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Where is Rowe?

Not even on the bench today!


  • Injured again? Out of favour again?

    If it's the latter, and he can't get near a 7 man bench, with Tyson, Kashket, Saunders, Paris injured, and WDH on loan, it really is writing on the wall material.

    He needs 3 of O Nien, Saunders, Gape, Bloomfield and Bean out to get a midfield run, and countless defensive injuries to get near that end of the team too.

  • Based on today I'd have Rowe in ahead of Gape by a long shot.

  • Can't say I disagree there @drcongo. He would have made a decent choice in front of Stead to stop the supply to their tall front two.

  • Rowe never cuts it for me - he barely made the Barrow first XI did he? I thought Gape had a good 2nd half. Bloomfield anonymous and slow but again came alive for about 20 mins.

  • Gape and Rowe are like night and day ..... Rowe instead of Bloomers maybe !

  • Bloomfield seemed to spend the entire game man marking their no.4

  • Odd change to the midfield today with Luke playing the deeper role and Gape playing further forward. Not sure it particularly suited either.

    Wonder what the thinking was, was it the same at PV last week?

  • Mr Brightside the Freeman and CMS change worked

  • There subs worked better....

  • The utter madness of having a 'stay at home' keeper and a dearth of defensive and midfield height. Makes the argument to narrow the pitch extremely strange.
    As for the inclusion of Hayes to start, makes you question your own managers sanity.
    How many more immobile pondering peformances does Hayes have to give ? Before the penny finally drops in Mr Ainsworths head, that he's finished at this level.

  • Southwell is still worth the investment he should have scored Saturday but delayed just that second too long if I were GA I'd consider loaning back to Boston he needs a confidence boost

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