are true I wonder if that offsets some of his wages here and I could see him just packing up the playing side altogether


    This local Aldershot article has a quote from Waddock about WDH:

    "Will De Havilland has slid into post against Chester and needs an ex-ray on his knee"

    Reads as though he's still part of Waddock's squad at Aldershot. Maybe he's just come back to rehab/diagnose the injury and then he's heading back there once fully fit.

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    If that's the case then Wycombe - who have shipped 18 goals in their first six matches - have a grand total of two centre backs in our squad plus Jombati, a right-back, for cover.

    If Danny Rowe's personal problems were known to the club more than a week ago then it really, truly leaves me flabbergasted that Max Muller was allowed to go out on loan - especially if there is no recall clause until it expires in January.

  • Time to sign another striker!

  • Perhaps wait until close of play this evening to see what the squad looks like before your flabber is fully gasted , Mr Aloysius.

    Interesting to note that Mr Jombati, who many, perhaps you, suggested should start as CB this season has now become a right back cover again. Just as Brown, who was anointed as a superstar when opportunity for a moan came along last season, is now hopeless and muller is the new "star who got away" this season on the back of a friendly performance and one game in the LDV.

    Funny old game, football as someone once said.

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