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Match day thread: Wimbledon



  • @Fidget said:
    Don't think we could have hoped for much more from that game considering all the circumstances. Unbelievable bad luck with the injuries at the moment. Hopefully Bloomers will be ok for next week so Murphy can stand in for Pierre at the back. Really don't think we can afford to throw Fletcher in at this point in the season.

    I disagree we need Murphy where he is if Fletch feels confident I would play him we've got to where we are with a small but tight squad that believes and plays for each other let's keep that going.
    Fletch Lives.

  • I just think it would be a massive risk to throw him in for his debut against a wily old pro like Ellison. Murphy is experienced in that position and certainly knows how to bend the rules to their limits, which you need to do to cope with Ellison. Bloomfield & Bean can more than adequately do the job in the middle. That's assuming Bloomers is fit and Bean isn't needed to fill in for Nico again.

    Too many ifs, buts and maybes....

  • Our physio will be earning their wages this week!

  • Lol, I have faith the lads in casuality will come through. Anyway the team have certainly entertained us this season.

    Bring on Morecambe.

  • We could end up with a back four comprised of three midfielders and a centre half!

  • Heard 4 match ban for Pierre, 3 for 15 yellows and 1 for red . Is this correct ?

  • I'm fairly certain he is up to 13/14 cards and just shy of the 15 so a 1 match ban as far as I can work out I could be wrong though.

  • Official Twitter says just the one match ban.

  • @NorthumberlandBlue absolutely nonsense. He will be banned for one match. Only first booking counts for toting up purposes.

  • Wimbledon fans are some of the most down trodden miserable bastards I've met

  • How did those useless prats in black miss that blatant handball by the AFC defender in his penalty area? Every Wycombe fan down that poxy stand saw it, GA and our bench were howling for the penalty, yet those that count chose not to. That was the piece of good fortune we needed. Just like the pull back on Fred v Poxford and the "incident" v Burton. Are we due a change of fortune with officials?

  • We did get the last minute penalty on Tuesday.

  • @Chris that's because it was a penalty, just as blatant as that handball was.

  • A Wycombe fan who was in the Wombles terrace said on the train back that their 2 penalty appeals towards the end were both stonewall penalties, so I wouldn't complain too much! You can't blame the officials for today, we just weren't good enough unfortunately. Injuries and tiredness are finally catching up with us, it was always going to happen with a squad as small as ours.

    We should not forget where we were 12 months ago, I heard some idiots complaining today that Gaz was a useless manager and that we should get rid of him, despite the fact that he's turned the club around. Even if we do finish in the playoffs and not get promoted, we will understandably be slightly disappointed but at the start of the season would we have taken that? Of course we would

  • Gareth, back room staff and the lads, have been awesome. We have been in top 3 most of the season, if more peeps from South Bucks and around supported our team, we would possible have more finances to assist GA, we haven't so here we are.

    We got players, playing in wrong positions and a few carrying injuries, who shouldn't have played at all, but the did for the fans and the shirt.

  • Wimbledon are good at home and made life very difficult. They're away form is terrible, having not won away in 2015. Sadly, they travel to Gigg Lane next weekend.

  • There was absolutely no quality today but the players worked their arses off, battled to the last minute and you can't ask for more than that. Proud of them today.

  • edited April 2015

    We were fortunate to hold onto the 0-0, the lads looked shattered last week and looked even more so yesterday. They showed some real grit and determination to battle on where, without doubt, other mentally weaker sides would have folded. Hopefully the lack of a midweek game this week will help the lads recover a bit before the Morecambe game.

  • Nice rest bite, with eyes on Bury v Southend game. By Morecambe my spider sense feeling we will have 2 or 3 back available and ready for action. Wify and I are looking forward to it. Please please make it a awesome stop over.

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